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Travelog for: Aslan

St.Anthony, Canada - 16th June 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

today it was time for a museum. It was at the place where Vikings lived around 1000 years ago.

They had very funny houses.


I went inside - there was a wonderful fire.


Then I tried one of their boats.


On our way back to the car we found this monument.



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Saint John's, Canada - 19th June 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

here is my last update from Canada. We had our last day in Canada.

In the evening our traveling group sat together in a big armchair. We met a new friend from Newfoundland. He is the funny puffin between us.


We had a small party – it was such a nice holiday!



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Sülfeld, Germany - 1st July 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We are back in Germany for two weeks now, but nothing interesting happened. Today I decided to explore Sülfeld.

This is the centre of Sülfeld – not really interesting…


Behind me you can see the pharmacie – but don’t worry Mum, I am fine and need nothing there.


Then I saw the old church.


Luckily the door was open and I went inside.



It was time to see more - this is the old school.


I want to show you the emblem of Sülfeld.



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Norderstedt , Germany - 15th July 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

The weather is awful here in Germany – maybe you can find a place with better weather for me, please?

RikeH went to the Gartenschau again today. I thought it is better than nothing and went with her.

There was another choir this time – but you can see, there was a lot of rain.


We saw nice flowers again.


I love this color!



Then we went into the house with flowers. Dicker Kumpel’s grandma loves these flowers.


There were many other flowers – and the good thing was – no rain inside the house!





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Hamburg, Germany - 16th July 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It was time for some sport - but we were lazy and only watched it.
We went to a tournament in Hamburg. This is the stadium.

Here I am with my friends on the seat.


They can close the roof, if it rains.


You can see the players behind me.


The game was interesting – maybe I should play tennis in some years, when I stop travelling.

Then we changed our seat and were nearer to the player.


Unfortunately you can see me better on the photo than the player.


Then I helped the man who took care of the line, when the players served.


I am sorry that you cannot see my face on most of the photos, but it was more interesting to watch the players, than to look into the camera of RikeH.  B)


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Hamburg, Germany - 19th July 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It is time for me to come home. But before I jump into my envelope I wanted to visit Hamburg and see the Alster – a lake in the city center.

You can see the lake behind me. There is a nice fountain on it.


There were some busy people in a small boat. They cleaned the lake, because there were some bottles etc. in it.


We walked around the lake.  These nice boats offer trips on the Alster.


I loved the next place. Behind me is the town hall of Hamburg. A nice building!


The other side of the river was beautiful, too.


At home it was time to say good-bye to Dicker Kumpel. He was such a great host – and we became friends. I would love to meet him again some days.


Then the others gave me a bug hug.


Now I am on my way home, Mum!


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Sacramento, California, USA - 2nd August 2011

By: kcrawfish

Home at last!  I am so so grateful for my wonderful times in Germany, Poland and Canada!  Thank you, RikeH!  Mom and I sat down to look at the photographs AGAIN!  :) :)  I am sorry I didn't go to Madeline Island, but it's nice to look at those photos, too.  It made us think of my mom's granny because the log cabin was hers.  She painted this.  Nice, huh?


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The Sea Ranch, California, USA - 4th August 2011

By: kcrawfish

I am so happy to be at The Sea Ranch!  I look at this view and feel I can do some writing here.  Very peaceful.  :)


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The Sea Ranch Chapel, USA - 7th August 2011

By: kcrawfish

More opportunity for contemplation.  :)


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Sacramento, California, USA - 11th October 2011

By: kcrawfish

We all love the cards Miss Kate got from Fiona and Zoe:) :)


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San Francisco, California, USA - 16th October 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hello everyone!

I am still waiting to find my next host, so I haven't been traveling much lately, but my life is not boring, not with getting to meet toyvoys from all over the world, coming and going.  And I got to go to the big city last weekend, too!  I had so much fun.  Mom explained to us that this was a postcrossing meetup.  Well, and because LittleCableCars was there, too, it was a toyvoyaging meetup, too!  Pretty cool, huh?

I met Airi, Robby, Orkku Orava and, of course, I got to see LittleCableCars again.  She was my first host.  We talked and goofed around.  She even held me upside down by my feet and played with my hair.  She likes my hair to be very full, I think.  She poked my belly.  It made me laugh.  Good times.    :)

The postcrossers were really nice and showed us some of their beautiful cards.  One of them said that she has an "empty nest" at home now that her kids are at college, so she'd like to have a new "baby."  :D  She thought us toyvoys were nice babies.  I think we may have brought a new member to the toyvoyager site.  I hope so!

We ate lunch while we worked on writing postcards to postcrossing members, mentors as well as to the hosts of Mom's and LittleCableCars' toyvoys all over the world. 

After a few hours of chatting and signing, it was time to say goodbye.  Orkku Orava came over to squeak a last goodbye to Tuli, Dottie Mouse and me before going in the travel purse.

The drive home to Sacramento was much faster than the drive there.  Isn’t that how it always is.  Zarafeh didn't mind because she lives in the car.

We had a lot to talk about, but I was getting a bit sleepy.

Then Tuli was getting a bit sleepy, too, and leaning on me.  It's good that Mom wasn't getting sleepy!  ;) 



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Sacramento, CA, USA - 24th October 2011

By: kcrawfish

We had to say goodbye to sweet Dottie Mouse.  She invited me to visit her at Christmas.  I would love to do that and to meet olgamaus:) :)


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Steep Ravine, California, USA - 5th November 2011

By: kcrawfish

We went to Steep Ravine cabins!


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Sacramento, California, USA - 21st November 2011

By: kcrawfish

I am so glad to be going to Germany again. I told Crawfish about how nice it is there, and she decided to accept an invitation, too.  Christmas-time hosts are so generous, so blessed!  :) :)


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Remscheid, Germany - 6th December 2011

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
I arrived in Remscheid today. This was a rather short trip :)


We shared the delicious Lion bar when we had coffee.

Unfortunately Katja had to go back to work after lunch. On the way to the city centre she showed me the vicinity of my current home.



A house was demolished here and a new one will be built.


A water tower is situated here. The city centre was built on top of  a hill, this is the highest point of the hill.


This is the city hall, its tower is 48 m high. A christmas market is situated on the open space in front of it. We did not have enough time to take a walk around the market, maybe next time we will :)


I am happy to meet Clyde here.

Bye for now

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