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Travelog for: Darwin

Offenbach, Germany - 23rd October 2011

By: Kiri

Hello there,
I'm a new Voyager and on this Picture you can see me reading one of Mommys books with her glasses


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Home, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: Kiri

Hello everyone

I'm going now on my first big journey to Finland and it is time to say goodbye to my friends and my mommy, I hope they don't miss me to much




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Lahti, Finland - 3rd November 2011

By: sirkku-susanna


I arrived here in Finland yesterday. When I got out of my box and stretched my legs, I saw three fellows watching me. Well hello hello! First there is Droopy the dog, who is not Voyager and seems to be rather quiet guy. Then cute little bear called Wavy Gravy, who is TV too, and has been here for a while. And another TV, little handsome bear called Punker, who arrived here today also.

Our host decide, that our arrival is reason to party a little. So we have hot cocoa and chocolate and small pastries. They were so sweet. But not everyday food says our host. This weekend (if it’s not raining) we will go to see lake nearby. There might be ducks too. Can’t wait.

Love you

PS: Susanna (our host) was very happy for postcard you send and says thank you!!!


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Lahti, by the lake, Finland - 10th November 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!
Sorry it took so long to update. Our host has been busy working and studying. Well last Sunday we took little walk to lake near Susanna’s department. Sun wasn’t shining, it seldom does this time of year, but it wasn’t raining either. Lake is beautiful and we also climbed old trees. And you know what Mom, I met some wild ducks too. I did little quacking with one of them. It was fun.

Hugs Mom!


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Seinäjoki, Finland - 22nd November 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mommy!

Last weekend we went with our host to Seinäjoki, where she does her studies once a month. We went by train and it took three hours to get there. But we had whole compartment for ourselves, so it was quite fun. In pictures you can see our host’s school. And also river Seinäjoki ( I didn’t see any ducks)  :(  Our host don’t know, where name Seinäjoki comes from, but if you translate it directly it means Wallriver. Weather is getting colder, hope we have some snow soon.

Kisses Mom!


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Lahti, Finland - 4th December 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Last Friday we had a big surprise. We were chatting, when Susanna arrived from work. And suddenly someone shouted HELLO! It was new guest Big Foot. He is really funny fellow. We shared candies he brought and some chocolate. After that we started to learn Finnish language, Droopy is teaching us. Finnish is really difficult language Mom! But one of my life missions is learning exotic language, so I will study hard. For example they don’t use much prepositions here in Finland, instead they use grammatical cases this way;

we are sitting at the table = pöydässä
we leave from the table  = pöydästä
we will go to the table    = pöytään
cat is on the table             = pöydällä
cat jumps from the table  = pöydältä
cat jumps to the table       = pöydälle  
Now we can do our language studies, while Susanna does her studies or is at work.

Hyvää yötä äiti!
Good night Mom!


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At home, Finland - 11th December 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

We got first snow here in southern Finland night before last Tuesday. It very well might not be the permanent one, but still it was nice. Last Tuesday 6.12 was also Independence Day of Finland. Susanna really tried to take photos of us with Finnish flag, but it wasn’t windy enough.

Some people light two candles at the window at 6 pm, but Susanna can’t do that, because of that funny cat of  hers. She really don’t do anything special to celebrate, but there are two tv-programs she watches every Independence Day, so we watch them with her. First is old black and white movie about Finnish Continuation War, and it’s called Tuntematon sotilas ( The Unknown Soldier) based on Väinö Linna’s book. It was little frightening time to time, glad I have company with me. And then we watch reception by Finnish president Tarja Halonen at Presidental Palace. Can you believe mom we watched several hours, how people shake hands with the president. And that is one of the most popular tv-programs at all year here. Susanna explained, that it is interesting to see whose been invited, who’s with who and what kind of dresses ladies have. Really…… :rolleyes:

We are all busy with Christmas preparations, but I will write soon.

Love you Mom!


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Lahti, Finland - 3rd January 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I’m sorry we haven’t update for a while, but before Christmas we were busy and at Holidays we just relax. Here are few photos, how we spent our time. Couple of days before Christmas we went to see Christmas lights at Lahti City Hall. This was the first year, they have special lightning. Photos are not very good (Susanna says sorry!).  :(
At Christmas Eve we went to cemetery and take candles to graves of those loved ones, who have passed away. Weather was not very nice as you can see. We all were feeling cold, when we got home. So we were ready to Christmas sauna. I didn’t like sauna so much, too humid and hot for me. But Big Foot just loved it. I spent time in dressing room with Wavy, while Susanna and Big Foot sit in sauna. After sauna we had our Christmas dinner. There were lots and lots to eat. For example Christmas ham, rutabaga casserole, potato casserole, rosolli salad and much more…Boy we were full and so we went to sleep quite early.

Happy New Year Mom!
Love you!


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Lahti, Finland - 10th January 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

(Darwin wrote this before he left, but I have had some difficulties so I’m sorry about delay with this update

Real winter has finally arrived here in southern Finland. So I got to see snow, before I travel back home. I’m so happy. We went to see little lake again. It sure looks different now. All covered with ice, and no ducks.

We saw people on ice, and wonder, what they are doing. Susanna explained. As soon as ice is strong enough (sometimes those people try to go there before that… drowned people every autumn)  :( people, mostly man goes to ice to ice fishing.  They make hole on ice and catch fishes. These Finnish people really are funny. They sit on small stools at cold, windy lake for hours and hours, and got few small fish or nothing. And Mom, they all were alone, so they don’t have talk to anybody. Hmmmmmm.  :rolleyes: We, me Wavy Gravy and Big Foot had lots of fun playing in snow.

Love you Mom and see you soon!


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Offenbach, Germany - 26th January 2012

By: Kiri

Hi there

I'm home again from Finland. It was great there, Susanna my host was very nice  :D and the other Voyagers too. I had a good journey thanks to the sweets Susanna gave me ^^



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