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Travelog for: Scritches

Hanover Airport, Germany - 30th October 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey Mom!

Today I'm writing from the airport. I'm really excited to go somewhere by plane!  B) :cyclops:

Katharina didn't tell me where we are going though. Another one of her surprises...

I'll write to you from our destination once I know where that may be!

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London, United Kingdom - 31st October 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Mom, guess what!

Katharina took me with her on her trip to London!  :cyclops:

Yesterday we flew here from the airport in Hanover.  B) We arrived in our hotel in the evening very tired. So there are no pictures...

Today we went on a tour around the city on one of the red double decker buses and then we went by tube, bus and on foot back to the places we wanted to visit more closely.

Here I am in front of Nelson's Column:


I also saw Big Ben when it started to get dark:


I really like the colours in this picture. :)

We also wanted to see Buckingham Palace. It took us quite some time to get the direction right after exiting the tube. But eventually we found it when it was already dark.

Katharina tried to get a picture of me in front of the whole building, but you can't imagine how big the place is!  :o So we settled for a picture with most of the palace on it:


And look closely, mom. Can you see the flag? It means the Queen was home when we were there, but she didn't invite us for tea...

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London, United Kingdom - 1st November 2012

By: -[Dino]-


today we visited more sights in London. :)

We stayed in and around the grounds of the Tower of London. It's a really massive area with lots of little and not so little buildings.



We also went in the giant ferris wheel London Eye when it was already dark. The ferris wheel was lit up and it was very nice to be inside and have a great look over the city!  B)


I'm sorry the picture is a little blurry, but with the ferris wheel moving it was very hard to take good pictures...  :(

Tomorrow we will be leaving again for Hanover. I'm sad this trip will be over already so soon. :( But tonight we will be celebrating a little becausse it's Katharina's birthday today. :)

Talk to you soon, mom!

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host's home, Germany - 2nd November 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hello Mom!

Today we arrived back home in Germany. And even though we were all (Katharina's mom had gone on the trip as well) very tired,  we still had to look at the pictures Katharina took and the postcards we bought.  ;)


It was a really nice trip - too short of course...

Now I am off to bed. *yawn*


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Hanover, Germany - 20th June 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Hello Mom!

Today Katharina took me on another of her surprise trips. We first went to the train station and from there to Hanover.

Do you remember when I was in Hanover in January 2012 and took a picture with the statue of Ernst August? Katharina said this statue is a popular meeting place for groups. The only difference: They meet at the other side, under the horse's tail.
So the meeting place is called "Unterm Schwanz" (under the tail).  :p

As I told you before Katharina has another somewhat unusual hobby: PostCrossing. And today she met other postcrossers in Hanover.

First we all went to the Lister Meile to shop for nice postcards. Look how many postcards there were:


And this was only one of the shops.  :o

And guess what, mom! I met other TVs!!  :cyclops:


Here I took a picture with Joris and RedRudiTeh. They came all the way from Iran. Wow!

There were 2 little playmo guys Tommy_Annika from northern Germany (not as far away ;) ) as well.


After shopping for a little while we all went to a nice Bavarian-themed restaurant to write and sign postcards of course and relax after walking in the heat.

Here you can see how a postcard looks once it has gone through the hands of every postcrosser present at the meeting:


Very colourful!  B)

When we arrived back home late in the evening I was so tired because the weather had spontaneously decided to turn on summer. We had over 30C and sunshine all day.  :o So I went straight to bed.

Good night, Mom!

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Hamburg, Germany - 22nd June 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Hello again Mom!

Today we had to get up way too early at 4:45 am.  :stare:

Katharina said we were going to Hamburg today. I was very excited because I remember visiting Hamburg before with my previous host RikeH:D

We saw the most famous church of Hamburg: St. Michaelis


And we were also very lucky because the huge ocean liner Queen Mary 2 was in Hamburg for the day and we went to visit it.


We also went postcard shopping because it was another of Katharinas postcrossing meetings.


The weather was very nice. It wasn't quite as warm as two days ago in Hanover. :)

Of course everyone went to another nice restaurant to sign postcards. I had fun with the stickers everyone could put on the cards to distinguish between meetings and show which meeting each card came from.


After another really nice meeting and day in general I was also happy when we arrived home late in the evening because I was really tired. *yawn*


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host's home, Germany - 24th June 2013

By: -[Dino]-


I'm so excited right now!  :cyclops:

Katharina came home from grocery shopping earlier today and brought a big brown envelope with her. She told me it was time for me to continue my travels. And she also said that I'll be seeing you soon again, mom!  :D

So, I climbed into my envelope:


I hope I won't have to stay in here for too long because it's a little cramped in this tight space:


I'm really happy to go home again, but also a little sad that I have to leave here. I went on so many wonderful adventures here in Germany and even in the UK.

Katharina promised to send me off as soon as possible and she'll write you a pm once I am on my way to you. :)

See you soon, mom!

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