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Travelog for: Hase

Pretoria, South Africa - 31st December 2011

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

In the afternoon we baked Chocolate Brownies. I even helped Katara in the kitchen!

First we found the recipe and Marty, Sweetie and I helped Katara get all the ingredients together.


Then I helped Katara melt the butter and cocoa


We mixed all the ingredients together and put the batter in a dish and placed it in the oven. Pretty soon the whole house smelt of chocolate!  :cyclops:


For dinner we had Hot Pots and we ate the Brownies with cream for dessert. The Brownies were dark and decadent. Yum!  :p



We watched the movie "Thor" and welcomed the New Year with some Sparkling Wine. Katara added some raspberries for decoration.


Hugs and kisses,
Hase xxx

PS: Please give Dr Krobner a BIG HUG from me!

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Pretoria, South Africa - 2nd January 2012

By: Katara

Today we had some fruit mince pies for tea. It was yummy!



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Pretoria, South Africa - 5th January 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Katara adopted "Penguin Girl" and she arrived a couple of days ago from the Chech Republic. She is very sweet!


Katara can make nice things with wool. She made a cute little doggie for charity - his name is "Woof". In the afternoon we all played some cards. It was a lot of fun!  :cyclops:

Love you lots!
xoxox Hase


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Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa - 7th January 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

We went hiking at the Groenkloof Nature Reserve in Pretoria today. We did a 5km hike and it was fantastic!  :D



Everything is nice and green


and the wild flowers are beautiful!



We also saw some giraffe, zebra and buck in the distance


After the hike we rested for a bit in the picnic area


Wishing that you and Dr Krobner were here...

Lots of love,
HASE xxx

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Pretoria, South Africa - 13th January 2012

By: Katara

Hi mom!

This morning we had a delicious breakfast of freshly made flapjacks!
Katara's new ToyVoyager, Blou Beer, will be travelling to Germany tomorrow, so the breakfast was in his honour


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Doringkloof Mall, Pretoria, South Africa - 14th January 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

This morning we went to run a few errands. For lunch we stopped at "Doringkloof Mall" and bought some samoosas from an Indian Spice Shop. Their samoosas are delicious!




In the afternoon we went to play some Tennis. There is some equipment for the children to play on. We took a photo because the sign is also written in an African language.



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Pretoria, South Africa - 21st January 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom :D

Lately it's been VERY hot here in Pretoria. Unfortunately we haven't had much rain this month.

Today Katara showed me the view they have from their flat/apartment. I also met 'Uno' - their neighbour's cat. He comes to visit every now and again.

I am missing Dr Krobner. Please give him a BIG HUG from me.  :cyclops:

Lots of love,
Hase xxx


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Pretoria, South Africa - 22nd January 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

This afternoon we finally got some rain to cool us down a bit. For lunch today we (Marty, Sweetie and I) helped Katara make some Tuna fish sandwiches. We added some chopped onion, lettuce, red pepper and Feta cheese. It was yum!  :cyclops:



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Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa - 28th January 2012

By: Katara

Hi mom!
Today we went for another hike at Groenkloof Nature Reserve. It was a beautiful day! Afterwards we had a braai (barbeque) in the picnic area. We ate the boerewors (sausage) on bread buns/rolls with mustard and tomato sauce - It's called "Boerewors Rolls".




We toasted some Marshmallows for dessert. They were sweet and yummy!  :cyclops:




On the way home we took a few photos.


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Pretoria, South Africa - 2nd February 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Yesterday a new ToyVoyager arrived - His name is Bubblegum. He is from Germany too, so I was very excited to meet him! He told us all about his trip to Australia and Katara showed us his Travelog.

Tonight Katara made us some Macaroni-and-Cheese for supper. She added in a little bit of salami for flavour. It was really nice!  :)


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Pretoria, South Africa - 3rd February 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

We all helped Katara prepare tonight's supper. We had roasted mixed vegetables, chicken and wholewheat couscous.



xxx Lots of love, Hase xxx

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Pretoria, South Africa - 5th February 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Katara has started a mini herb garden on her balcony. She has chives, peppermint, oreganum and flat-leaf parsley.


For lunch today we ordered some wood-oven-fired Pizza.
We ordered a "Tiri" - It has feta cheese, cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese with Napolitana sauce and a "Las Vegas" with mozarella cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, onion and Napolitana sauce.




In the afternoon she showed us their local community newspaper. Some articles are written in English and others in Afrikaans.



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Pretoria, South Africa - 6th February 2012

By: Katara

Hi mom!

Today it was quite hot so Katara bought me a Magnum Almond Ice-cream. It has Vanilla ice-cream smothered in dairy milk chocolate and sprinkled with almonds. It was delicious!


I helped Katara prepare supper. We made a Courgette and Chick-pea salad. First we sliced a red onion and some baby marrow (courgette).


Then we lightly fried it for 3-4 min.


We added some chick-peas and dressed the salad. It was quite tasty!


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Pretoria, South Africa - 7th February 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Today we all did some sewing! It was much fun!  :cyclops:
We are all helping Katara make a birthday present for her sister  ;)

First Katara made the legs, then we helped pin some of the pattern pieces.


I helped Katara cut out the 'arms'


Then we watched while Katara sewed the pieces together.


Birthday present in progress.


Then for supper we had Spaghetti Bolognaise. Katara made it with ostrich mince.



Open wide!


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Pretoria, South Africa - 9th February 2012

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

I am enjoying my stay in Pretoria - I'm getting to taste many delicious foods! Today I tried some mince samoosas, with dipping sauce that Katara bought for us. The one sauce was quite mild and sweet and the  second sauce was very HOT! I tried it, but it was too burny for me... 


Tonight we watched "The State of the Nation Address" on television. I saw Mr Jacob Zuma - the South African president.  :)


Just now I will go to bed - at least it is a bit cooler tonight  :rolleyes:

Good night mom!

I asked Katara how to say "Sleep well" in Afrikaans. She says I must say "Lekker slaap".

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