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Travelog for: ChouChou Love

PSB Academy, Singapore - 7th September 2011

By: ChouChou

Hi! My name is Chou Chou or you can call me Pretty Chou. And I'm writing this ToyVoyager for the first time! In case you are wondering about my name, it actually means Ugly in chinese. But the thing is, I don't find myself ugly at all! :cyclops: That's beside the point.  :rolleyes: Anyways, I love to follow people around, and my hobby is,n to take pictures. So be sure to see pictures of me everywhere~!

Today, I discovered something! I found a flower and I took it for myself immediately. Did I mention that I'm a greedy girl who wants everything? Hehe.  :p

There is greater mystery why there is flowers. Maybe I shall update you with a new post next week!



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PSB Academy, Singapore - 10th September 2011

By: ChouChou

Hi! I am back again! This time round with more updates, and of course my pictures. Hehe.

Anyways, in my first post I talk about flowers. And guess what I have found?



I found a push cart with 2 bottles; one bottle contains hearts that is made of straw, another contains stars. It was decorated with flowers along the side of the push cart. Isn't it pretty? I wish it could be mine!  :( Nevertheless, I wish my lady a happy anniversary with her husband, and may they remain as loving forever (I will get some benefit from that I supposed?).

I was so hungry when my lady's husband wasn't around, so we have to cook instant noodle for dinner.


This is the Black Garlic Tonkotsu Flavour instant noodle from Hong Kong. My friend passed one to me. Sad to say that this kind of flavours are not available in Singapore.


Now that I have eaten this first and last packet of instant noodle, I wished someone will buy more for me. Any body from Hong Kong out there? Can help me buy? Chou Chou can pay for the postage!


I had a rather painful experience last week! I had to do some blood test. Ok, I admit, I don't have blood. How about some cotton test? =X My arm feels painful for at least half a day and people was like teasing me for my painful expression when the nurse was drawing my 'blood' from the big fat needle. *Ouch*


And lucky for me, I always have people doting on me. Thanks Alex for that box of food from Taiwan! :)


Of course! Not forgetting the steak I had from Equinox, Swissotel. I am so fortunate to always have such opportunity to eat so many nice food!

And I am ending this post with more of my pictures. ;)


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PSB Academy, Singapore - 4th November 2011

By: ChouChou

I was being kidnapped! And this is a ransom note to my host. "Paid $$$ or else...."

Suddenly I feel so pathetic! And helpless.
But I was rescued by my host! Thank goodness.

The next day, I was having another fun. The bunny you see here, she's my buddy and we always have fun together. This time, we are playing blind-fold shooting game. And white thing I'm holding, is my 'gun'.

That's all folks! Hehe

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Bintan, Indonesia - 18th February 2012

By: ChouChou

Hey! I know, it's been awhile since I updated this space. And here I am again.

I went to Bintan in Feb with my owner and her best friend. I made a new friend named Ziggie, and he's a zebra (as you can see from his stripes). We had a fun time taking photos, and tanning under the sun. I am sure, I am getting prettier with all the tan. =]


These are the toys that came along with me. Of course, I have the top priority. Muahahahahha~

The lunch there is not too bad. Just that, I am not used to the food there.

Aren't we so sweet? Watching the high tide coming in?

Looking at the beautiful Polaroid taken.

The beautiful beach! What a sunny day~

That's all for the trip!

Hope there will be more coming up~


Chou chou

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Barcelona, Spain - 24th December 2019

By: ChouChou

I went to Barcelona with my hooman's friend from work! This is fun because I haven't been there before, and I having such good experience! :cyclops:


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