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Travelog for: Lilla

Home, South Africa - 9th October 2011

By: Katara

Lilla wanted to pose for a group photo with all her friends  :) before embarking on her first world trip. She is leaving for Detroit, Michigan tomorrow and is extremely excited about doing some travelling!  ;)


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Greektown, Detroit, MI, United States - 14th December 2011

By: MsMarvel

Tonight we went out and celebrated my arrival! We went downtown in Detroit to an area called "Greektown" there were lots of Greek restaurants, shops, and bakeries, and also Greektown Casino and hotel!  There are three casinos downtown, but so far I've only been to Greektown!  Pegasus is an amazing Greek restaurant my host wouldn't stop talking about!!  She said they have the best Greek food in Michigan. 

After walking around the casino and loosing a dollar in the slot machines we had dinner in the international buffet.  They offered foods from all over the world! They had Indian food, Thai food, Chinese Food, Greek Food, German Food, French Food, which included pizza, pasta, gyros, sandwiches, omelets and more! It was so delicious!!! I had a yummy Greek gyro!! It was so good! Since my host is a vegetarian, I had it without meat to see what it'd be like!

After dinner we walked around a bit in Greektown and took photos!! We didn't have dessert at the buffet because I was told there was an amazing bakery called "Astoria" and that we would go there instead! And I am SOOOO happy we did!!! They had so many things!!! Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, ice cream, mousse and so much more!! It was sooo hard to make a decision, but I decided on a pretzel stick with white chocolate and sprinkles!!! I was so good and it was taller than me!!!

After dessert we walked around a bit more and I got to see the GM building (The General Motors Building).  My host says it's the world headquarters for the company General Motors who manufactures automobiles.  She said Detroit is known as the Motor City (along with many other nicknames) and is know for the automobile industry and the big 3 (GM, Chrysler, and Ford).  She said that all three are auto manufacturers and provided many jobs and a huge foundation for Detroiters.  General Motors was founded by Henry Ford who invented the first automobile with a combustible engine.  General Motors was known for its achievements in making America's first affordable car which was called "the Model-T".  My host talked for about an hour or many (so it seemed) about the big 3, Henry Ford, and Detroit.  She obviously loves her city, knows a lot of history and studies it!

We also got to see the People Mover which goes around downtown Detroit in a loop.  It makes it easier to get to place to place without having to walk.  It was so cool.  We didn't have time to go on it, but my host says next time we come downtown we can!

Well mom, that's all for now!! miss you! I'll be updating soon!


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Detroit Institue of Arts, USA - 12th February 2012

By: MsMarvel

Today we went to the Rembrandt exhibit at the Detroit Institue of Arts!!!  It was an amazing exhibit, but sadly we couldn't take any photos of the exhibit or art work.  :(  Rembrandt was such a cool artist!!! He did lots of sketching and painting and lived in Amsterdam a good amount of his life where he created beautiful works of art.  At the exhibit we got these cool headphones we put on and we got to listen to commentary on some of the pieces of art and look at similar pieces on the mini tv screen we carried around our neck, with the headphones.  It was a lot of fun!! I wish I could have taken some photos inside to show you!! I had two favorite works at the exhibit!! The first was "The Visitation" (1640) and "The Woman Taken In Adultery".  They were both beautiful paintings, with so much detail-- I could just stare at them for hours! There was so much to look at, and each piece told its own story!! I had a lot of fun today at the DIA. I wish I had more time to look at other exhibits, but this exhibit was a special after hours exception!!


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Downtown Detroit, United States of America - 15th February 2012

By: MsMarvel

Today we went back downtown and we got to go on the People Mover!


The People Mover is an above ground railway that goes in a loop around some of downtown Detroit.  It was a lot of fun! We got to see a lot of cool things!

We got on the People Mover in Greektown (which is where we took lots of photos when I arrived!!) SORRY in advance if some of the photos are a little blurry!! Sometimes it was hard to take photos fast when the train was moving!
The second stop on the People Mover is Bricktown! They have lots of cool restaurants and bars at that stop! I really wanted to go to the Detroiter bar! It looked pretty neat!

After Bricktown the People Mover heads toward the GM Building (The General Motors building I told you about seeing on my first night in town!)  The building is huge and beautiful and used to be called the Renaissance Center before GM took it over.  It is on the shore of the Detroit River and across the river is Windsor, Ontario, Canada!  I never knew Canada was so close!! My host says there's a bridge and a tunnel and it's around a 10 minute drive or less to get through!! I have a photo of the bridge i'll show you soon!
The GM Building has 2 beautiful courtyards with cool and new cars on display!

