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Travelog for: Scritches

host's home, Germany - 9th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi mom!

Today Katharina went to the doctor's office and came back with an envelope. This envelope looked suspiciously like the one I had arrived in.  B) So when she put it down I bounced on it and tried to find out what was inside.

And guess what mom: I really found a another TV inside. Twixx arrived from Wales!  :cyclops: He brought a postcard and told me a lot about his adventures. We talked late into the night. I think I might have found a new friend!  :D

But I'm wondering, do humans always bring TVs home when they go to the doctor's office??  :thinking:

Maybe I can get an answer to that question eventually...

Talk to you soon mom!
Your boy Scritches <3


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host's home, Germany - 10th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-


today I was very helpful!  B)

Since Katharina had gotten a booster shot yesterday at the doctor's her arm hurt and she couldn't really move it.  :(

But because she had another doctor's appointment this morning at an eye specialist and they had drawn a blod sample and hadn't managed to put a strong enough cover over the spot it looked kind of *eeew*. So we helped her put a band aid over it.  ;)

As I'm a little heavier than Twixx I held down the big piece of band aid and Twixx cut off a little piece. Together we pulled off the sticky parts and put in on the spot.

I was a very good boy today and Katharina promised to take us out once the weather was better and she could move her arm again. :)
Excited!  :cyclops:



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host's home, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Look mom!

It's still raining here!  :( This summer is very wet...  :stare: Hope it will get better soon!



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host's home, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-


it's so boring here because we can't go out!  :( So we tried some acrobatics to pass time!  B)

Look at what we can do!

Twixx showed me how a headstand is done and then I tried it myself. Look! I can do it all by myself now!  :D

And yes, sometimes we fell, but we had so much fun!!  :cyclops:

Scritches xoxo


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host's home, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

To make things even worse Katharina had a lot of studying to do for an oral exam in two days.

We wanted to study, too. But tell you what, studying is soooo boring! Even worse than rain!  :o
So we decided to read a book instead. Katharina recommended the one she is reading at the moment to us. I liked it. :) And it's definitely better than studying!

The only good thing about studing is that there are always cookies or some other type of sweets around. Yummy!  :cyclops:


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Hildesheim, Germany - 17th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey mom!

Today Katharina had her oral exam. We kept our paws crossed the whole time! And ourselves, too for that matter. (Katharina's nice handbag is very small if you want to take two TVs around. ;) )

Because the exam went really well we went into town afterwards to take some more pictures.  B)  :)

First we saw these men climbing up the house!  :o

Then we went on to a part of town where they kept some of the old buildings. We couldn't get any closer because the gate was closed unfortunately...
But we saw a nice windmill and wanted to go there until we realised it was only painted on the wall.  :o A job very well done!  B)

After that we went to see the theater and the cinema! Katharina said the cinema is very nice and has nice prizes for students on special days of the week.  ;)

I wanted to look out of Katharina's bag the whole time, but she always told me to get back in when she noticed me looking out... *sigh*

On the way back to the city center we also came across this lovely old building where some lawyers are located today!  :o

When we came back into the city center we saw a miniature replica of the city of Hildesheim. It was very nice to look at. And mom look how big we were in comparison to the wee buildings!  :p (Btw this replica shows Hildesheim in 1641. What a loooong time ago!  :o )

Our last stop was the Zuckerhut (sugar loaf) building. It looks very nice and unique!

But since two hours had passed and it was getting quite late we cut our sightseeing short because we were getting veeery hungry and had still to decide where to get dinner...


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host's home, Germany - 17th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

After getting home we immediately had dinner. We were sooo hungry by then!

We decided to get a nice sandwich from Subway and a Coke to celebrate Katharina's success today.  B) It was really yummy!!  :D

After dinner we headed straight to bed. It had been a very long and exciting day for us all!

