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Travelog for: Buzz BlueJay

Kazan, Russia - 24th July 2015

By: Vunder

Dear Mom! :)

How are you there? I'm just fine! But I guess I won't be able to make updates too often (we'll see!). Anyway we have visited an amusement park, it isn't big here, but we had fun with Galiya apa and her family! :D Thus, there are few photos, we just forgot to make them)))) But you can have some idea, just look at this Ferris wheel photos;)


Going up!


Here on the background you can see the Kazan Kremlin, the most famous sight (a UNESCO sight) in this city.


And going back home we took a photo of the entrance, though it was an exit for us at that time, of course ;)


Hugs and kisses,
Your Buzz

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Kyzyl Yeshler village, Russia - 9th August 2015

By: Vunder

Hi Mom!

So here's my new update! It was a very productive weekend, I dare say! :rolleyes: This is the Kyzyl Yeshler village where we went (it's translated from Tatar as "red youth", Soviet past :cyclops:):


Galiya apa's parents have a house there, though they live in the city, they love fresh air ;) Me too B)


Kyzyl yeshler is a small Tatar village, it has only about 100 inhabitatants, but it is now popular with the "dwellers from the city" like Galiya apas parents:) They were one of the first ones to build here a house though, they remember this village having its own shop, primary school and herd, all of which is gone now. Anyway the village is very cosy and charming in its desolation:) Here are some of the views of the village, its surroundings and its inhabitants :D ;)

Not only we cycled, we also flied a kyte! :cyclops:


But don't think we were only resting and doing nothing! I had a lesson on gathering mushrooms and helped my hosts to pick apples :rolleyes:


I hope you had a great weekend too!
Love you,

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Kazan, Russia - 17th August 2015

By: Vunder

Hello Mom!

Just a short update from Galiya apa's birthday! :rolleyes: B) :) ;) :D She turned thirty:) And she was very busy recieving guests :D


I can open a flower shop, he-he B)
Have a nice day there!:)

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Kazan, Russia - 23rd August 2015

By: Vunder

Hi there!

We have a new guest here:) Her name's Dille:)


Speaking with other tvs is so much fun!:)
Keep in touch!

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Kazan, Russia - 28th August 2015

By: Vunder

Hi Mom! :rolleyes:

It was a cooking day today:) Together with Dille we learnt to make "manti". It's an Eastern dish, a kind of dumplings made of unleavened dough and meat filling (Tatar cuisine is mostly not for vegeterians ;))

So, the process! B)
Firstly you should make the filling, it takes the most of the time actually, if you do it properly. Chop the meat (traditionally it is mutton, but we took beef) finely, then add onion, also chopped finely, in the proportion of 50/50. Add salt, pepper and other spices to your liking (caraway, for example). To fasten the process many housewives here take minced meat, though it's not a traditional recipe, of course. Actually the recipies may vary, some add potatoes, some add pumpkin, just use your fantasy)))) Then make the dough: simply mix warm water, flour and salt. Here is our result:


Then roll out the dough, cut it into squares and put the filling inside.


Form mantis by attaching the opposite sides of the squares.


We made 4 such plates :cyclops:
We steamed one part of the mantis and the rest was frozen:)
Yummy! ;)



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Kazan, Russia - 10th September 2015

By: Vunder

Hello Mom!

I have some updates left from summer and I guess it's just time to publish them, since it's cold outside and the memories are warm :rolleyes:

So, one day we went to a fair called "Pechen bazary" (translated from Tatar as the "Hay market"). It was dedicated to the Tatar culture, cuisine and craft. It was held in the so called "Old Tatar district". The mosque you see is one of the oldest ones in Kazan (the end of the 18th century) and one of the first ones to be built after the Kazan khanate was conquered by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century. The strange blue-roofed building is the Tatar Academic Theatre:) The lake you see is called Qaban. There are some legends about it: for example, it is believed that there is treasure on the bottom of it (I didn't check though wanted to ;) B))
So, here are the photos with the views, enjoy:)


Hope to hear from you soon,
Your Buzz

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Kazan, Russia - 26th September 2015

By: Vunder

Hi Mom!

This is my last update here :thinking: I'm sad to leave this place, but eager to continue my journey! B) We went to a very interesting place called "Green boulevard". It's a rest ground sponsored by Mega-mall and IKEA. There was a "contact" zoo in it too (you can touch, feed and play with some of the animals there) :)


And my favourite emus! Unfortunately, I couldn't ride them since they were biting :stare: But I guess we understood each other))


Well, after having a good rest we went back home)
Sending you love and a big hug!

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Post office, Kazan, Russia - 3rd October 2015

By: Vunder

Hi Mom! :rolleyes:

My last photo in Russia, at a local post office! Goodbye Kazan and Galiya apa, thank you for hosting me, that was a really interesting experience! :rolleyes: America is waiting for me! B)


Hugs and kisses,

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Miami, Florida, USA - 20th October 2015

By: jeanettemiami

Here I am finally! I'm in Miami and can't wait for my adventures to start! What a funny cat in a hat!

Buzz 25%.jpg
Buzz and Ole smaller.jpg

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