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Travelog for: Mirembe

Öhringen, Germany - 7th February 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy!

Today it is Zandy's Birthday and so I jumped on her bed and awake her to give her with the others to sing Happy Birthday. She was happy about it.

Than we had to say goodbye to Icy. He leave us today.


Puh so much in one hour. The postman ring and Zandy go upstairs, than she brought some packages with her. Look, so many...


We thought this are birthday presents but she told us, that she had won a competition on bookcrossing and therefore she gets many many books. This is a community in which you can chance books with other users. Than we helped her to open the envelops.


We read a little bit, but than it was time to go to the post office. Icy must go on his way and some books from Zandy. So we jumped into her bag.


After the post office we take a little walk through the town. Here you can see us on a stonebuilding.



It's a pice of a watergame for children. Now it's no water in it. The game is from one end of the street to the other one. Here you can see me in front of a picture of the watergame. On the right side you see a red key. It's the "Öhringer Schlüssel", the emblem of Zandy's hoemtown.


Than we met Mr. Hamballe. He is a very funny guy. His name means in Hohenlohe that he is an adorable but also a silly human. (Like you see he water flowers when it's raining)  :D


It was very cold outside, so we walk home and pass the market place. Behind us you can see the castle of Öhringen, in the part you can see is the guildhall of Öhringen.


And the last picture for today (It was time! Zandy's hand were blue, because of the temperature). This is the Stiftskirche (church). The tower behind me is called the Blasturm (blow tower) it's about 56 meters high.


So good night all at home.

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Öhringen, Germany - 8th February 2012

By: Zandy

Hey at home!

Today Zandy and her mom decided to go shopping and we were allowed to go with them. Therefore we take the city railway, because we went to Heilbronn.


We cross a lot of citys. And in a spezial one we take this pictures:



The name of the city is Weinsberg. And we take this picture, because the castle there (you can see it on the hill on the left or in front of us. I hope you can it wasn't easy to take a good picture while the railway droves) has a nice story. It's called "Weibertreu" (somethink like: broad loyal). Why they call it so? Zandy told me and I'll tell it to you.

In 1140 the owners of the castle were the Guelf (Welfen) and they fight against the Hohenstaufen dynasty about the maystery in the empire. King Konrad III. besiged the castle and won the fight against his adversery Welf VI on the 21st December 1140. So the castle give up some time later and King Konrad III. allowed the women to go. And he said, that the women can take all with them if they can carry it on their shoulders. The men must stay there and the king would kill them.
So the women did it like he said, they take all with them what they can carry on their shoulders: Their men!
And so the castle get it's name.

So enought facts. It's time for fun.  B) On our way in Heilbronn we found this little boat and decided to play a little bit on it.


After hours we get hungry, so we buy something. Me and my friends decided to eat a salat with scampi.


Look I met this nice Lady.


And while it was cold we drink some hot chocolate. A really big pot for my. *yummy*


Than it was time to go home. While we were waiting for our city railway we take some more pictures. Here I'm in front of the city hall of Heilbronn. The clock is really nice, or?


There are three clocks. The highest one is a phase of the moon clock, the middle one is a normal time clock and the last one ist the astronomical clock. It was build in 1580 by Isaac Habrecht.

On the place in front of the city hall we found an embleme which shows all city partnership of Heilbronn. The cities are: Stockport in the UK, Neath Port Talbot in Southwales, Béziers in France, Solothurn in Schwizerland, Slubice in Poland and Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany. Zandy would take a picture and said we should sit on one flag. Of course I sit on the UK flag.



And the last picture before we go home is with the ower of the Kilianskirche (church). It's a gothic one, first it was a romanic build in 1100.


Good night mummy, now I'm tired.

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany - 10th February 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy!

Today we‘ve visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Rothenburg is a city in Bavaria, in the administrative district Ansbach in Middle Franconia. Rothenburg has round 11000 inhabitants. And Zandy showed us some pictures from some years ago, when she was there. The old city is sooooooooooooo awesome. A really medieval city.

