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Travelog for: _Mishuta_

Kiyev, Ukraine - 30th April 2011

By: Katusha

Hi! I'm _Mishuta_ :rolleyes:


It's my first day on TV. It's very exciting for me and for my Mom!


I want to know everything and like a lot of things, such as walking, listening to music, reading old children's books, eating, watching how laundry washer works haha
Also I love to receive letters and postcards. Just today I've received a funny card from Moscow! :D


And I like animals and not only bears;)


This is my friend - Yasha. Yasha is a turtle. She lives with us and she is a very cheerful person. Although it maybe doesn't always look like that!  :cyclops:


Yasha came from Central Asia. And she told me a lot marvelous stories about her wanderings. That's why my dream now is to see and to show my Mom many beautiful places all over the world! And maybe then we will visite these places again together.


Can't waiting for my journey! :)

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Kiyev, Ukraine - 1st May 2011

By: Katusha

Hi, guys! Today was a great sunny weather and we went to the park. It is not far from our house. There are several lakes in this park, where live a lot of ducks!


I have never seen a real duck yet! And today we tried to steal up to them as close as possible :)


And we did it!!!


It was excellent! Ducks are very clever and elegant birds. And their family instincts are very touching :rolleyes:

It was wonderful walk. And I even wasn't tired... May be a little...  :)


Oh! I fogot to tell about blooming trees! They are everywhere! And it's so beautiful sight! And aroma... Wonderful!


I think I understand bees ;)

That was my day. Bye-bye!

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Kiyev, Ukraine - 4th May 2011

By: Katusha

Hurray!!!! Today I started my journey! I'm going to England, baby!!!!!  :D
Mum put me and some presents into a cozy soft envelope and tomorrow I will fly by airplane!!!! I even don't know how an airplane looks like but I feel it's cool!!!
That's all, I need a sound sleep, as mummy said, because it will be a long way. But everything will be ok, i know ;)

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Warrington, England - 13th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Hi Mommy! The plane was awsome, sadly I couldn't see anything because of the package, but I felt the sensation of lift off in my tummy! It was rather bizarre but also thrilling.

So, when I arrived it was very quite, but I could sense that there were other toys in the room. Then my padded envelope started to tear and suddenly I could see two faces peering in at me. I later found out that these were Tiger the erm, Tiger, and Albus Star the puppy. They pulled me out and then chanting erupted in the room. 'Mish-u-ta Mish-u-ta' - It took me a few seconds to take it in, then I realised; they were chanting my name! Tiger and Albus took me over to look and the source of the chanting was a line of bears who were holding a sign saying 'Welcome Mishuta' :) I was rather flattered, but also nervous.

My host was very pleased with the postcard and chocolates you sent her, but then Quackers the duck spotted them and there was a bit of a fight as he tried to steal them. I got scared and tried to find shelter, but I nearly ran head first into a pair of gigantic paws! I looked up and to my relief I saw a big friendly old brown bear. He told me his name was 'Coco', and he took me under his paw :) We went over in time to see Albus dragging Quackers out of the presents bag!

Finally all was calm again and Miss Becca, my host, took a picture of me and the postcard. She says that over the weekend we will go on my first trip in England. Until then, bye bye for now mummy! I will update again soon.

Mishuta 1.jpg
Mishuta 2.jpg
Mishuta 3.jpg
Mishuta 4.jpg
Mishuta 5.jpg
Mishuta 6.jpg
Mishuta 7.jpg
Mishuta 8.jpg

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Albert Dock, Liverpool, England - 16th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Mummy! I am having lots of fun with my new friends, although I do miss you a bit too :( It is strange being in a new country but I think I like it :)

Today when we woke up it was raining again. However my host was optimistic that we would force the rain away so we jumped in the car and off we went. Albus, Tiger and I watched the rain through the car window and we were worried about getting wet. First of all we had to travel somewhere for my host to see a solicitor (she said this stuff is too complicated for us TVs to understand), but to get there we had to go through a long tunnel which went below the river Mersey! 

When my host was finished with her task we then travelled to Albert Dock near the centre of Liverpool. And guess what?! The rain had stopped  :D It was very windy though so I couldn't explore properly or climb much. Miss Becca said we may come again when it is sunny, perhaps with some other TVs when they arrive.

