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Travelog for: Zoe and Heather

Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 18th July 2012

By: Bart

We're home! We've been adopted! We're so excited that we now have a family to call our own! Bart, our new brother, told us that we're going to go on fun adventures with our family and special, close family friends. We're so excited!


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 21st July 2012

By: Bart

How exciting! Today we received a very special package!


It's our east coast "brother", Puppy Graham! Graham lives in New Jersey with our other east coast "brothers" Spac the Bear and Terence. Graham has come to visit and go to the Grand Canyon with us!


"It's so nice to meet you, Graham! We're your new Arizona sisters, Heather and Zoe!".


After meeting Graham, it was time for a snack!


Suddenly it became very windy, so we went outside to see what was happening. It was a huge dust storm!


We were told that dust storms usually come before monsoon rain storms. We decided to watch for the monsoon with Graham.



It wasn't long before the monsoon arrived. We'd never seen a monsoon before! We found out that a monsoon is just a lot of heavy rain and usually there is lightning and thunder, too. It rained a lot, but we didn't mind, it was still a fun day anyway!


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Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA - 2nd August 2012

By: Bart

We're so excited! We're on our way to the Grand Canyon! It's a long drive, but it's very pretty! There are lots of beautiful mountains along the way.



We stopped in Camp Verde, Arizona to get something to drink and found this giant Kokopelli. The Kokopelli is a sacred native american god.


Finally, after three hours, we arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona. We're staying at a hotel in Flagstaff, which is about 80 miles from the Grand Canyon.


We checked into our hotel and took a few photos in the room.



Then we went to lunch at the 1899 Bar & Grill. The restaurant is just across the street from the hotel, on the campus of Northern Arizona State Univerity.


There is a pretty stained glass window at the restaurant. Can you see us in front of the stained glass?


After lunch we got in the Jeep and started on our way to the Grand Canyon! We stopped along the way to take a picture and learn about Humphrey's Peak, the highest mountain in Arizona.


We were close to the Grand Canyon when we found ourselves transported back to the stone age! We met Fred Flintstone! The Flinstones was a very popular adult cartoon televison show many years ago.

"Hi Fred! We're Zoe & Heather. Yabba Dabba-Doo!"


We even saw a dinosaur, but he looks very, very thin.


Fred was going to let us take his camper to the Grand Canyon, but our family said we couldn't because we already have a hotel room back in Flagstaff. Thanks anyway, Fred, it would've been fun!



Soon after we said "good-bye" to Fred,  we were finally at the Grand Canyon!


We're here! We're finally at the Grand Canyon and it's magnificent! It's amazingly beautiful!


The colors are amazing! It doesn't even look real, it looks like a painting!


After walking along the rim of the canyon and admiring the beauty for a long time, it was time to leave. Before we left we stopped to take some pictures at the Hopi House. Here's a picture of us on a wagon wheel.


As we were leaving the park we saw Smokey the Bear. He was very nice, but he looked a little scary.


On the drive back to Flagstaff we stopped to see a native american and his teepee.


Finally, after a long drive, we arrived back at our hotel in Flagstaff. It was a very fun and exciting day, but it was also a very long day. We were all very tired so we decided to go to bed early. Good night!


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Sedona, Arizona, USA - 3rd August 2012

By: Bart

Today we drove from Flagstaff, Arizona to Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a small northern Arizona town that's famous for the beautiful red rocks surrounding it.

After we checked into our hotel we drove around Sedona to see the beautiful red rocks. Here's a picture of us by Mr. Christopher's Jeep.


We saw lots of beautiful red rock formations, but our family was so busy taking pictures of Graham, they forgot to take pictures of us! That's alright though, because our hotel room has a beautiful view of the red rocks, so we took pictures form our hotel room balcony. Here they are!






It was very hot outside, over 100F/38C, so we decided to order some pizza and have an indoor picnic.


After we ate our pizza we took a group photo from the balcony.


What a fun day! We had no idea that there were so many beautiful places in Arizona, we're very lucky to live here!

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Sedona, Arizona, USA - 4th August 2012

By: Bart

This morning we woke up very early and went out on the balcony hoping to see a beautiful, colorful sunrise over the red rocks. Sadly though, it wasn't a colorful sunrise, it was just very bright.


We went inside and our family told us they had a surprise for Graham!


It's a backpack and there's a game inside of it called "Hit the Trail"! It will be a nice souvenir of Graham's trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona!


Sadly, it was time to leave beautiful Sedona and go back to Phoenix. We had a wonderful time on our very first adventure!


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 9th October 2012

By: Bart

We've had a fun summer with our east coast brother, Puppy Graham, but sadly, he's leaving today for Chicago. We took one last group photo together.


We hope to see you again, Graham. We hope we can come to New Jersey to visit you one day.


*Big Hugs* We'll miss you Graham!


Have fun in Chicago! We're anxious to see and read about your upcoming adventures!


We escorted Graham (in his travel box) to the post office. Safe travels, buddy, we miss you already!


