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Travelog for: Gingerbread Man

AG Bell Elem. School, Kirkland, WA, USA - 27th September 2011

By: Cathy Daly

Our gingerbread man is ready to leave our first grade classroom in Kirkland, WA and begin his travels around the world.  He belongs to Mrs. Daly's class from AG Bell Elementary School in Kirkland, WA.  We are excited to see where he goes and who he meets.  Catch him if you can!
For his first adventure, he is on his way to Washington DC with our former AG Bell librarian, Mrs. Holmes.  We're hoping he won't run away!

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Edmonds, WA, USA - 28th September 2011

By: MrsH

Phew!  We finally finished packing and are ready to go.  I am so excited to start our journey tomorrow.  I'd better get to bed because 5:00 AM comes really early!  I hope I can sleep.
Good Night!

GBread Boy - Ready to Leave 2.jpg

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Alexandria, VA, United States - 28th September 2011

By: MrsH

We got up so early this morning and went to SEA TAC airport.  After going through security we got something to eat, then our plane took off.  Our first stop was Los Angeles.  There we had lunch, then boarded the plane for Washington, DC.  The flight was 5 hours, but when we got to Washington, DC we had to circle for a while because of thunder storms.  The flight attendants were SO nice.  They gave me my own wings.  They said they are nicer than the wings they get!  We are now in our motel and are going to get some sleep for our big day tomorrow!

gbread man on airplane #2.jpg

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Alexandria, VA, United States - 29th September 2011

By: MrsH

Boy did we ever have fun today.  We went to a place in Alexandria called Old Town because it was settled in the 1700's.  Our first president, George Washington used to live here.  We walked a lot and saw some very nice museums.  But, my favorite today was when we ate lunch.  We ate at an old time restaurant and got to try peanut soup.  I love peanut butter and really liked the soup.  Lunch was my favorite because we met Whitney, our server.  She had on a dress just like people used to wear in the old days.  She was very nice and needless to say she loved me!  We had our picture taken together and she even asked if Mrs. H would mail her a copy!  I have a new friend!!

Gbread man and Whitney in Alexandria,VA #2.jpg

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Kirkland, WA, USA - 30th September 2011

By: Cathy Daly

Dear Gingerbread Man,
We were excited to see you on the plane.  How was your ride?  Was it fun or were you scared?  We like your wings.  We liked seeing your picture with the waitress in George Washington's town.  Did you like your kiss or was it embarrassing?  Can you show us another picture of where you've been?  We can't wait to see!
Your friends,
Mrs. Daly's class

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Alexandria, VA, United States - 30th September 2011

By: MrsH

Hi Friends,
It was good to hear from you.  Yes, I was a little scared to fly, but everyone was sooooo nice that they made it fun.  It was exciting to see the lightening over Washington, DC when we flew in.  It was very pretty, but I held onto Mrs. H because it was also a little scary.  I was really, really tired when we arrived and was glad to go to bed when we got to the motel.

The waitresses name is Whitney and she said I was the sweetest boyfriend she's ever had :).  It was a little embarrassing when she kissed me.  She leads tours and invited us to come on a ghost tour tonight, but we are so tired we aren't going to go.  I don't know, that might just be a little to scary for me.

I'll send you another picture of where we went today.

Gingy, the Gingerbread Man

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Alexandria, VA, United States - 30th September 2011

By: MrsH

Wow!  Today was all about George Washington, our first president.  We toured a monument built to honor him and there was a statue of him that is 17 feet tall and weighs 8 tons!  I had to look way up to even see his face!  George Washington was a very important man and people really liked him.  He wanted everyone in the United States to live together peacefully.  I think that is something we all want!
Next we went to Mount Vernon, his home.  It was beautiful.  Lots of the people working there were wearing costumes like the clothes he and his family wore when they were living there.  I got my picture taken with Mrs. Washington.  She thought I was the cutest thing she had ever seen!  I am making lots of new friends!

Gbread man and Mrs. Washington#2.jpg

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Quantico, VA, United States - 1st October 2011

By: MrsH

This traveling is a lot of fun!  I am making so many new friends.  On our way to the National Marine Corps Museum we stopped at a church that was started by George Washington.  Boy, he sure did a lot of things!  We met some ladies who were dressed up like they were in the year 1774.  The one on the right is the pastors wife, and the one on the left is a teacher, like Mrs. Daly.  Mrs. Newman teaches reading, writing, arithmatic, singing, dancing and manners!  Can you believe this -she sits with the family at the dinner table every night so she would be reporting to your parents everything that you did at school that day.  I love Mrs. Daly, but I don't know if I'd like her at my house EVERY night!  I'm glad we're not going to school in 1774!  At the Marine Corps Museum we saw lots of Marines.  Boy, were they impressive in their uniforms.

Pohick church.jpg

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Quantico, VA, United States - 1st October 2011

By: MrsH

I just couldn't resist showing you another picture from the Marine Corps Museum.  This is me in a Privates Full Dress Uniform from 1825.  The hat was too big!  I am really getting into history!! The kids are some I met at the museum.  Presley (the girl) and Ryan were there because their uncle was getting a promotion to leiutenant colonel.  They were so proud of him, but were especially happy to meet me!  They said to tell all of you hi from them!

