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drink a drink with my hosts

Ireland, go into a Pub and drink a Guiness with Irish Man

go to a beach and enjoy the day

visit China

see real sheeps where ever I am :)

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Travelog for: Paul Schafbock

Weilheim i.OB, Germany - 19th December 2011

By: Mischa_Viechal

so, Im very sad... it looks like I dont go to finnland or Austria for Christmas...
Well, I will look where I spend the holidays...

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Weilheim i.OB, Germany - 21st December 2011

By: Mischa_Viechal

Hi there,

now Im happy again. Im going to Austrailia after Christmas :)

I wish you a merry Christmas and great holidays!

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weilheim, germany - 27th December 2011

By: Mischa_Viechal

now i'm leaving my mommy and i go to australia!
i'm so happy about it

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Wyong, NSW, Australia - 10th January 2012

By: ravenmist

I just arrived at Jen's house! The delivery man was very gentle with me and put me inside the security door and knocked so I wouldn't be out there too long.


I've already met Jen's TV Donkeh and another TV from America. He name is Henrietta and she has a bell too!


We're going to a party on Saturday and Jen has promised me a new piercing if i'm good!

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Fairfield, NSW, Australia - 29th January 2012

By: ravenmist

Today we went to Sydney to visit Jen's new nephew. Her sister and new baby were discharged from hospital too quickly to visit in the hospital, so we saw him at home.

Some other TVs came along for the ride and here is us with some of the celebration goodies and baby things. We played with Jen's niece too, but she wanted to keep us, so we didn't have our photo taken with her or the new baby in case she stole us. http://i1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff457/ravyen/TVvisitAyman.jpg

The new baby is sooo cute :)

* Posted Jan 29, 2012, 7:23 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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