Anyway, I did manage to get a few pictures. I had a bit of a rest outside the Beatles museum which was more protected from the wind. We didn't go inside but we went to the cafe and on the wall there was a massive Beatles postage stamp! We then went outside again, wandering around the Dock and buying some postcards. I wanted to get a nice picture of the pretty buildings in the background; I tried really hard to block out the ugly new modern buildings with my head but they still ruined the view :mad: Haha, that mad face really doesn't suit me. Can you imagine my little smiley face ever getting mad?! I then found a statue which looked interesting; The man is Billy Fury, a successful English popstar from the 1960's.

Mish 1.jpg
Mishy 2.jpg
Mishy 3.jpg
Mishy 4.jpg
Mishy 5.jpg
Mishy 6.jpg
Mishy 7.jpg
Mishy 8.jpg

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Host's home, England - 20th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mummy, we haven't been able to get out much yet because of the rain, but here is a mini indoor update :) The other day I met Gizmo the real life cat! He is very fluffy and I wanted to stroke his belly but it seemed a bit dangerous. He is usually sleeping, I don't think I have seen him open his eyes yet. Well, at least he seemed unaware that a little bear was by his side ;)

Today my host went to the charity shop and came back with two new friends; a grey sailor bear and a baby giraffe. They were deep in nervous conversation when I came to introduce myself, but I made them feel at home :) I love the little giraffe, I think we will be good friends. My host says he is going to become a Toy voyager too so we will be able to keep in contact via our travel blogs.

Ooh, other news! There are more small bears on their way to my hosts home, including a purple bear with white and yellow flowers on her fur, called Edelweiss. I had a look at her blog and she looks very pretty. I can't wait to meet her :)

Giz ans mish 1.jpg
Mishy and giz 2.jpg
mish and and gir 3.jpg
mishuta and giraffe.jpg
edel 1.jpg

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Walton hall gardens, England - 25th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today Albus Star Mirembe and I went to Walton Gardens. The first picture is of us waiting for our hosts mum to get the ticket in the carpark. If you look closely you can see a squirrel in the background, but he wouldn't let us get any closer.  We then found the mini zoo and saw a magnificent Peacock parading around like he owned the place. I also met a goat who was grinning at me rather smugly. I hope he didn't want to eat me! Then Albus spotted a play area and wanted to investigate. I sunbathed while the other two annoyed the pretend horse; he didn't look too pleased to be sat on.

Later we went tree climbing! We had a nice view from up there :)  Afterwards I found some flowers and took a picture like the one you took of me at home mummy! Except this time I am with pink flowers :) Then we went for a walk and Mirembe found a tree bench with a bird picture on. We all had a good look before going back to the car.

I had a great day out and even though it was cloudy at first, the sun came out to greet us.

Walton mish.jpg
Walton mish 2.jpg
Walton mish 1.jpg
WM 3.jpg

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Host's house, England - 26th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Yay mum, Edelweiss arrived today!!! :D Here are some pictures of us welcoming her. I love the flowers on her belly.

EW 6.jpg
EW 3.jpg
EW 2.jpg

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Trafford Centre, England - 30th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today we went to a shopping centre in Manchester, a 20 minute drive from where I'm staying. It was very crowded and rather scary for a small TV like me. However Mirembe, Edelweiss and I percevered :)

At the entrance there was a line of Lion statues so we got a picture of one of those, then went inside. In the main orient the ceiling is beautiful, painted like the sky outside, with stars also... I don't quite understand how it is daytime and nighttime at the same time but anyway... There is what looks like a mini swimming pool on the bottom floor. I'm not sure what that's all about either, but oh well, it looks nice :)

We visited the LOUD arcade where there was a cool game where you win giant cupcakes! I wanted a cupcake but I wasn't allowed as my host said it would make my travelling package massive :( We also visited China town where we saw a Dragon, and we went outside to see some more statues on the roof.

Hope you are well mummy,
Love Misha xxx

TM 8.jpg
TM 9.jpg
TM 1.jpg
TM 7.jpg
TM 3.jpg
TM 4.jpg
TM 2.jpg
TM 6.jpg
TM 10.jpg
TM 5.jpg

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Durham City, England - 7th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mum! Over the weekend my host took Edelweiss, PinkyHH and I to visit Durham city where she used to go to university. This uni has a collegiate system so each student belongs to one of 16 colleges. My host lived in the college of St Hild and St Bede, and you can see the grounds in the first few pictures. On the second one the white building is Hild Gymnasium. (Oops my host has loaded them up in slightly the wrong order, so the first college picture is actually at the end!)

