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Travelog for: Ele

Weißenborn, Saxony, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: florijan

Hey guys!

It's a rainy day here in east Germany and i have to sit in my flat. ;)


After eating an apple i searched on the web for a host. I hope i can find a nice one in germany for my first trip! I'm so nervous!

Anyway, greetings.. Ele :)

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Freiberg, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: florijan

hey :)

Today I was in Freiberg, an old town in saxony. A really great place to visit! But here are some pictures.. ;)


the castle "Freudenstein"


A look the Freiberg cathedral



at the well


And last but not least i was in a fast-food restaurant...

Really nice pics, huh? Okay, i have to sleep now! See u, Ele :)

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Weißenborn, Saxony, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: florijan

Hey guys!

After watching ‘The Simpsons‘, one of my favorite TV shows, I decided to show you some pics I've made in my garden this morning!

Let's start with this pic of the swing!


But there are still some other nice places that i can show you!
...e.g. me sitting on the bank of the river "Freiberger Mulde" or the trampoline!



But i can't go inside it because of my weight! Elephants are to heavy! mh... maybe I should do more sports :/

However, it's already autumn now... you can see it on the next and last pic! So many leaves...


See you later,
Elephantastic greetings! Ele

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Weißenborn, Saxony, Germany - 31st October 2011

By: florijan



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Weißenborn, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: florijan

Hey guys!

It's my last day here in Weißenborn for a while...

i'll miss it, but i'm so excited ...it's my first trip!

so, see you soon... Ele ;)


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Öhringen, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Zandy

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I arrived! I am really in Öhringen. I can't belive it. I must ask somebody to pinch me.

But look first at my arrival. I wasn't alone there. In my envelop I heared some voices. Carefully I get out of my envelope. And look what I see.


There was a welcome-comitee for me. But not only this, another TV arrives like me today too by Zandy. A little mouse. (Good, that she isn't white. Because than I would have a little probleme. Elephants and white mice ... not good. No No.)

After a warm "Welcome" form everyone we introduce us to everyone.


The mouse, which arrived with me is called Hanni, she is here because of the Round Robin. In front of the comitee you can see a monkey, his name is Elias, he's a TV too and at visit by Zandy. An than, left from him you can see a men in a red outfit. He is called Santa and he is a TV from Zandy.
Puh! Now I have introduce them all to you. After the welcome with these guyes I talk with my host and give her the brochure about my hometown.


She was very interested in it and ask me some uestions about my home. It's great, that a host is so interested in me.  :D
After that all I sit there with Hanni, Elias and Santa and we talk a little about our Voyagers or better, about that what we wish us.


And while we have this talk I found out, that Elias and Santa will leave today. The first will go home and arrange his journey to Australia, an the second one will go on the round robin.


That's a little pity, because we understand us great. Ok, but Hanni will stay with me. And she is really cute (even if she is a mouse)  ;) I think we will have a great time.

And after a hour we must say goodbye to the two Voyagers who leave us. The Welcome-Comitee change into a Goodbye-Comitee.


Zandy allowed us to come to the postoffice with her, but there was so many people, that we better wait in the car for her. And now we are at home and drink a hot tea. It's cold outside. And we have a little snak. *yummy*


Ok daddy, that'S all for today. I'm a little tired.
See you,

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Stuttgart, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy,

you wan't belive what today happen. We visit the capital city of Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgart. Ok, not the center, but the airport. It was a surprise for Hanni and me. Zandy told us this when we sit in the car. She showed us this flyr.


There was an airport festival today. And Zandy's boyfriend like airplanes, so they planned to go there and we were allowed to go with them. It's so cool. Isn't it? So we drive with the car to Stuttgart.


Before we get into the airportarea we must drive under the big "Bosch car park" It's very big. On the picture it looks so little. But it's very big. You can belive me.


So and than we arrived in our car park. I look at the parking shild, which shows where the car stands. I look very good on it to keep in my mind where the car is, so we musn´t walk back home.  ;)


Oh and than. Very nice, there were a moving way. Like an escalator but without steps. So we mustn walk from the car park to the airport.


And than inside...


I try to argue Zandy and her boyfriend to fly today. But they said no. Because they must work and can't go n holiday at the moment. What a pity! But maybe I can fly some day. We walk around the airport and saw a lot of things. Look me in front of a wheel of an airplane.


And we found this statue which shows people, who look into the air. Maybe they see an airplane?


Don't worry daddy. I ask the little boy if I can sit on his head to take this picture. And he didn't say no.  ;)
They next picture shows me in front of an airplanemodel from the Singapore Airlines.


And here are my new friend Hanni and I in front of a Lufthansa-model.


And here, an old airplane in firered. I think it looks nicer, than the new one. Or, what do you think?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and than we go outside on the guest terrace. Now we see the whole runway.



And than a plane starts. A airplane from Qatar Airways.



After this first impressions of an airport Hanni and I sit down a little to get down.


It's so much for little TVs like us. And Zandy took this great picture of us two outside.


Outside there were more old airplanes, like in a little museum. And Zandy's boyfriend told us a lot about them.