Gingy in Marine Private Dress Uniform from 1825#2.jpg
Gingy with Presley and Ryan at the Marine Corps Museum #2.jpg

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Solomons Islands, MD, United States - 2nd October 2011

By: MrsH

Today I got to sleep during our long car ride.  We visited Fredericksburg, VA, where there was a large battle of the Civil War.  Our tour guide was great and explained a lot to us.  We crossed the Potomac River from Virginia into Maryland and stopped at St. Mary's, which was the first capitol of Maryland.  The archeologists are looking for the old buildings and anything they can find from the 1600's!  In my picture I am sitting on a stone from a cellar wall from a house built in 1638.  What you can see behind me is what is left of the house.  The archeologists dug it up.  At one time the Governor of Maryland lived in the house.  Tonight we are staying along the Patuxent River.  It is kind of cold here and rained on and off all day.

Gingy at St. Mary\

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Solomons Islands, MD, United States - 3rd October 2011

By: MrsH

I couldn't wait to get to our motel room tonight to tell you what happened today.  We went to a marine museum and they had lots of skeletons of different sea animals they had dug out of the cliffs along the river.  We got to one spot where there was a lady working on digging out the bones of an 18 million year old dolphin.  I was so interested that she invited me in to watch.  Then she started working on 3 huge vertebrae of a 7 million year old Baleen whale.  You wouldn't believe it...she let me sit right where she was working so I could see it really well.  She let me take my picture with her working.  If you look really closely you can see the types of tools- picks and brushes - that a paleontologist uses for their work.  OK, now for the best part.  She sent me home with several sharks teeth that are from 7-10 MILLION years old that I am to give to your class.  Isn't that great?  I also found another costume that I could have my picture taken in.  Don't you think I look great as a Swashbuckler?  Mr. H and I both had our picture taken in this one and Mrs. H had her picture taken in the mermaid.

Gingy with 7 Million year old Balleen whale vertebrae #3.jpg
Gingy as Swashbuckler #2.jpg

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Annapolis, MD, United States - 4th October 2011

By: MrsH

Today we spent all day at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  That's where they train people to be Navy officers.  We got to watch the guys and gals march to lunch.  They even had a band!  They have to do at least 3 hours of exercise every day.  I don't think I could do that without being really tired.  We went to the coolest museum.  On the top floor they had the most fantastic models of ships I have ever seen.  Mr. H held me up to the model of the USS Constitution so that I could have my picture taken.

Gingy and USS Constitution model #2.jpg

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Salisbury, MD, United States - 5th October 2011

By: MrsH

The first thing we visited today was a church that was built before 1692 and is still being used.  It is considered the oldest church in the United States.  Then we went to a one room school that was built in 1865.  Can you imagine having everyone in the school in one room?  It sure didn't look like A.G. Bell.  But, my favorite of all the things we saw today was a museum of duck decoys.  Decoys are used when people go duck hunting.  We saw some of those, but the neatest ones were the ones that were made as decorations.  They are carved out of wood and painted to look like a duck.  They look SO real.  We got to go in the kids room and there was a display that said "What is your wingspan?"  We spread our arms out to see and mine was larger than a hummingbird, but smaller than a Baltimore Oriole.  Mr. H was closest to a Bald Eagle.  Mrs. H was the funniest because she was closest to a Turkey Vulture! My picture today is with a decoy of a Great White-Fronted Goose in the Ward Museum.

Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art - decoys #2.jpg

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Dover, DE, United States - 6th October 2011

By: MrsH

We are in Delaware today and visited the capitol, Dover.  We went to the Old State House and I got to sit on the desk of Thomas McKean who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!  That is a copy of the Declaration of Independence next to me.  Notice the feather pen.  They call those quill pens and that's what they used to write with.  Then we went to the capitol building.  We met two police officers and they were so nice.  They took me into the Governor's office (only I got to go) and took my picture sitting in Governor Markell's chair.  It was so exciting.  Not very many people get to sit in a Governor's chair.  The officers said to be sure to tell you hi.

With Declaration of Independence #3.jpg
On Governor\

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Wilmington, DE, United States - 7th October 2011

By: MrsH

Our trip today was to the Hagley Museum.  It was an outdoor museum where there was lots to see.  Over 200 years ago it was a  factory for a family named DuPont.  We saw their house and all their shops where they made black gunpowder.  We went into the school and tried using quill pens.  They are made from turkey feathers and were hard to use.  The school was for all the kids who lived and worked around the factory.  Can you imagine that instead of going to school every day you would go to work (even in first grade)!  Because they worked 6 days a week, they only went to school one day, on Sunday and it was only for 4 hours.  They called it Sunday School and learned to read and write.  That's why we were practicing with the quill pens because that is what they would have used.  There were about 150 kids in the class and the boys sat on one side and the girls on the other.  When the factory closed down, the family started making other things, including the material that was used to make the space suit I am in!

In School House - Hagley Museum #2.jpg
Space Uniform - DuPont #3.jpg

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