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Travelog for: Dusk

home, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: rabbits

I,Dusk,am getting ready for my first voyage! I am going to tööö! I can't wait! I am so excited...


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home, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: rabbits

It's me, Dusk. I am already in my envelope, ready to travel to tööö! My owner will send me tomorrow! YAY!!!!!


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Wurzburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: tööö

Good Morning Mum,

i write only now, because tomorrow i was too tired. :stare:
We were on the "Residence" of Wurzburg, that is a world cultural heritage.

I have met another TV. :D

On the way to the Residence, we play a little bit on a play area. It was very blank and we are alone here. :D

Hui...very fast:

And now...the Residence...a very nice building:

At summer, in the garden of the Residence, there is a wine festival:

There was a very nice day and i'm nervous, what we want to see in the next days. :D

Kisses and greeting from me!

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Wurzburg, Germ - 5th November 2011

By: tööö

Hello mum,

yesterday, we are in a garden in a fringe area of Wurzbug --> "Veitshöchheim".
It is a very nice garden with a beautiful castle.
Here, some pictures. :)


Of course, my friend MrCarrot was present to me. :)

This is the snail shell, sadly it is a building lot in front. :(

In summer, there is a wonderful lake with trick fountains, but on autumn, it's off. :(

I'm very curious, what is my next target. :)
Bye bye!

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home, Germany - 28th November 2011

By: rabbits

It's me again, Dusk! I am writing to tell you that I am home again and that I will be going to vreni next.

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home, Germany, Germany - 3rd December 2011

By: rabbits


It's me, Dusk! I am just writing to tell you that I am on the way to vreni. I can't wait! Hope I get released from my envelope soon...

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Schwertberg, Austria - 2nd January 2012

By: Vreni

Hey there,

today I finally arrived at Vrenis place, thanks god :)
I was on the way for such a long time, so I'm glad that I'm here...


I hope to see some snow in the next days, 'cause it's all in green at the moment :( So mum, please hold your thumbs <3

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Linz, Austria - 7th January 2012

By: Vreni

Hi mum,

today my new friend and I visited some fishes in Linz, the weather was really bad... On our way to Linz it was snowing and raining at the same time :(


There were so many beautiful fishes...


I've seen Nemo and Dori in an aquarium :)


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Schwertberg, Austria - 15th January 2012

By: Vreni

Today we went out for a walk and on a bridge we took this photos from de "Aist" (so the river is called).


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Schwertberg, Austria - 19th January 2012

By: Vreni

Dear mum,

finally it is snowing in Schwertberg, but I've no winter outfit to go out, so I've just had to look out of the window, watching the snow falling down :(
I hope I can also play in the snow, maybe I'll get the right outfit for going out ;)


Oh mum, do I have already told you, that I've got a new friend?
Look, he's like a big brother for me <3


I'll let you know mum, if I'll go out ;)

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Schwertberg, Austria - 29th January 2012

By: Vreni

Dear mum,

today, in the morning, we did some fitness ^^ I really had to sweat, but the other TVs also had to do some fitness.
You need to know, that Vreni wants to get a bit slimer, 'cause she got a baby.


Oh and today we will go to Vrenis dad, to visit him and Vrenis big cat, maybe I can ride the cat xD

See you soon, love you mum <3

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Schwertberg, Austria - 29th January 2012

By: Vreni

Mum, mum, guess what?! I was allowed to ride Vrenis cat. He's a real big cat, a real monster cats :D


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Schwertberg, Austria - 11th February 2012

By: Vreni

Hi mum,

today we went out for a walk and had fun in the snow, but I think this is my last adventure here in Schwertberg, 'cause on Monday I'll go back to Germany :)


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Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Germany - 3rd March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy!  :D

Luckily we made some new pictures today! You heard of LadyButterflys tragedy, so now it's time to make some new pictures of my arrival!
I had to stay one day in the postbox and you can't imagin how boring this time was. You know, we Huskys need much place to run, but this little envelope was so small and I had no chance to ran around!


It was so exciting, when I feel the envelope was brought somewhere else. And then I saw a littlebit of light befor the envelope was really opened. I was so happy, so I crawled out very fast!


Ok that wasn't a Husky I met after my arrival! That was a very big cat and I wasn't sure if I should be nice to her or not. But then she or I should better say HE told me his name. His name is Mary *lol* have you ever heard of a male cat that named like a female cat?
Ups maybe I shouldn't laugh anymore or he will bite me in my ear!  ;)



There is a reason why he is named that way! LadyButterfly his owner and my new host, thought he is female, when he was a small cat and later, she found no good male name. So Mary stayed Mary!

On a small photowall I saw another dog! Not a Husky like me, but LadyButterfly told me, I will meet him soon! I'm very excited!


Ohhhhh and I'm also excited of my trip to London! It will be so cool, this big town... Big Ben, the Tower, the Tower Bridge... I had to google it and see what I found on Wikipedia. I know you can't see it really good, but soon you will see much better photos of it!


So mommy, it was a long day today! I hope you aren't mad but I have to sleep a little bit!

I miss you very much!

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Ebersbach, Germany - 6th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Ohhhh just two days left and with every minute I'm more excited!
But now it's time to tell you what I have done the last days!

Saturday late at night all TVs came together infront of the TV! It was boxing night and LadyButterfly is a big fan of boxing and the Klitschko-brothers. So we all came together, to cheer for Klitschko. LadyButterfly had also a chocolate for us.


But it wasn't a very long fight! We hadn't even the chance to open the chocolate... but sunday we eat the whole chocolate, without fight!  ;)


On sunday it became time for our first traveling group photo. We are a very colourfull crowd! I think we will have much fun together!  :D


We all together decided to learn a little bit about London, so Ranil and PinkyHH googled and told us, what they found out!

As we allready know London is the capital city of Great Britain. There are living 7.825.200 people and this is only the numbre of the year 2010! So London is one city of the EU with the most people!
It was founded in the year 47 by the romans and it was called Londonium!
Later in the 2. century, London became the capital city of Britain!
Today London is a very important city for cultur, financial and trade!


This is the blazon of London!


Mommy? Do you want to know how far it is from here to London?
Look at the picture! Do you see the red spot? This is London and the hand is Ebersbach, where I am now!
The distance between the two towns is 1197 km! But be sure! I can walk it, if I have the chance... I'm a husky!  :D
But we will fly from Berlin!


Also very nice to know... how the weather will be! So we watched the forecast on a british site!


I think it looks quiet good! Ok saturday and sunday aren't good, but maybe the weather change until we are there!


Yesterday (and today too) we had so much weather I decided to go on the balkonie and took a little break! Sunbathing and a bit chilling is also very cool!


Later in the afternoon we decided to make a walk around and visited the spring of the Spree. There are three springs, but this one is the oldest and it is called "Spreeborn"!
The pavillion was build for the visitors to take a rest near the spring!


Time for another group photo on the Spreeborn. Sadly we can't see the water of the Spree, because it is winter and the spring was closed!


You can read on this sign:

"Waterlevel of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the Eastsea"


And here you can see the blazon of saxony!


Well mommy, let's hope the weather in London will as good as here! Just two days!  :D

Love Dusk

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