In the morning we waked up and prepair us for our jounrey. It was could outside, but  we heat the car up.



We had a lot of fun during our drive. We sang songs and look outside. There was snow lieing and the landscape was wonderful. After round a hour we came to Rotheburg and look mummy what we saw, when we leave the car.


And than we walked behind the wall and found strairs. We decided to go up.




At the top of the Wall we can walk on the  parapet walk and of course we did it. What a fun and nice thing. Look and then we found this way.



We talked together if we should go there into the dark. And Little Luzi said, we should do, there is nothing we must have fear.


But before we walked through I saw a very funny sign. Isn’t it?


After our walk on the parapet walk we go down and saw this nice tower. We all were very surprised, that all this things are in such a good situation after all this years.


And then in a separate part of the wall we had a really great view over Rothenburg. And with the snow it was really great.



Here are a grouppicture of us in front of the great view.


But it’s getting colder there, so we decided to walk  our way. And it was good, because we found this old church. (But we can’t go inside, there was a mess and we thought it will be bad to go inside during this.)


And look there was a sun clock on a house.


On the other side of the church we found this relief of a religious szene. We are not really sure which one it is and there was no sign.



Oh mummy, and we found a Teddyland. Look how many teddies there in the window. We tried to talk with the teddies but they didn’t hear us.  :(


And then we found a really nice fountain. There are a lot fountains in Rothenburg.


Mummy, Zandy showed us a store with Christmasdecorations. This store is open the whole year. She told us, that it is very funny to go there in summer, because than you didn’t think on Christmas, but in the store you must do it. Sadly it wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the store and the Christmas museum.



After this visit we went to a museum. A scary museum. It’s called medieval crimemuseum.  Look what we found outside.



A cage in which you put thieves and then you put them into the water. *brrr* And before you go in you see this horse buggy. You know what there are for? Yes, in this horse buggy  you bring the thieves to the prison or to the deathsman. Scary!


MUMMY! HELP! Look what they do with me!!!! They put me into the gallows. :’-(


Hihi, don’t worry mummy. This was my idea, I want to take a picture.  :-D

And then the doors opend and we could go inside. Wow, it was so dark in the first room, so that the pictures aren’t very well, but we do our best.


A reck. This was a torture instrument to bring the defendant to a guilty plea. And look a chair with thrones. *brrr*


After this scary torture instrument we found some prison doors. And I decided to go behind so that Zandy could take a picture.


Here you see a instrument with this they bond persons.


Mummy and look at this masks. Buh, scary.


This are Shame masks from the 17./18. from old Austria. The left mask has a mustache with twisted ends, horn and openings on the sides, for attachements of chicken feathers (symboling sexual lack of restrain). On top of the mask are bells which make the public aware when they ring.
The middle mask is one with a pig shout instead of a human mouth. This symbolized that the person wearing it acted like a pig.
The right has big glasses which shows, that the person sees all and the tounge says that the person talked about all.
On the next picture you can see me and my friends reading a strange story. It was in German, so I helped my English speaking friends. And the story was really, really, really strange.


I will tell you what the story tells: The title is “The animal banish”

There was a downright court procedure against animals in the 15. century in the Switzerland.
The area of Bern was attacked several times of cockchafer grubs. To fight the grubs, because they menace the harvest, the bishop of Lausanne began a court procedure against them with the ambition to banish them:
He send a apparitor to them, to call them to send an ambassador to the court. But the animals didn’t came and so the court procedure happened without them. And so the bishop adjudge them to leave the country in a deadline. But the cockchafer didn’t go. And so the bishop anathematized them.

Mummy, we all laughed so loud, that the other people look at us. But we are right, or? So silly people! How they can think, that cockchafer will come to a court procedure? So silly! Really!

