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Travelog for: MokoMoko

Glasgow, Scotland, The UK - 8th January 2020

By: Katusha

Our new year we started with the trip to Scotland! Hurray! I was so happy to return there. It's one of my favourite destinations. Probably I say it every time but it really is so!




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Oban, Scotland, The UK - 9th January 2020

By: Katusha

We are going to Oban this time! It's a small resort town in the north-east of Scotland. It can be pretty busy in summer during the tourist season. In January it's very quiet, some places are closed but you still can have a lovely time walking it's cute narrow streets, going up to the McCaig's Tower where you can enjoy a spectacular vista of the Oban Bay. Then you can have some fantastic seafood and a pint in one of the little bars that aren't too busy at this time of a year. We chose the Oban Inn. And it just filled us with warmth and friendliness. We had a great time!





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Glasgow, Scotland, The UK - 10th January 2020

By: Katusha

Today we had a big walk around the city, then we went to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. But first of all we had a nice Scottish breakfast which is always my favourite part!  :p



The loveliest graffiti I've ever seen!


Obligatory photo from Glasgow  :D





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Fanad Head, Donegal, Ireland - 13th June 2020

By: Katusha

Hey! I thought you'd be interested to see our little trip to Fanad to see the lighthouse. It was not our first time there. But the first one this year. As soon as we are allowed now travelled around the county we used this chance to visit the lighthouse at the very end of the country. Well, almost ;)

Ar first we stopped for a little break near some lough. It's a lot of them around and now I'm not sure which one was it.


Then it started raining...


But we were getting closer and closer!


I met one nice sheep. :D


And then finally we were there!







On our way back we noticed a castle on a bank of a lough. We stopped to have a look. And later we found out that it was the Doe Castle. In this photo it's just above my head, if you zoom in you can see it.


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Magheraroarty, Donegal, Ireland - 14th June 2020

By: Katusha

It was a nice sunny day, so we thought we shouldn't waste it and go somewhere. Because sunny days are very precious in rainy Donegal.

So we took the road through the Glenveagh National park, then right after it we saw a few beautiful loughs and stunningly beautiful mountains. There was a little viewing place near the Dunlewy lough where you can stop, sit on a bench, have a cup of tea or an ice cream and enjoy the view on mountains and two lakes down the valley. It's a really nice spot. As well the road itself. It's very picturesque.

After a little stop we headed to the north and just in 20 minutes arrived to our destination. It's a little village called Magheraroarty where at normal time you can take a ferry to the Tory Isle. Of course, now it was closed. But it was nice to see the ocean and to walk on the beach. It's really really long, with soft yellow, almost white, sand. And the sea air is just amazing.










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Tramore beach, Donegal, Ireland - 11th July 2020

By: Katusha

We visited a green flag beach called Tramore beach. It's not far from the Falcarragh village. It was a good, long walk along the dunes. The day was windy enough and some people were enjoying surfing the waves. Maybe someday we will try it too, who knows;)

On the way back we popped in to the nice fish and chips place in Falcarragh, Craig's Cafe. It was a bit late and they didn't have fish left so we ordered crab meat, chips and onion rings. We really liked it! Can't wait when we visit it again! Their food was great! :p






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Falcarragh, Donegal, Ireland - 13th July 2020

By: Katusha

On the way home we took a different road that passes the Glenveagh National park. It was around 10pm and quite late but still the views were fantastic. We had to stop a few times to look around with no hurry. It would be silly to miss such opportunity, we thought.


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Brinlack, West Atlantic Way, Ireland - 19th July 2020

By: Katusha

We continued exploring the West Atlantic Way, at least the part of it in Donegal. And visited a few places. Our first stop was at the viewing point in Brinlack. You can see the Bloody Foreland area. It's called like that because of the colour of the rocks there, not because of something terrible. :cyclops: We saw the rocks from the distance from this view point. But didn't go to close. Just had a little break to enjoy the ocean views.



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Derrybeg, Ireland - 19th July 2020

By: Katusha

Next stop was in Derrybeg where we found a beautiful old ship or rather what remained of it. It was really cool to walk around it and have a closer look.



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Donegal Airport, Ireland - 19th July 2020

By: Katusha

The next one was Donegal Airport and the lovely beach just behind it. They say it has of the most scenic views when you land or take off. We didn't see any planes flying but the beach was really one if the best I've seen in Donegal!





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Dungloe, Ireland - 19th July 2020

By: Katusha

Then we visited a little place called Dungloe. I liked old bars, shops and houses there.




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Portnoo, Ireland - 1st August 2020

By: Katusha

And finally we arrived to Portnoo, our last destination for this time. There was one more Blue flag beach there where we had a nice evening walk before going back home.





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Benbulbin, Sligo, Ireland - 29th August 2020

By: Katusha

One of the last days of this summer we spent climbing the Benbulbin mountain. We saw it before from a distance and always wondered if it's possible to get on the top of it. And actually yes, it's not a very difficult walk. We saw a lot of people walking up the mountain and some of them even brought their small children up there. It took us an hour and a half to drive to Sligo from Donegal. And about 4 hours to climb Benbulbin. The weather changed a lot. At some point it even rained! But we also were lucky to have some sunshine. And the views were fantastic!











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Giant's Causeway, The Northern Ireland - 19th September 2020

By: Katusha

We visited the Giant's Causeway which is situated in the Northern Ireland and it's declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. We always wanted to see it since moving to Donegal. Because it's just around the corner from where we live now.

What is so special about it? Well, it's all about these unusual rocks that remind a causeway as if it was made by someone (by a giant to be precise) but it is a natural thing that you can find only in a few places in the world. :rolleyes:

If you ever plan to go there, remember that the access to the Causeway is free, you just should pass by the big tourist centre where you can buy a guided tour and use their other services but it is not necessary. The entrance is just at the parking area, you will see a big tunnel - just go through it and follow the road. And you can park your car for free near the Causeway hostel which is just a few minutes away from the place. ;)















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Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland - 3rd December 2020

By: Katusha

It's December, Christmas time and it means I've got to open sweet advent calendar this year. It's my very first one and I'm so happy about it! And the chocolates are exactly how I like them - teddy bear size!
:D :p




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