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Travelog for: Mr.Zwie-Fox

Sohland, Germany - 29th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hi daddy!  :)

Today I want to tell you about my christmas! I hope you had also such a great one like me.

In the morning of christmas eve me and the other TV guests of LadyButterfly were very excited. The christmas calender showed us... it is time to open the last door.


After the breakfast it got very busy. Big bags with presents and other things were brought to the car. Me and the other TVs also got a place in the car, because we were traveling to LadyButterflys parents were we celebrate christmas together.
LadyButterfly told us, we are also a parttime part of her family and so it is normal to celebrate together.

But it was also busy in LadyButterflys parents home! Her father prepared the christmas tree and he said, it is almost perfect.
There were nothing to do for us TVs and so we take a sit together around the wreath and told us storys about our homes!


We also got christmas cards daddy! It was so funny to read all the christmas wishes of other TV-hosts. The time went by when we read all the cards and the family leaves the home, to went to church.


After the church we all had dinner! LadyButterfly made her famous Creme Brulee and I really enjoy it.
But then it got busy again. LadyButterflys parents had forbidden us to go to the living room... so we had to wait in the kitchen.

When we were allowed to go inside... I saw a ocean of candles and presents. LadyButterfly had a christmas tree only for us TVs and it was so cute!


And this is the big christmas tree!


After the dinner and all the presents I was very tired! I decided to sit infront of the fireplace and watch the flames. It was hypnotizing, but also a wonderfull end of a wonderfull christmas.


So daddy, I hope your christmas was also as wonderfull as mine.
I miss you much!


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Sohland, Germany - 31st December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello daddy!  :D

Today just a short travellog update, because we are very busy with preparing for the New Years Eve!
I will tell you tomorrow what we have done... I think it will be a great evening!

But now I want to wish you a Happy New Year and a great party tonight. I hope all your wishes come true in 2012 and that you have much health, luck and love in the new year.


Happy New Year, daddy!
I'll think of you tonight!


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Sohland, Germany - 4th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly


ohhhh daddy I hope you had such a great New Years Eve like me. We had a big TV-party with much fun. Never have laughed so much.
But first I want to tell you of the day befor. When I got up and took a look out of the window... guess what I saw? Right! Snow!!!
LadyButterfly told me it has snowed all night long, so the next day everything was covered with snow. But it disappeared very fast... it is much to warm in this winter. So sadly we weren't able to ride the sleigh, but the look was great, nevertheless!


The next day, New Years Eve, we all drove to LadyButterflys parents again. We were invented to celebrate the start of the new year with them and we thought it is much cooler to have a party in a big house.
Our party started with a drink, but don't worry daddy I wasn't drunk or anything.  ;)


A great dinner followed! We made raclett together and had much meat, cheese and also pineapple. LadyButterfly loves to bake her steak with cheese and pineapple, so I tried it too and it was really tasty!


But first I choose to eat chicken baked with cheese with a potatoe also baked with cheese. Also really good is bread with herb-butter. I never have eaten so much!  :D



After dinner LadyButterfly showed me a cocktail recipt. Maybe I could make you a drink when I'm back from my journey!

You need just a few things. First you need peaches out of a can and champagne. Make a puree out ouf the peaches and fill it into a champagne glass until it is half full. Then fill the rest with champagne. You will not believe how good it is and you can change if you like it sweeter or not!


Then we started playing! We decided to play "The game of knowledge". It was so funny, because the game is so old, we couldn't answer many questions. Or could you answer, what number the time announcement has?


0:00 am comes closer and closer and then we welcomed the new year. It was so amazing, we drank champagne together, laughed and sang songs. It was great to welcome the year 2012 and it was also great to spend it with my new friends.


Haha daddy, I had a brilliant idea. I know, soon I have to leave LadyButterfly and I thought I will be very faster at my new host or home again, when I ride a rocket. So I climbed on the rocket and...
Ok no... to be honest, I never would ride a rocket! The postal way is much safer! And LadyButterfly had never permitted to shoot me into the sky! So nothing happened daddy, don't worry, I just sat for the photo on the rocket!


To have a great ending of the evening, LadyButterfly made pour the lead with us. It was amazing... I got a little plane! And do you know what it means?
It means I will travel a lot! Amazing this lead, it knows everything! Strange!


So daddy you see my New Years Eve was perfect, hope yours also!


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TV-Hotel****, Leverkusen, Germany - 31st January 2012

By: zwieback

Hurray, back home again.
There are many new toys I don't know but I'll introduce to all in the next days.
When I climbed out of the box there were cassiopeia, kikuchan and Börnie.
They are guests in the new TV-Hotel**** and very nice indeed.
We had much fun talking and eating Lebkuchen.


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TV-Hotel****, Leverkusen, Germany - 8th February 2012

By: zwieback

Hi dad,
today we had a farewell party for Mr.Zwie-Mueller.
There were kikuchan, Börnie, the Tweenie Blue Zwie-Brat and Cassiopeia.

Yesterday they brought many sweets from their trip through Belgium, the Netherlands and Aachen,
especially pralines from Lindt and Lebkuchen from Lambertz plus a big bag with Haribo Saftbären (juicy jelly baers).
That was a tasteful celebration and we had so much fun....
I have returned here just a few days ago but I like him.

Now he is already on  his way in a little parcel box to fam-united.


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