But ok, we came to us an than our tour goes on. We found this big equipment, to press emblems of different things.


And this different punishmends of honour.


Mummy, look at this crazy mask. It’s a shame mask from the 17. Century. Shame masks were put on those heads from people standing at the pillories. They served on one hand to elucidate the bad character and crime of the person being punished, and on the other hand to make them look ridiculous and to encourage the mockery on the onlookers.


Mummy, i think I musn't say anything about the next picture. You know what this is. Crazy!


This mask was only for woman which speak to much. ^^

[img] http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n530/ToyVoyagerHost/Mirmebe/92.jpg[/img]

And this is a mask for man.


We found a glass case which shows some traditional things that women wear on their wedding.


This is really good for me, you didn't think? What ThomasHH would say if he see me? *doh*


Of course we found THE torture and death penalty oft the medieval time. The iron maiden. I think you know what this “lady” do. *shiver* This one is an original from the 15./16. century from Nuremberg. But this one wasn’t really a torture or death penalty, it was a shame penalty for women and girls.



Can you see the cage behind us? Ok I know it isn’t easy, but we do our best. It’s known a “The Trülle” here . It’s a pillory in form of a cage in which offenders stood, either standing free on all sides on a public place or fitted into the front of a building (most the town hall). This cage could be rotated , mummy.  It was the punishment for work-dodgers and for revelers who disturbed the peace at night while drunk.

On the right site there is a big justice sword.

Next I saw a funny picture with shows different punishes. Ok, it looks funny on the picture, but in real they were not so funny, I guess.


Mummy do you see the things on the floor? I will tell you what they are.


Left the stone,  this is called Turkish head. After the defeat of the Turks in Vienna 1683, this head was worn around a chain as a symbol of shame. The both stones in the middle are called stones of wickedness (lorry). And right are the wooden block. This is a weight which a person had to wear during he was standing at the pillory.

The next picture shows a justice. I think you can see what the persons and floors shows us.



Mummy, so you know what the next picture shows?


I’ll tell you. It shows a “Drunk Tank”. Especially it was used for men who went often to the inns and drank too much. Through the hole came the head so that the weight of the barrel was carried of the shoulders. As a special hardship sometimes weights were put on the outside. (How silly?!)


Here you can see me and my friends in front of a model of a marketplace. Right you can see a building whit is open, this shows a school and the different classrooms.  When we walked our way we saw an old school table and a donkey.



You didn’t believe for what the donkey was. It was for blithering  pupil, they must sit on the monkey. Crazy people!

Oh and we found weights. Whit this people buy their things. Of course some weights were faked, so that people must pay more than they really must.


And we found a glass case which shows different gallows and pillory. How much they have. For everything a different one.



Scary clothes, or mummy? There are from a deathsman. Now I know why people were afraid if they see such a man. I would be afraid too if such a man cross my way.



The wheels were also a punishment. People were non-friable and than they drive with the wheel on armes and legs oft he people. Mummy, it is sooooo brutal. What the people in the medieval times had in their heads?!



Mummy I’ll come to you.  :D


No, don’t worry, we only found this old gun and I decided to take a picture. After all the scary things I must do something funny.

This funny building is a baker’s chair. Bakers who baked bred too small or too light were placed in it. For each half ounce missing in the bred’s weight, the chair with the baker in it were dipped into the water. But not only the baker was put in the chair, also craftsman, but the baker was it mostly. Because bred was the most important nutrient of these times.


Look, only for you mummy. :D Hehe no, I think it’s no good idea to steal them. There are beautiful. But I think our crown-jewles are more important, or mummy?!


Puuuuh this was a trip. Scary, silly but also very interesting. How people change in time, this is very interesting. And I’m happy, that they change, because when not I’ll never become a ToyVoyager.  :thinking: But so I learn something and that’s good. After our trip to the museum we went to a cafe with a delicacy from Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It’s called Schneeball (snow ball). Zandy told me, that this pastries are from shortcrust. The first ones were only with sugar powder but now there are many differend sorts. You can see them behind me and my friends.