And than I see an airplane landing. It was so great to see it in real. This was a great feeling, because I see it really, and not only on TV. I was so excited. (Klick on the next picture!!! COOOOOLLLLL!  ;))


And here is the plane, when it rolling to the Gate, to let the passagiers go out.


And this all took two hours. Could you belive? We forget the time totally. It was time to go for dinner. But this wasn't the end. We have a table at the window and could look outside on the runway. So cool!


The name of the restaurant was "Red Baron". Zandy explain, that the "Red Baron" was a German fighter pilot in the first world war. His name was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen.


And than it was late and dark outside and to to drive back home. So we did it. Now I'm very tired and go to bed.
Good night daddy!
Elephantastic greetings!

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Öhringen, Germany - 16th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy, here I am!

Do you remember, that we eat at the "Red Baron" at the airport in Stuttgart? As I allready wrote, Zandy tolt us a little bit about the Red Baron. And Hanni and I decieded to leran a little bit more about him. So we ordered this book about or better from him.


This book is a copie of his own book, something like a diary of him. It was very interesting. Here you can see Hanni and me reading. On the picture you can see Manfred von Richthofen himself.


And after reading Zandy want to watch a DVD. She let us search one. So we took .... tatatatataaaaaaaaaaa


Hehe. We thought, that we could complete the day, when we watch the film about the Red Baron. So we have a full day of learing. Here are some pictures of us watching the DVD.




So Daddy an know it's time to say goodbye.
Bye bye

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Neckargartach (Heilbronn), Germany - 18th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy,

Friday wasn't a day on which uch happen. But Zandy took us to her wrk. And there she has so lot to do, that she can't take lots of pictures of us. But I must introduce you Amalthea. She is Zandy's new TV and very, very sporty. I only work up a sweat when I saw her (missions)  :D


The little penguine is Zandy's personal workmascot. She is always by work with Zandy. We all talk a lot. And at the end of the working day we take this picture in fornt or behinde a water wall.


Oh and at home we found this postcard


This is from Zandys first TV Hoppsi. He wrote her from Cornwall. Very great. Maybe I will sent you a card, too. It's a great idea I think.

So daddy, I wish you a great day.
Bye yours

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Öhringen, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Zandy

Juhu daddy!

Now I fount the time to tell you what we did last sunday. So sit down, relax and read.  :D
Zandy decided to show us her hometown a little and we also went to a museum. First we saw this big red key. It's the Öhringer key, which is the city arm of Öhringen.


Than we found this fountain. But there was no water in it. Zandy told us, that all the fountains were dry during autumn and winter. So daddy, can you find me?


Yes! I'm on the right side. Here we take the next picture, so you can see me and my friends, Amalthea and Hanni, better. And of course the statue.


After a few steps we reach the Weygang Museum.


The museum is an old house, which was inhabited by Mr. Weygang and his wife. They have no offspring, so the city is now the owner of this house. Mr Weygang was a man, who thought, that humans will know about their ancestry and history, so he collected a lot of different things. Oh an Mr. and Mrs. Weygand were tin moulder. So we see a lot on tin things. But first we saw this chest.


Can you guess from which guild it is?  :p

If you see the prezel on it, you know. It's from a baker. From this chest the employees get their money. and on the next picture you can see me and my friends also in front of the chest but also some signs of differnt guilds.


And than we went upstairs and met his guy. Ok, not really a guy, it's only an amour.


Daddy, do you belive that only the byrnie weights round 30 kg? The women, which showed us this all tould us this. Unbelievable! But maybe I can be a knight once, too? We will see, or daddy?!

Than we went to the dining room. Look this thing. The lady told us, that it shows that this family belive the spirit is in union with the nature. (The spirit is the little boy? ... girl? ... angel? whatever it might be  :p and the antlers shows the nature.) and of course a family crest in the middle.


After seeing a lot of tin things, like figures, cans, cups, plates and others (we can't take a picture, because all the things were behind glass and the pictures get out very bad  :() we went into the bedroom.


Daddy, do you know why there is a roof on the bed? I'll tell you. The lady explai it to us. The people in the back time put there bred for example, to save it from rats or mice. And now it's interesting. Do you knew the slogan "save something for a rainy day" (Etwas auf die hohe Kante legen)? It came therefrom, because the people but money on the roof. Interesting! Isn't it? We use this slogan so often and didn't know why.

Ok, but enough of this.  ;) In the house is a little room about the Roman times. The Romans have two forts in Öhringen, so they have a room to tell the story of vicus aurelianus (the name for Öhringen roung 155 anno Domini.) The Romans were here, because of the building from the Limes.

Here you can see me in front of a model from a fort.


And this was our visit at the museum. I found it very interesting. But it was allready late afternoon and we have to leave the museum. So we went to the city centre. But before we found this statue in the garden of the museum.


While we went to the centre we must pass this gate.


It's called "Oberes Tor" ("upper gate"). An than we see the market place and this fountain. It shows a guy. I think it's a city guard.