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 14th December 2012

By: Bart

Today we received a package in the mail from Finland! We think that Cody Otter has finally arrived.


We were right! It's Cody! Cody is from Austria and has come for a nice long stay. We told Cody's mom, Claudia, that we would take Cody to California with us next summer since he's a surfer boy.

"Welcome to Arizona, Cody! It's nice to meet you, we're so happy that you're here!".


We're so glad that we have a new friend, and we're excited that he arrived just in time for Bart's Christmas party tomorrow!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 15th December 2012

By: Bart

Today Bart hosted his annual Christmas party at Mr. Henry & Miss Dottie's house. We had a really big buffet lunch and it was very, very yummy! Sadly though, our family was busy taking pictures of Cody and didn't take a picture of us with the lunch table. That's ok though, because we did get one picture from today!

Bart's Christmas party was called a "Digi Decorate Party". A Digi is a white and blue stuffed toy which is the mascot for our local cable television company. Our fellow Toy Voyager brother, Travis, is a Digi. Bart had a "Digi Decorate" contest, so everyone that attended the party brought all of their Digis and they were all decorated for Christmas! They were all so cute! We were part of a nativity scene. Travis played baby Jesus, and we were Mary (Heather) and Joseph (Zoe). It was a lot of fun to dress up! It was also fun to have an early Christmas celebration with family and friends!


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 20th December 2012

By: Bart

Today we received an invitation from Spac the Bear to visit our east coast family in New Jersey! We're so excited! We gathered Bart, Travis, Logan (He's our newest brother, he was up for adoption to benefit St. Judes Hospital. Miss Dottie couldn't resist that cute face and adopted him! We love him, too!), and Cody to let them know we would be leaving tomorrow, so we had to get packed up tonight.


We'll miss everyone, but we're so excited to meet our east coast family and go on this fun adventure! We might even get to complete one of our life missions! 

Group hug!


We're not sure how long we'll be gone, but we'll be in good paws with Spac the Bear! We're sure you'll be seeing lots of great pictures of us and reading great stories about our adventures!

We're bringing along Graham's souvenirs from Arizona. I wonder if Graham will be home while we're in New Jersey?! He's having fun in Chicago right now, so we may not see him, but it would be great if we do!


It's nice and cozy in here, so we should be warm on our journey! Bye everyone, we'll write when we get to New Jersey! *Hugs*


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Enroute to New Jersey, USA - 21st December 2012

By: Bart

You can't see us, but we're in this white box. We just arrived at the Post Office to start our journey! New Jersey here we come! See you soon Spac and Terence!


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New York City, New York, USA - 28th December 2012

By: Spac the Bear

We've arrived in New Jersey!! 

We finally got to meet Spac, the bear about whom we have heard so much. Hi Spac!!


We brought souvenirs from Puppy Graham's stay with your Arizona family! We do hope you'll get to meet Bart and the rest of the gang someday!


Spac came home from work on his lunch break specifically to pick us up because he was leaving for tonight's Phish concert in New York City straight from work. But he really wanted us to come. He said he's got great tickets - the floor of Madison Square Garden!

So he brought us to work with him and, sure enough, afterward we went right to the Clifton train station.


All aboard!


Here we are on the train with Spac and Major Bananas.


After about 15 minutes, we had to change trains in Secaucus.


And then, in another 10 minutes, we arrived in New York City's Pennsylvania Station!


It turns out that Penn Station sits directly underneath Madison Square Garden, so all we had to do was go upstairs!




Before the show started, we hit the fancy bar inside the Garden...


...and shared a Goose Island Ale, from Maj. Bananas' hometown of Chicago.


Whoa! These are good tickets! We're right up front!


Look at all the people behind us in this big arena!


The show is starting! There's Phish!


We had never listened to Phish before, but we couldn't help but dance! The quality isn't so good on these videos taken on Spac's phone, but here we are dancing to the song "Tube"...


...and "Stash".


And we worked our way up to get even closer!



We danced some more to "Tweezer"...


...and "Maze"...


...and a song called "David Bowie"!


After the show, Spac took us into Times Square! We couldn't believe how lit up and bustling it was, well after midnight!


Look! They're building the stage for the New Year's Eve show in Times Square, where thousands of people gather to watch the big ball drop!



Wow, look at these Christmas lights! They're huge!


We continued walking for a bit toward Rockefeller Center where we saw the NBC building.


Among other things, this is where they broadcast 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' and 'Saturday Night Live'!


But Spac wanted us to see the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (which, by the way, came from New Jersey this year!), but they had turned off all the lights!

I guess the city does eventually sleep after all!


It was getting late and we had a train to catch, so took a cab back to Penn Station and got on the next train back to Secaucus.


We had to kill some time in Secaucus waiting for the next and last train back to Clifton (it was 1:30 in the morning!) so we took some photos in the train station.



The 1:42 train toward Suffern, N.Y. That's our train.


We've got our tickets.


Now we just have to wait at the track.