Of course Zandy saied that we will taste them and than we had the spoilt for choice. I decided to take a snow ball with nougat. And it was sooooooooo delicious. I would like to send one to you, but I think I had no chance to do it. I’m sorry mummy.


Than it‘s getting late and we had to go back to the car. On our way we passed another great fountain. Look at the statue on it.


But than we decided to take another walk on the  parapet walk, but now the other side. First we take this picture, you see me on the wall?!



From above we saw a nice house with a really nice clock. Isn’t it?


And we like the sunset from above. It was really nice. I hope you see it a little bit on the pictures. It was very cold and I don’t know who shivers more I or Zandy. :D



And we saw this tower with some emblemes, the left and right one shows the embleme of Rothenburg but we don’t know which one the middle one is.


And the last picture was this one.


And than we drove home and fell into our beds, because we were so tired.

Bye bye mummy, I hope you enjoy my Rothenburg-Trip.

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Weinsberg, Germany - 6th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy,

today Zandy, her boyfriend, Meav and I went Geocaching. It was really funny. We go to Weinsberg, this is a town near to Öhringen. Do you remember the Name? When we go to Heilbronn by train we take a picture. And now we visited the Weibertreu. You remember the story?

But before we went to the castle we found this funny garden. Do you see the little stone castle there? Somebody try to make a model of the Weibertreu, we found it very nice.


And than we went to the original Weibertreu. How you can see there is a lot of wine around the castle. You found here a lot of wine in the area where Zandy live.



Of course we wnet inside the castle and the view was really fantastic. It was the first visit for Zandy and her boyfriend, too. Meav and I didn’t believe it, because they life here, but it was really so. They said, that you found out more about the area you life, when you show it to ToyVoyagers. 
Mummy, look what a great view we had.




It was very windy, so we had always to wait until we could take a picture. Otherwise we TVs will learn how it be to fly. But we think it was better we didn’t learn it this way. :)

There was a little room inside the castle which we could visit. Inside we found this model of the castle.


It tooks round an hour when we walked round the ruin, but it was great. We enjoy the view.


Oh mummy, and we found this way


They called it music room or something like that. They call it so, because in the windows there were harps and when it’s windy enough (sadly not enough today) you hear the melody of the harps.

The next picture shows the view inside the castle.


Mummy, can you see the church? And the way there?  At the corner on the right side we take the first picture. Very high, isn’t it?




On our way back down, we found this wall outside. I like it, it looks really old and the plants there make it a little bit mystic.


And now the last pictures from me with the castle and the church, now from the other side.



Bye mummy!

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Heilbronn, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hello at home! :D

Zandy has holidays and she decided to visit a friend in Osnabrück and I was allowed to go with her. On Monday our journey starts, we go by train there. Our first station was Heilbronn.


Meav and I keeped an eye on our luggage while we were waiting for the train.


And than it came and we found a seat. Our journey began. Zandy was so excited, but we understand her. It’s great to visit other places. And she didn’t saw her friend for the last 8 years.


Meav and I said goodbye to Heilbronn.


Mummy, look I saw this old castle during our way to Mannheim. It was between Heilbronn and Mosbach. But we don’t know where it really was.


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Mannheim, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

Mummy, I decided to split the pictures, so you can really see how our way was. I hope you like the idea. Of course we hadn’t always the time to go outside and take there picture. And sometimes we had to run to get into our next train. Like here in Mannheim.


When we came into the station we saw a TGV, a train from France, but when we came to our next train the TGV was already on it’s way back to France. Sadly, we would take a picture, but no chance.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

Of course we didn’t take a picture in all the stations, because we sleep or the train was to fast for us. But at the airport in Frankfurt we take one. Sadly we can’t see planes from our place.


