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Travelog for: Airi

Barcelona, Spain - 1st August 2011

By: anxova

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Airi,I'm a curious,easy-going doll from Barcelona who wants to know if life is different in other countries!

I'm the only doll in my mom's house!! I joined the family some years ago,as a present of my granny's mom. The rest of my family are teddy bears,and as I grew up with all those wilds, I'm absolutely prepared to live adventures!

I'm a very thoughtful and intrepid doll who likes music,go for a walk,go to the beach and watch TV series like Gossip Girl.I'm open-minded and interested about foreign countries:especially their culture and different ways of life, food,architecture,languages,and so on....I'm absolutely exciting about travelling!!!

I'm looking for caring hosts that can show me interesting places and the ones that a simple tourist don't see! So,when I came back home I could tell my mom the world and what she must visit if someday wants to follow my footsteps!
And I can sing well! so, sometimes maybe I will sing in the street to have enough money for buying a little souvenir for my mom xD (it's a joke!)

Hope to hearing from someone and start my adventure very soon!

Have a nice day!

P.S.1 I'm not to be released in the wild please as one day I want to be reunited with my family :)

P.S.2 YAYYYYYY!!!! My first destination is gonna be SAN FRANCISCO!!! I'm soooo sooo excited!!
Postman said that I would arrive in 15 days more or less so...California,here I come!! :D I'm so,so happy!!!

Mom,I will miss you!
Take care...and study!!xD


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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 24th August 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Hi Mom and everyone,

I arrived in California okay. Cheerio†and TV-TV also arrived in the same mail delivery. We were greeted by Robby, a baby seal from Germany, who has been here several months. ††Then we took a whirlwind tour of the city. †TV-TV, the reporter bear from Germany, did the "if it's Tuesday, it must be Frisco" visiting method because he is on deadline. †So we all took turns posing with him before he took off for Canada.

Oh, Mom, Fisherman' Wharf has a lot of shops, we saw some nice dolls, maybe I could get a sister. †There were no prices on them so my host, Jeanne, said I must be priceless! †:)

We took a walk on a street that has no room for cars :) just stairways and stone footpaths. †We all spent time with each other individually to discuss our adventures. †That's the Oakland-San Francisco/Bay Bridge behind me. †The Golden Gate Bridge was fogged in and Jeanne got just a few photos of the reporter bear there. †It was very cold in the fog so we had to bundle up.  Burr! †TV-TV stayed only one night and we said goodbye to him at the Palace of Fine Arts near the duck pond. †The palace †is the only structure still standing from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.

Today we are resting and will just go out for coffee and checking out the neighborhood, no foot-tiring sight seeing. ;)

Bye for now,



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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 28th August 2011

By: LittleCableCars


I got to go on an outing with my host, just me this time.  We went to her class and took these photos nearby.  Can you see the view of downtown (city center) over a golf course through the fog; neither could we!  :)  Hmm, ďtempted humanity,Ē that movement led to the failed experiment in alcohol prohibition.  Ah, the last photo is me to a T, Jeanne díArc.  Her sword has disappeared many times in fraternity pranks.

Will send more photos later,



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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 30th August 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Robby, Quentin Ducky and I are very sad to see Cheerio leaving to go visit my mom.  That is her in the white envelop!  Donít worry, it has breathing holes.  We look forward to seeing her updates.

Bye bye, little cheerful duck,

Your friend,



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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 4th September 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Halloween is coming!


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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. - 14th September 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Hello again,

My host, Jeanne, took me on a special outing, just me, because I'm from Spain. We took three buses to an art museum in Golden Gate Park and had a picnic outside near these big apples. †The biography of the artist is very interesting; every third or fourth line was something like, "then he returned to Barcelona"!  I shall return to Barcelona myself one of these days!! †I almost got homesick thinking about that. †He is the famous artist who sort of took apart women and put them back together all wrong. †But the exhibit didn't dwell on that, it showed how his work changed and developed over the years. We enjoyed it a lot and are looking forward to seeing it again and already have tickets. †We like the painting called, "The Bathers" (1918) which looks much nicer in person. Mom, do you think that beach is in Barcelona? 

We walked around the park a little and it is very dangerous!  Next time Iíll bring my ďbear bells.Ē

Bye for now from,

Airi, the Brave


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San Francisco Zoo, California, U.S.A. - 21st September 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Hi all,

Jeremy, Robby, Quentin Ducky, and I studied the map and went to the zoo.  It was so much fun seeing many different animals, the peacocks were walking around among us TVs.  The others got to pose with species like their own but I didnít see any people in the cages.  I like that.

Many hugs from Airi


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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 29th September 2011

By: LittleCableCars

The guy TVs were not interested in seeing the Picasso exhibit so my host took just us two girls.  I had a good time getting to know Orkku Orava, giggling, gossiping and making girl talk.  Orkku is so energetic, she climbed almost every tree we came upon.  One tree was enough for me.  Donít tell Henna but Orkku fell out of a fir tree, apparently uninjured.  It is true, sometimes plushies are in peril. 

