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To eat some interesting bugs and grubs.

To visit the Rhine river

To see a big Buddha statue

To try on some different gumboots

To play in the snow.

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Travelog for: Kevin Kiwi

Gisborne, Australia - 8th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Hello! My name is Kevin! Sue found me at the airport in Auckland, New Zealand and has brought me to Australia - I am going travelling soon!! :D

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Gisborne, Australia - 9th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Today I went to work with Sue and sat on the window sill for a while. April was in the bamboo!! :rolleyes:

Kevin work.jpg

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Templestowe, Australia - 12th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Today we has an outing to meet some book crossing people at Templestowe, we met at a cafe there and looked at lots of books. :D
On the way home we went on the freeway ans Sue took us thru the car wash - a bit dark and scarey!! :(

K & A Templestowe.jpg
Kevin bookcrossing.jpg
Kev and April freeway.jpg
Kevin car wash.jpg

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Eltham, Australia - 12th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Sue forgot to tell you that we stopped at Eltham Lower Park and had a look at the miniature trains - we didn't have time for a ride but April and I had a look  :D

Kev and April Eltham.jpg

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Gisborne, Australia - 19th June 2011

By: fleursmum

I helped with some sewing on Sue's quilt, well I had a look!!Tee hee!! :D


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Gisborne, Australia - 20th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Quiet day at home today - Sue was busy but not us.


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Woodend, Australia - 22nd June 2011

By: fleursmum

Today Syd, Buddy, Bernie and me (Kevin) went with Sue to Woodend, it was soooo cold. We had a look at the creek, it had lots of water, the footpath was covered over under the bridge. We were all a bit scared hanging on the fence over the water. :o


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Gisborne, Australia - 23rd June 2011

By: fleursmum

Today we all went to work with Sue - we got to sit in the sun  :D After work We all had to walk to the garage to pick up Sue's car - it was a long way for our little legs, we had a rest on the way - I was happy when we got to the garage  :D


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Mount Macedon, Australia - 29th June 2011

By: fleursmum

Today we went on a big adventure to Mount Macedon, we looked at the views and I had a snuffle around in the undergrowth for some slugs and bugs. :D On the way home we looked at a big waterfall.


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Gisborne, Australia - 1st July 2011

By: fleursmum

Today I said goodbye to the other TV's here and went to the Post Office with my Mum. I am off to another host in Australia (RickiFan17) and then I am going to America for a holiday. :D How exciting is that??


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New York, USA - 16th September 2011

By: RickiFan17

We had the longest plane ride - 13 hours to LA and then another 5 to New York!  I was too excited to sleep much so it was lucky I had Ricki the giraffe to keep me company!  We watched lots of movies and ate so much food I thought I might burst!  When we finally got to our hotel in New York we ate some pizza for tea and went straight to bed!  Mel, Ricki and I were really tired and fell asleep right away......Tim on the other hand had trouble sleeping and woke us at 4am!

When we got up the next morning it was time to move to a new hotel!  It was a funny trip because the wheels on Tim's suitcase stopped working and he had to drag it!  By the time we got to the Skyline hotel the wheels were flat on one side!!!!!

We've had a big week of sightseeing in New York!  We've seen Central Park - including the Zoo, the Delacorte clock, the Carousel, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle and lots of different statues!  We've also been to FAO Schwarz, the Museum of Natural History, Times Square, Toys R Us, Hershey World, M&M World, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building!  We also saw the Naked Cowboy and Girl but Mel said we were too little and covered our eyes!!!

New York is so big, colorful, exciting and BUSSSSSSSYYYYYY!!!!

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 18th September 2011

By: RickiFan17

We had a big long bus ride on Friday!  We stopped in New Haven, Connecticut for morning tea.....apparently that is where a place called Yale University!  For lunch we went to a place called Luxe Burger in Providence, Rhode Island, it was yummmmmmy!

It was mid afternoon when we finally reached our destination, Boston, Massachusetts!  We went for a drive around the town and then checked in to our hotel. Right next door there was a really big lolly shop and we went and bought some salt water taffy and presents for people :). For dinner we went to a restaurant called Dick's Last Resort!  It was very funny there cause the waiters pick on you (in a funny way).

The next morning we went on a tour of Harvard University which was really fun :). After that we split off from the rest of the tour group and we caught a train to meet Mel's friend Laura. She took us to a place called Salem where we learnt all about the Witch Trials. We looked around the shops and went to the Witch Dungeon Museum and the House of Seven Gables!  Laura was really nice and she looked after us!  After a long afternoon we caught a train and a taxi back to the hotel and had a nice early night!

This morning we got up early and we are about to get back on the buss and head to Canada :D

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Melbourne, Australia - 26th June 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello World!  :D

Today I am in the city looking at the Polly Woodside an old sailing ship that is moored in the Yarra River
now I am down by the Yarra River
on the train going home now!  :D

More travels soon

Kevin Kiwi.

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Gisborne, Australia - 19th July 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello World!!
I am back home again and meeting up with

Calliope, Lexie and Tica.
It is good to be home again!  :D

Kevin Kiwi

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Sherbrooke, Australia - 21st July 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello world,

Today we are heading for the Dandenongs to visit family and to have a walk in the forest!
here we are passing the city centre on the freeway
still on the freeway
now we are entering the tunnel under the Yarra River
Here we are in our travel bag - a good place to have a chat about our travels  :D
We are in the Dandenongs now - narrow windy roads and big, big gum trees
Now we are in the back yard of where we are staying - lucky I have a yellow beak or no one would be able to see me!!  ;)

Best wishes
Kevin Kiwi.  :D

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