After the short stay in Frankfurt I had a look at the plan. How you can see, our next stations will be Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund and there we have to chance the train.


But first I had a look outside. It was really great. I saw a lot of houses and than there were no once next to the train.


Oh mummy, and look these seats were more comfortable like the first ones.


And another view outside.


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Cologne, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

After a long, long time (ok we think that it was a long, long time ;) ) we came to Cologne, but the weather was terrible. It was raining the whole time. But we had great feelings and so we didn’t get sad.


We came into Cologne trough the Hohenzollern bridge. And the blue building is the Musicaldome. We asked Zandy to go outside to have a look to Cologne. I know, I’ve visited Cologne already with RikeH, but I think this is a great town. But Zandy said no. When we look saddish she laugh and told us, that we will come on Wednesday back to Cologne and will stay there to Thursday. So we were really happy.


We saw some trains coming into the station.



And I saw a little peace of the Cologne Dome.


Now we drove back to the Hohenzollern bridge and go our way to Osnabrück.


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Düsseldorf, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

We came to Düsseldorf and Zandy told me, that here is the largest bar in the world. She said that a TV from herself was here in Düsseldorf and she saw some nice things


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Duisbug, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Zandy

We came to Duisburg and I know, that at the moment a TV from Zandy is visiting this town. She said, that it will be interesting to visit her TV and the host, but of course we hadn’t the time.


And after some more minutes we came to Osnabrück. But this day we didn’t take pictures, because Zandy and her friend talked a lot (ok after 8 years…) and I think it’s better to let her doing this today. :)

Good night mummy! Yours,

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Osnabrück, Germany - 10th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy,

today it was raining the whole moring. But than we saw, that rain stops and we decided to go into the town. (And we had luck. The rain came only back for 5 minuts during our town visit. :-D )

First we visited the Dome in Osnabrück. It’s a small one, smaller than the one in cologne, but I think it’s beautiful, too.


Inside we take some more pictures. Beautyful things there. Or what do you think?



I really like the colorful windows inside.




And during our walk through the city we see some really nice houses. I like them very much.



Mummy, can you see the figures over my head? This are Adam and Eve.

This was our little walk through the town Osnabrück. How I said at the beginning it was raining the whole day, so we had to go home really early. But I think this houses and the dome are great views.

Bye bye,

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Cologne, Germany - 11th April 2012

By: Zandy

And Wednesday comes, time to sit in the train and go to Cologe. During our tour at the train we didn’t take pictures, because we wake up early in the morning and we take the chance to sleep at the train.  But of course when we came out of the train and the train station we banish our first view on a picture. :D


Zandy met another friend, so it took long before we could take pictures. But this was ok (if you see ;) ) First we went to the Hard Rock Café in Cologne. But the girls talked a lot, because they didn’t see each other for a long time so we only take one picture.


And the Dome from another side.


Than we take a little walk through Cologne and now I can present you some more impression.  In the backround you can see “Et Pääd” (don’t ask me how you pronounce it right. We didn’t know it. :D)  It’s a equestrian memorial from Friedrich Wilhelm lll.


Than we went to the Rhine and take a walk there. Zandy wanted to buy chocolate at the chocolate museum in Cologne, so we also visited this building. (But we only saw the shop)


After buying chocolate we went up the building, there you have a great view over the Rhine and you also saw the Dome and another tower, but I will tell you later something about it.


Here we look inside the chocolate museum. There you can see the chocolate fountain (the golden thing inside the building)


Than we wanted to drink something, so we sit down at a Café near the tower about I will tell you something. Zandy told me, that in this tower are ghosts. You can hear them sometimes. (But only when the wind came from one special direction. *hehe*) She heard it at her last visit when she took part on a Night watcher walk. However I think this tower is great.


That were our first hours here in Cologne. Tomorrow we will go home by train. But before Zandy will show us some more thing, because we have some hours before the train will go.

So good night mummy!