And another fountain. Amalthea, Hanni and I decided to play a little in it. Because we are young TVs an they will play some times.  ;)


Oh wow daddy! And on our way we found this nice model train. It's so nice! I wanted to take it home, but Zandy said no. And the train was behind a window. But we could play with it. There was a button to push and than the train run on the rails. So cool.


Sadly I must leave the train, because it's getting cold and the girls want go along. What a pity! But ok, I must be a gentelman and so we go. But than I wonder! We found the agley tower of Pisa ... ehm no, this is'n right.  ;) But we found the agley house of Öhringen.


Can you belive, that somebody can build such a agley roof? Funny! In the near there is a medicinal herbage garden. We went to it to have a look around. Here you can see me and my freidns. (I hope you can!  ;))



We also found this funny guy.


He write something on a shiled. There stand's something like: Stupid run, intelligent wait, wise go into the garden.

And on our way back home Zandy take this picture of me in front of the Öhringer castle, the garden and the Stiftskirche (the left tower)


So, that was our day. I hope you enjoy it a little, like I enjoyed it.

Elephantastic greetings!

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Öhringen, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: Zandy

Hey daddy!

I forgot to say, that a new TV has arrived by Zandy. Ok, new is not right. He is an experienced ToyVoyager. His name is HolgiHH. But from the beginning:

Zandy bring an envelope and we opend it, but nothing move. So Amalthea, Hanni and I decided to look inside. Maybe there was no TV inside or he get lost or something like this.


But there really was somebody. A little donkey. Very little  ;) But lovely. We gave him a warm welcome and than he climbed outside.


And of course the welcome comitee was there, too. And I inside.  :D


Daddy, I'm not long a TV, but until jet I meet allready five other TVs. It's so great. And now I meet one, who have know-how. I have so many questions to him.

Bye bye

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy!
This weekend was funny. But I will beginn on saturday. There was time to decorate for christmas. Zandy and her boyfriend decided to craft a Advent wreath. And of course we could help. We make this great Advent wreath. How do you like it?


Hanni, Holgi HH, Amalthea and I named it "The real TV Advent wreath"  :D But Zandy and her boyfriend saied, that this isnt a good idea. Because than we must sit about four weeks in this position and when the candels burn maybe it will be to hot for us. We discuss about it and decided, that they are right. So we collect some decorations. After collection we played a little bit hide and seek.


But Zandy found us all.


So we must help now. And here you can see me and my freinds with some decorations.



Daddy, if you want to do one day a Advent wreath yourself, so put n gloves. Because the branch of fir prick a little. After the branches wer placed it looks like this.


And at the end... I think it's good. It was the first time for us all, we crafted such a wreath.


So daddy, that's all for now.

Elephantastic greetings!

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 27th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hey daddy!

Zandy was so busy last week, so we must write now some updates  ;)
First Zandy an her boyfriend were invited to lunch, so they let us alone at home and we played a little bit. We found this truck (Zandy's boyfriend likes trucks)


We drove a little through the apartement. It was so much fun. Holgi HH was the driver, because he was small enought to get behind the steering wheel.


And than, when the both come back we craft some decoration for the christmastree.


Strawstars. It was the first time for us all. First it was a little difficult, but than it was really easy and made a lot of fun. How different the stars look.

Here you can see Hanni, Holgi HH, Amalthea and me watering the straw, so we can press it.


And here I'm creating me strawstar. We had a form, so we can put the straw easyli how we want it.



And than we must bind the straw, so it can't fall into pices.


After all we had to cut the straw in form. And at the end my strawstar was ready.


How do you like it? Everbody of us could make one. Here you can see me and my friends with some of the ready stars.


This weekend I learned much about doing myself.  :D

Bye bye, daddy!

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Öhringen, Germany - 28th November 2011

By: Zandy

Daddy, today arrives a new TV! He is also en expert, like Holgi HH. But look. First my friends and I opened the envelope and we all were so nosey, that we all look inside.


And the new one jumped so fast out, that he frightened the life out of us four.


After we all get better we talked together and found out, that the name of the bear is Paddington .


And of course we gave him a very warm welcome. - Like it must be.


Cu all,
Ele  :D

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Heilbronn, Germany - 2nd December 2011

By: Zandy

Here we are! Born to be kings! We're princes of the universe! *sing*

Yey! Oh daddy! this evening was sooooooooo great. Zandy took us to a Tribute Show for Freddie Mercury and Queen. It was really cool. We rocked the hall! *tihi*  :D

Here you can see Hanni, Holgi HH, Amalthea, Paddington and me with the entree tickets.


Bevore the show began we drink an orange juice... ;)


And than I saw HIM! Ok, not really him, it was a double. But he looks nearly like Freddie.


At the breake we went to the stage and take some pictures in front of the drums.



And than: The show must go on!


The show was really good. The singer of the band make a very good job. Nobody can be the real Freddie Mercury, but the singer does his best and we think we will give him the best grade.  :D
Bevore we drove back home we take this picture with the plakat.


So, tomorrow I will leave Zandy. I think this evening was a great closing for my stay be her.

Elephantastic greetings!

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