Finally, we got back to Spac's apartment at 2:30 in the morning. What a day! Twelve hours ago we were in our travel box (in which we'd been for days!) and now we've already been on trains, at a Phish concert at MSG, and walked through parts of NYC! Not bad for a first day with our East Coast family!

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New York, New York, USA - 30th December 2012

By: Spac the Bear

We went to our second Phish show today!  Spac told us that he took the original Travis to the Phish shows on the same exact dates at the same exact place last year, so it felt nice to follow in our missing brother's footsteps.

Spac was determined to get pictures of us in with the famous Christmas tree all lit up, so we left early enough to have time to go to Rockefeller Center before the show.

Here we are at Secaucus train station once again.



And on the train.


Once we got to Penn Station, we went downstairs to the subway.


We took the C train...


...to 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue.


From there we walked the few blocks toward Rockefeller Center and saw the big tree from across the plaza on Fifth!


It was very crowded, but we worked our way up to get closer. This shot was taken from across the famous ice skating rink in the plaza.


That's the rink below!


Wow! The tree is BIG!


This is 30 Rockefeller Plaza. As in '30 Rock', where the NBC studio is (we were on the other side of it on Friday night) and where the show of that name takes place!


And there's Radio City Music Hall around the corner!


Time to get to the Phish show at Madison Square Garden! We weren't as lucky to get floor seats tonight. But even though we were high up and slightly behind the stage, we were relatively close and the sound was excellent!



Again, the quality isn't good on these videos taken from Spac's old phone, but here's Heather at the end of "My Friend, My Friend"...


...and Zoe at the end of "Run Like an Antelope"...


...then Heather during "Carini"...


...then Zoe during "Backwards down the Number Line".

After the show, as we exited the arena, we made sure to take a picture with the "Thank you for coming" sign, just like Travis did a year ago today.


Another great night in NYC and another great Phish show!

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Franklin Township, New Jersey, USA - 19th January 2013

By: Spac the Bear

Today, we went to the Villagers Theatre in Somerset County to see a production of "Shadowlands".  It's based on the life of C.S. Lewis, the author of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."



Let's go inside and get a seat!


Oooh, what a nice stage set!


We weren't allowed to take photographs during the play, but we'll tell you that it was very good!  There is a movie of the play with Debra Winger if you want to see what it was like.

After the show, We stayed overnight at Baby Beau Bear's place. He lives in Franklin Township.


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Somerset County, New Jersey, USA - 20th January 2013

By: Spac the Bear

After we stayed over at Baby Beau Bear's place, Spac did his weekly long run along the Delaware and Raritan Canal towpath. It is a trail that stretches about 70 miles or so, starting in New Brunswick, NJ, where the Raritan Bay feeds into the Raritan River. It twists and turns from that river to the Delaware River on New Jersey's western border with Pennsylvania.

According to what we read while Spac was running, the canal was constructed in the 1800s so boats carrying goods in New York City could cut through the middle of New Jersey to sell their goods in Philadelphia. Spac started his run at the Griggstown portion of the trail, running all the way to Princeton and back.


That's the canal.  The road is on the left and the trail is on the right. This makes for some peaceful running and walking because the trail is away from the road.


Here we are on the trail.


This is one of the series of locks that the boats had to be sent through along the canal.


The canal goes through a town called Kingston.  According to this sign it is a very old town!


While driving through the area, we spotted a place called Rockingham.  Spac is a bit of an American history buff, so when he saw on the sign that it served as George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War, we had to stop and take some photos!



We learned that Rockingham was the last HQ for Washington during the war. He was living there when the Continental Congress, meeting in nearby Princeton, received the news that the treaty had been signed that granted the U.S. its independence.

Can you see us on the front steps of the house?


How about a closeup?


Wow!  To think we got to stand on the very steps to a house in which George Washington lived 230 years ago!

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Montclair, New Jersey, USA - 25th January 2013

By: Spac the Bear

Our host bear, Spac, was very excited today.  He took us to work with him because we were going to see the Trey Anastasio Band (TAB for short) right afterward.


Trey Anastasio is the guitarist from Phish but he has his own septet with which he performs mostly different material.  What was even more special was that they were playing at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair - a neighboring town to Spac's hometown of Little Falls.  That means it was only about six miles away!  Spac saw the TAB there in 2010 and told us all about how great it was, so we were pretty excited,

Here we are!



Nice stage setup!


You can see the crew members tuning up the instruments.


This is a very unique old theater.  Even the ceiling looks cool.


The last time Spac saw the TAB here, he sat up in that balcony.


But today, we're on the floor.  And here's the TAB!


We danced all night, but it was hard to get any good pics or video. The place was too dark, the stage was too bright and it was very crowded!

But here are two quick clips of us dancing to the songs, "Sweet Dreams Melinda" and "The Land of Nod":



Spac also took this video of "First Tube" from the back of the theater, to give you sense of the place, though we're not in it.


Best of all, we were home and in bed in no time! Much better than traveling to and from NYC!

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