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Cologne, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Zandy

Our last day of this journey.
How I already said, we had some time before the train leaves, so we took some more pictures.
Here we were inside the Dome. Look how beautiful the windows are. So colorful, we all liked them were much.


This picture shows you the communion table.


We also took a walk down into a little room where you also can pray. Mummy, look at this nice candle holder.


Inside we also saw some organs, here is a picture from one. I know it isn’t the best one, but it’s difficult to take pictures without flash.


Here is communion table for Maria. It was really beautiful. Sadly you can’t see the face of the statue. But we wouldn’t go near. There were a lot of people praying and we think it’s better to stay in the back.


Another table in gold. I don’t know if this is real gold, but it looks like this.


And one more of this beautiful windows.


And the last picture inside the Dome. You see what it shows?


Mummy, look this doors are from the Dome. They are really massive and the ornaments are nice.




Than Zandy showed us the “Heinzelmännchen fountain”. There’s a nice story about it.




The Heinzelmännchen were little  men who came at night and made the work for the Cologne people. But the women – you see the women on the first picture? – wanted to know who these persons are. (The people never see them, because they have heads and they make them invisible) So the crafters wife put lentils (or something like that) at the stairs so the men fell down, lost their hads and the wife could see them. After this the men never come back and the Cologne people must do their work themselves. Here are some closer pictures from the pictures at the fountain.


And surprise, surprise… another view at the Dome. :D


Mummy, can you see the bishop figure there? We didn’t know why this figure is there, but it looks like the bishop try to banish something or so.


The last picture in Cologne is this with the fountain in front of the Dome. Than it was time to went to the train.


An the last picture from our trip … WOW! Mummy, look how fast the train was.


Good bye mummy. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Osnabrück and Cologne.


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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 18th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy,

this week was boring. Zandy was ill and so we couldn’t do something. She lay in bed the whole day. But on Wednesday she said it’s time to do something and so we wrote postcards. Zandy is in postcrossing and we were able to help her writing postcards.

First she brought a black box.


I was really excitied what there is inside. So I opened it and look postcards.


First we had to get an address where our postcard will go (this one will go to Russia), after this we read the profile of the person (of course we didn’t take a picture of the profile, because there was shown the address and a picture). After we read we had to pick out a good postcard. But if you see it wasn’t easy do decided with one is the best.


But the person I should write likes cats so I pic a catpostcard.



I like it. The cat is really nice, or what do you think mummy?!
Than I had to write some words on the card and the address.


And at least I had to pic up a stamp. Decisions, decisions, decisions… really hard. But of course I get two stampf.



We wrote nine postcards together. Look with we picked up. Aren’t this nice cards? I like them.



And than we had a little walk to the postbox, where we throw the cards inside.


Great journey postcards!

Bye mummy! Yours,

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Burg Stettenfels, Untergruppenbach, Germany - 29th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hey mummy,

today we visited a medieval market at the castle in Untergruppenbach (near Heilbronn). And we decided, that we would do it right and so we dress up. Look, I’m a Amazone.


I love my dress. The others dress up as a knight and a Scottish princess. Aren’t we nice?


First we had a look at the people who camp there. It was very interesting, but hard to understand for me when they talked. But Zandy had no problems with it and so she talked and we look at the interesting things. :D Here is an armour of a knight or better some pices of it and some swords.


And here is a camp of the Scottish people, one of them played a bagpipe and it was really nice.


It was hot outside so we get thirsty. I drink a mead. It was really delicious. “Slainte, mummy!” (Somebody told us that the Scottish people say it when they drink.)


Mummy look what a great view we had from the little bridge over the moat. One the one side there were jugglers and on the other side we saw a stage.



And than we get hungry, because we hadn’t have a big breakfast, so we decided to eat something and we found a really delicious bread with garlic and we could give some other things on it. YUMMY! I can told you!


The next picture was taken in the inner courtyard of the castle.