Ha Ha, we are not in Pisa, we took that photo on an angle.  :)  It is the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company clock tower where they give out free samples, yummy.  We made an extra stop to show Orkku the Golden Gate Bridge, no fog today.  Then we climbed a bush in the Rose Garden and walked by the entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden.  We were allowed to take pictures in the American Galleries; here I am with two women and then we got thirsty and wanted a cup of water. 

Bye for now,



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Marin Headlands, GGNRA, California, U.S.A. - 2nd October 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Keep studying, Mom! 

We had a relaxing day at a place called Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; we soaked up the sun at Rodeo Beach and took a short hike.  The Marin Headlands is a short bus ride over, beyond and above the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was so beautiful I can still see it in my mind.

Bye for now,



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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 16th October 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Oh, Mom, on the way to two special events (see Dottie Mouseís update :)), we went to the mall with the spiral escalator!!!  It is many stories high and is difficult to photograph, but here are some photos to give you an idea of how it looks. There is also a dome where you can sit and relax after you are done shopping and need a place to drop. 

Mom, there was never a bullring here like the mall at home, it was always a department store, well at least since 1906 when there was an earthquake and the block was rebuilt.  In those days, many years ago, the women all dressed up to go shopping, they wore nice long dresses, hats and always white gloves; they rode the streetcars and didnít have to carry any packages because the stores delivered, even small packages containing new gloves.  We didnít have time to shop today but will go back again.  :) 

We post again soon,

Kisses from Airi


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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 17th October 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Yesterday Orkku Orava and I went to a Postcrossing Meetup with Robby.  That guy likes snail mail as much as I like going to the mall!  The night before the Meetup, Robby showed us how to prepare the cards for mailing, leaving lots of room for the attendees to sign each card.  I had some trouble maneuvering the enormous pen but Robby insisted it is tradition.  :o

It turned out to be a ToyVoyager meetup as well since Miss Kate drove in from Sacramento with three TVs:  Aslan, Dottie Mouse and Tuli.  They were so much fun and the food was good.

My host took us to lunch at the mall with the spiral escalator today.  It is huge; by the time we explored all the food options on both the Concourse and fourth floor levels, it was almost time to go home.  We shared a nice Greek salad.  Maybe next time we will shop.  My host was happy, though, because she got an errand done:  dropped off a heavy charity bag; she hopes to have her stuff pared down by the end of the year.  Donít worry, I checked, there were no plushies in the bag.

Thatís all for now, Orkku Orava is taking us all out to climb trees again,



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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 20th October 2011

By: LittleCableCars

How are you doing, we are having a lot of fun.

Jeanne took Orkku Orava, Robby, and me for a walk through Fort Mason.  The circular structure in the water is Aquatic Pier where we saw people swimming today.  There is a polar bear club nearby, the challenge is to go swimming on New Yearís Day every year when the water is very cold.  Iíll pass on that and go shopping instead.

Who is that statue behind me trying to make a point?  It is Philip Burton.  I went closer to see what was written on his pocket, it is:  "The only way to deal with exploiters is toĒ; the rest of the message was inside his pocket.  We looked up the quote but it had a bad word in it so maybe you know a guy named Google....  And, yes of course, my host voted for the Burtons, three that she can remember served in the California state Congress and/or U.S. House of Representatives, Philip, John and Sala.  The statue is located here because ďhe was instrumental in creating the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)Ē.  (Wikipedia)  Fort Mason is location within the GGNRA.  It is a huge area both within the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. 


Kisses from your Airi


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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 24th October 2011

By: LittleCableCars

Waving bye bye, everyone, itís time for me to mosey on down the trail.  Dear dear Robby and sweet Orkku Orava and I spent a few hours chatting about our adventures.  There are so many things to remember, good thing I have a travelog:  I went hiking in Marin County, saw many of the sites of San Francisco, met a celebrity, TV-TV, went to a Postcrossing meetup, saw an art exhibit,  helped Quentin Ducky complete a life mission by going to the zoo, helped solve a multi-part geocache, enjoyed a lighted pumpkin, went to the mall with the spiral escalator, and most importantly made many friends.

Then we all gave each other lots of hugs.  My host and I are in tears but Iím an experienced traveler and I will be okay.  I got into a comfy travel outfit and now Iím ready to get into my padded envelop.




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??, ?? - 9th January 2012

By: LittleCableCars

Hello, I am not lost in the mail.  My last host has received confirmation that I arrived back home okay.

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travelling, Somewhere between Spain and Austria - 9th January 2012

By: anxova

I'm travelling to Austria at the moment :)

I'll see you all very soon in new posts!


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