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Travelog for: Inuchan

Doha, Qatar - 27th March 2011

By: Fadoua

Hi! My name is Inuchan. I am a tiny dog-toy that fits in a small pocket. I was born in Tunisia. I decided to begin a journey to explore the world and learn about different cultures. I am so excited! My first destination is Japan.

It takes around 15 hours to travel from Tunisia to Japan. I made a brief transit in Qatar. Qatar is a small country located west of the Arabic peninsula.

This is me in Doha airport.


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Kyoto, Japan - 26th May 2011

By: Fadoua

My host, Fadoua took me to Kyoto.

Kyoto is the old capital of Japan. It is a historical city full of beautiful temples, shrines and castles. This is the 4th time that Fadoua visit  Kyoto. She offered to be my guide!

We went to Gingakuji (Silver pavilion temple). The temple was so small, but the surrounding garden was immense! The temple was built in the 15th century by a Shogun (a military leader and a governor). Originally, he wanted to build a temple painted with gold but his money was not enough!


We took a quiet walk along the path of philosophy. In the old times, scholars and writers used to take this path and reflect about life.


Next, we visited Heian jingu. One of the famous shrines in Japan and dedicated to Heian emperor. I like the red color of the shrine!


From Kyoto, we bought a gift for us: Ko or Japanese incense with cute incense astray.


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