And than we walked a little bit and went up, from wehre we had a really great view over Untergruppenbach and the other citys around.


After we had enough of this we walked down into the vaulted cellar.


There were a lot of people with clothes. The most interesting thing was the big weaving loom. The men there was really nice, he showed us how you must do it and talked a little bit with us. And he allowed us to take this picture:


On the other side we came into the moat, how you can see now we stand in front of the stage. And  just at this moment there were some music on it. The man you can see are called “Spielleute Catoris” and Zandy like them. They play funny songs – of course like in the medieval time.


Now we could look up at the wall of the castle and see it from above. Nice, or?!


Our next station was a booth from a crocker. Look what for nice things she had. Oh and can you see the little wooden castles? We all were really fascinated of them.



And than we walked back to the beginning of our tour, because there was a little arena and when we came there showed some things of higlandgames.


(klick on the picture!)

Another view over Untergruppenbach, here we are on the other side.




We found a place with shadow to relax and had a view over the arena and the tents.


After relaxing we decided to walk our way. And look what we found a real armour. It was in front of a smith. Great or? But I thing I won’t wear it, because it looks really heavy.



And here we are in front of another tent. We thought it was for  the high society. :)


And another armour. But now it’s with leather. We didn’t really know, but we think it’s from Vikings.


Mommy can you see what we saw? Scary! We fastly take a picture and ran away, so that they didn’t catch us.


And this area I loved mostly. A area with bows and arrows. Wow! I love them. I wanted to take one with me, but Zandy said no. :)


And than we saw the highlight of the whole day: the tournament. So cool! All the knights were really good. I don’t know which one I liked most. First they come to the arena and herald introduce the knights.



The knights had to do some exercises (Exercitien in German). First they had to pick up the rings with their lance. And for every ring they pick up they get a point (Oculus).

(klick on the picture!)

Than it was time for headhunting. *hehe* There were a dark head standing on a red block. And the knights had to behead the dark head. They must knock out the red block and therefore they get points (Oculi).



The third discipline was the boar hunt. Therefore they prepare a wooden boar with a strawbag and all the knights hat to ride in a line and they must throw their lances into the boar.



Now you can see all the knights in the arena. They had little crowns on their helmet and the others had to knock off the crown. But they must do it from the front side. I German it’s called Bargordia, but we don’t know how to call it in English.


(klick on the picture!)


We really like the music. It’s perfect for this day and we can’t stand still, we would shake a little bit, but we know that maybe the people around us didn’t like it and of course we would see the Exercitien. :)
The next one was this. They had to throw the torso down with their lance. And if the herald had a lance, too. He metering the distance from the thing the torso was on it to the torso itself. And one full lance of the herald gives two Oculi (points)

(klick on the picture!)



One of the horses was young and was a little bit scary, so an older horse rides with him.


And this was a game in with the knights had to knock the shield with their lance an for every round the shield does they get a point. I like this very much, because they were very fast.

(klick on the picture!)

(klick on the picture!)


The next knight was really funny. He ride to the shield and blow on it. He thought that he get more rotations. So funny!



And the last Exercitium was the joust (Tjost). The knights hat to ride with their lances and must throw out their opponent out of the saddle or to broke their lance on the shield.


(klick on the picture!)

And than it was the end of the tournament :( Sadly, we ha d a lot of fun there. The knights say goodbye to the people.





(klick on the picture!)

Than we walked back to the castle, because we wanted to eat something before we go home. And there was a band playing some songs. We found a great place from which we see all. :D


Mummy do you know the next song? It was funny. And we can’t hold on, we dance and sing together! Wohoooo! :D

(klick on the picture!)

(klick on the picture!)

And of course we had a great view from our place. Here you see a wide view and a view at the wall of the castle (Stettenfels).




And our last view in the moat. With nice clothes in the background.



Mummy, I hope you enjoy this post how I enjoyed the day. It was soooo nice!

Love yours,

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