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Travelog for: Elias

Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 6th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy,

today we do handicrafts. Ok, I helped a little. Look, we try to build a plane. First I study the plans.


Than I cut and glue some pices of the plane.


Look, this is one other pice of the plane.


And here I'm sitting in the plane. Ok in the half plane or three-fourths of it or teh fourth. Whatever - I'm sitting in it.  :D


Maybe I am once able to flight a plan? What do you think daddy? I'm looking great in it, or?!


And know I talk a little to Zandy's new TV. His name is Santa. I'm so excited to talk with him about his job. It's very interesting. But now he want's to travel round the world in an other wise.


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Íhringen, Germany - 7th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy!

Today was a boring day. Zandy was busy because of her work and had no time for me. But it's ok. She must work, I understand this. And she said "sorry" for this.

Look what Santa and I found at Zandy's work.


A funny mask, head or whatever it is.  And now we are sitting together and reading in the ToyVoyagers-Forum. Zandy allowed us to eat some chips, because she was so busy today.


Of course Santa and I share them among each other.


And now we will look a DVD. I'm curios what a film we will see.
Good night daddy.


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Íhringen, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Zandy

Juhu daddy! I'm alive, don't worry. Sorry, that I didn't write for some days, but Zandy is getting ill and she must work a lot this week, so we aren't able to go out. Santa and I try to keep Zandy well, but this didn't go so far. So we make every day tea for Zandy and arrange a hot-water bag for her, when she cames from work.

First we arrange the things we need to make tea. Of course with honey (a great one, with ginger) and lemon.


While Santa is preparing the water and the hot-water bag I cut every day the lemon into two pieces


and squeeze the juice out.


Than we give the juice and the honey inside the tea and wait with the full equipment for Zandy.


So we did every day. And while we are waiting, we read a book from Zandy. Look, this one we read.


It's "the second kingdome" from Rebecca Gable. She is one of Zandys favorite authors. And the book is really good. But we can't read it till the end. There are to many sites left. But maybe I have the change to read the rest some day.
Oh and today, when Zandy came home, she has a surprise for us. Two envelopes, inside: two other TVs. So I meet three TVs in my first weeks as an TV, that'S really cool. They both were a little shy at first. (Like my, when I arrived, but sccchhhhtt, don't tell them.)


Today I was in the Welcome-Comitee for new arrivers, too. That was a great feeling, you know?! we give them a warm welcome.


After the both talk a little with Zandy we sit together and talk also. Everybody tells from where he is, and what he wish for his jounrey.


Or better he and she ... The cute, little, blue mouse is called Hanni and she was the only women in our round. But don't worry daddy, we all treat with her like gentlemen. She is on her way on the Round Robin on with Santa will go, too.


And the Elephant is called Ele. Both are on their first trip and so I'm the one, who is the one with the most experience in ToyVoyagering. That's great, so I can tell them something about it. Ok, only a little, but more, than they can.  :p
And than it was time ... Time to say goodbye to everyone, because I will come back to you, daddy. I'm a little sad about it, because I found new friends and it was great here. But new experiences and journeys are waiting for me. And Australia! This is a bright spot. And of course I will see you.


Santa comes with me to the post-office because he go on his first jounrey, too. So, now I'm in the post-office and on my way to you.

I hope, that the postmen will be a little bit more considerate at this time, so that I won't get sea sick.

See you soon, yours

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