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Travelog for: QuincyLou

Playa Da Ingles, Gran Canaria - 2nd September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Today is our first full day on holiday. We arrived in Gran Canaria yesterday but we where all very tired so we went to bed after settling into our rooms. Today we went and had breakfast in the all you can eat buffet and then we went to a welcome meeting to find out more about the island and things we can see and do. My mum and kieran went swimming in the big swimming pool, i was left in the room with nana because my mum said it was to wet for me to be left near the pool.

I decided to read a book but could not decide between two i had.

From our room there is a lovely view of the pool from one side and the sea from the other.

The weather here is very very hot, because it is spanish island the locals here have a siesta during the day because it is so hot. Later on we are going to go watch a show put on by the entertainment team at the hotel which should be fun.

Tomorrow we are going to have a look around the area outside the hotel and see what is out and about.


bye for now


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Playa Da Ingles, Gran Canaria - 2nd September 2011

By: loshpop2011

I thought i would share a few photos showing the view from our room.


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Parmitos Park, Gran Canaria - 6th September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Today we went on a visit to a Zoo called Parmitos Park. We got to go see a dolphin show which was very good. There was lots of hills so i was glad of the drink my mum got me, although i dont think i will be able to finish it as it is bigger than me.

I also saw some lovely flowers and lots of different animals.
Photography was not aloud in most places within the zoo so we could not get lots of photos.


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Holiday World, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria - 7th September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Today we had a lazy day around the pool as it was far to hot to do anything else. I did not have any pictures round the pool as i had to stay in the room because it was wet by the pool and my mum did not want to risk me getting wet and ruining.

Tonight though we went to a place called Holiday World, which was like a big fairground. There was big wheel, pirates ship, pony rides, rollercoaster etc everything you would see at a fairground.

Here is a few pictures we took while there.


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Cocodrilo Park, Gran Canaria - 11th September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Today we visited an animal sactuary on the Island called Cocodrilo park, it was very nice and cool to see the animals. Like most places with animals here we where not aloud to photograph in certain places but we got a few shots while i was there.

I saw lots of animals the most being crocodiles, they have over 300 different crocodiles big ones and small ones.


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Las Palmas Airport, Gran Canaria - 15th September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Well today we are coming home, i only have one picture of my sitting in the airport seats waiting for our flight. We where waiting 4 hours because there was a delay and it was very very hot.


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