Here's one of the cool photos of the end if the GM building and you can see the building that says tunnel to Canada and all the American flags.  That's where people exit the tunnel and are welcomed to the United States!

Here's a cool shot of me and Jefferson Avenue which runs parallel along the shore of the Detroit River.
When you zoom in a little more you can see Cobo Hall/Center (I'll talk about it again later!)

My host told me that this is Hart Plaza where there are lots of cool festivals in the summer such as DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival, which people come from all over the world to attend), the african and caribbean festival, the downtown hoedown, pride fest, and so many more festivals and events!

All the stops on the People Mover have really cool artwork at them!  This is one of my favorites!

Another photo of me and the GM Building!

We passed this really really neat looking boat called the "Detroit Princess"  it takes people on dinner and dancing cruises on the weekends and all the time in the summer! It's a cool looking boat and my host says it's a lot of fun!!  I'd definitely love to cruise down the Detroit River to good music and food!

This is another photo of the Detroit River and the city across the river is Windsor!!  They have a nice casino over there called Caesar's!  Just like we have in Las Vegas, but the one in Vegas is WAAAY bigger! LOL

Look!! Here's the Detroit River and the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan, USA, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada!

After that we came to the Joe Lewis Arena stop on the People Mover and we got to see Joe Lewis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team!! My host is a HUGE fan and says they're REALLY good.  She said the just made history and had a 23 game winning streak at home in Detroit.  They have won many Stanley Cups (the best award in hockey!)

The next stop after that is Cobo Hall/Center.  Cobo is really cool because not only do that have the coolest art work (my hosts favorite stop) but Cobo hosts lots of events, expos, exhibits, concerts and more!  It is known for the annual "North American International Auto Show!"  My host says it's so much fun and people come from all over the world to see it and it lasts over an entire week!!  Currently they have "Autorama" which displays old cars!  Cars that look like the ones in the mural at the stop!

Another cool tiled artwork at the Michigan Avenue stop!

Soon after that we got to Grand Circus Park.  Grand Circus Park was soooooo neat!!  It's the stop where they have lots of restaurants, bars, a park and to top it off Comerica Park Stadium, Ford Field, The Detroit Opera House, Gem Theatre, Detroit Music Hall, Fox Theatre and so much more!!!  Comerica Park is where the Detroit Tigers play baseball! My host is also a huge huge fan of that sport!  My host says it used to be America's favorite past time.  lol.  Ford Field is where The Detroit Lions play football!!  My host thinks that is probably Americas CURRENT favorite past time.  She doesn't really care for it though.  The Opera House and many other theatres offer many musicals, plays, concerts and entertainment!!!

Well that's all for now!!!  I'll update soon! :)

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Iola, KS, USA - 14th March 2012

By: MamiTig

Lilla arrived at her new host's home in Iola, Kansas!


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Iola, KS, USA - 16th March 2012

By: MamiTig

Oh goody, a road trip! We got all packed up!


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Bella Vista, AR, USA - 16th March 2012

By: MamiTig

We stopped at the rest stop, just south of the Arkansas border, to stretch our legs and get some pictures in the Ozark Mountains!


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Springdale, AR, USA - 16th March 2012

By: MamiTig

We got ready, then wandered around the Arkansas Anime Festival and looked at all of the people in costumes! I really liked the black light lounge!:)


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Springdale, AR, USA - 17th March 2012

By: MamiTig

The host family and their friends dressed up and changed costumes lots today!


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Neosho, MO, USA - 18th March 2012

By: MamiTig

It was time to go home today, and the first place we stopped was the National Fish Hatchery, in Neosho, Missouri! I had so much fun exploring the museum and feeding the fish!


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Neosho, MO, USA - 18th March 2012

By: MamiTig

It was time to go home today, and the first place we stopped was the National Fish Hatchery, in Neosho, Missouri! I had so much fun exploring the museum and feeding the fish!


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Neosho, MO, USA - 18th March 2012

By: MamiTig

As we left the fish hatchery, we noticed a beautiful old cemetery. One of the TVs in the group has a goal to visit 10 cemeteries, so we stopped to help her fulfill her goal. It was very peaceful and beautiful there.


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Carthage, MO, USA - 18th March 2012

By: MamiTig

The host family said that they can't imagine driving through Carthage, MO and not stopping at the Precious Moments Chapel! It's such a beautiful, amazing place!


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Iola, KS, USA - 20th March 2012

By: MamiTig

Some of the hedgehogs came out to play today!


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Iola, KS, USA - 22nd March 2012

By: MamiTig

Host mom took me to the Neosho River this morning to see how much the spring rains have made it rise! The current sure was running fast; we made sure not to go too close to the edge!


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