After visiting the college we went down to the river and saw the Prince Bishop sight-seeing boat cruising along. We walked into the centre of town then went to view the iconic Cathedral. It was very big! My host said the cloisters were used for a few scenes in the first and second Harry Potter films (she is a BIG harry potter fan! ;)). Sorry the second cloister pic isn't very good as I think the flash was on!

At the other side of Palace Green there is a Castle, which along with the Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Castle is home to the students of University College who have formal dinners with gowns twice a week in their great hall. My host said that when you see them wandering around in their black gowns they really do look like they've stepped out of Harry Potter!

We then made our way down the Bailey to the river where we could get a fantastic view of the cathedral. As we were enjoying the view a man who was also taking photos requested to see the photo of me my host had just took on her camera! I was very flattered :) We also spotted a Heron! It is very tiny on this photo, I don't know if you can see it?

At the end of the day we made our way back up to college. We were very tired from all the hill climbing so us TVs insisted on having a sunbathe in the grounds.

DU MI12.jpg
DU MI4.jpg
DU MI3.jpg
DU Mi6.jpg
TVs Durham 007.JPG
DU MI8.jpg
DU MI10.jpg
DU MI20.jpg
DU Pi6.jpg
DU MI9.jpg
DU MI2.jpg
DU MI11.jpg
DU MiEdPi.jpg
DU Mi7.jpg

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Host's house, England - 10th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Today was a very sad day because my host had to part with her first visiter TV; me! She was sad but also happy to see that I was excited about going to my next destination. I went outside to take some breathes of fresh air before climbing into my envelope (My host says sorry about the state of the grass on that picture!). The other TVs gathered round to give hugs and wish me luck. I will especially miss Edelweiss, but we will keep in touch via watching each others travelogs ;) They helped me into my envelope and then it was time to leave... See you when I get to my next host mummy! xxx


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York Base Camp, England - 13th June 2011

By: Leslee

I have arrived in York!

There are three other Toyvoyagers here.  There is Karlie, Blinchick and Phillip and they are all very friendly.
I brought some candies and a postcard for them all from Gizalba.

It was a quiet first weekend because everyone was tired and it was rainy.
They all did crafts while I watched
I was inhttp://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd358/hipapotomus/tv-1.jpg charge of some of the candies
this is what we made
it is a board game.

I met lots of friends here already

The Tiemi angel Mom and her two little devils

the monchhichi and their friends

the Mothercare bears
Blinchick and I had lots of bear conversations with them

My favourites were the dolls

I have chosen my place on the rainbow shelves for while I am resting.
There wasn't a brown shelf, but I felt the most comfortable on the yellow shelf and they all made me feel very welcome.

I miss my other Toyvoyager friends but thankfully all these friends here will keep me distracted.

Bye, love Mishuta

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York Base Camp, England - 19th June 2011

By: Leslee

Hi Mum!

The boy who lives here took my photo in the mini photo studio.  I liked being his model.

I met some of Leslee's dolls.  There were only 3 missing from this photo. 
The other toy voyagers were there with me and we were all so tired that everyone had an extra hour in bed the nest day with coffee and magazines.

So...I didn't get to visit anywhere.  We had to saty in all day to make a fathers day present for Leslees Dad.

There wasn't anything wlse to do so I watched a bit.
She made a door stop in the shape of a camera.


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Wigginton Carboot Sale, England - 19th June 2011

By: Leslee

My first official outing here, to the car boot sale.

At a car boot sale people can buy and sell old things.  It is a good place to find something unusual or snap up a bargain.

It got a bit rainy and the people started putting thier things away so Leslee and her family started shopping faster and this is the only photo we got.

Here is me with a little toy bike basket I found for Leslee's bike.
I am sitting on a chair at Grandma and Grandad's house.


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York Base Camp, England - 19th June 2011

By: Leslee

This afternoon I did a little gardening.  Leslee has a shared garden.

I helped to prune the little Acer tree

Phillip and I found some lovely yellow flowers
and I loved smelling this pink pom pom poppy

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