Talk to you soon mom!
Your Scritches


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Bonn, Germany - 28th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey mom! <3

Today I'm writing from Bonn. Katharina and some of her friends went to a big, big cosplay convention this weekend. It's called AnimagiC.

Of course we had to get up way too early (at 4 a.m.) to get here and have some time left to enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't nice at all!  :stare: It was raining really bad by the time we got into town... By the time we got to the convention we were soaked!  :( Even worse: they didn't have any outdoor tickets left so we couldn't even get in. So we searched for cover in an underpass where we spent the better part of the day just sitting and waiting for the rain to stop...  :(

When it did for a short while I got this picture taken. It's at the river Rhine where all the cosplayers without tickets always gather to have fun.  B)

But we're staying overnight and now everyone's hoping for better weather tomorrow. *paws crossed*


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Bonn, Germany - 29th July 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Today the weather was great!  :D

And everyone got a ticket to be allowed on the outdoor space.  :) The outdoor tickets were green this year. I like the colour! Katharina said the tickets last year were pink. *eeew*

We also got to hear some nice acts on the stage. For example a girl singing some intros of anime shows.

And the big highlight of the day were the taiko drummers! It was so great to see and hear them perform!  B) :cyclops: Can you see all those people who came to hear them?

Today was a great day at least! We had so much fun, but everyone was tired on the train home...

Yours Scritches


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host's home, Germany - 3rd September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi mom!

Today Twixx went on his way home. I said good bye to him before Katharina took him to the post office.
Safe travels and great adventures in the future Twixx!  :)

It was really nice having another TV here and I'm a little sad.  :( But Katharina said there will be another cosplay convention this coming weekend where she'll take me. And this time we're really, really hoping for good weather. *paws crossed* I'm excited!

Talk to you soon mom!
Scritches <3


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Kassel, Germany - 8th September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hello Mom!

I'm doing fine here in Germany.  :) And after such a long time I want to continue to tell you about my adventures here.

Today I went with Katharina to visit another cosplay convention. This time we went to Kassel. The Connichi is held there every year in September.


The Connichi takes place in the Kongress Palais and the surrounding gardens. If the weather is nice you don't even need to buy a ticket because you can spend the whole day outside. :)


Of course there are always many cosplayers around. Everywhere I looked I saw people dressed in costumes of their favourite characters from anime & manga or books & TV.


This one was a crazy costume. It had two busts on the shoulders - a little like in cartoons when people have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.


Look Mom, we saw someone who looked like me! He is blue, too!  B) He was just a whole lot bigger. But then he couldn't see very well (even though he has such big eyes) so he needed the person on his left to point him in the right direction.


We also saw these funny guys.  :p Katharina said she thought she knew them from her childhood from some kind of TV show, but she couldn't remember which...


We spent a really nice and sunny day in Kassel and when it was time to go home I curled up in Katharina's backpack and slept for the whole train ride.


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Bremen, Germany - 19th September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi Mom!

Today Katharina took me on a day trip to Bremen. :)

Of course we went by train. Here you can see the main station of Bremen:


The day before our trip Katharina had a look at wikipedia and decided what to visit. As Bremen is only about 70km of where she lives she has been there many times, but this time she looked for the most interesting things to show me. :)

On our way from the train station to the city center we came by a lovely little park with nice trees and flowers and a little river.


After having crossed the little river we saw a real windmill and a field of flowers. I thought that's what the Netherlands have to look like, but Katharina said that there are also other places without windmills. ;)


A little way from the nice windmill we saw a group of pigs on the street with a shepherd. They weren't very talkative because they are only statues, but Katharina said the pigs are famous. Well, if she says so...


Bremen has many old and historical buildings. :) Near the city center we saw these houses:


Then we searched around the Town Hall for the most famous animals in Bremen - even more famous than the pigs in Sögestraße. And finally we found the statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen!  B)  :cyclops:


If you touch the legs of the donkey it's supposed to bring good luck your way. But only if you touch both legs at the same time!

After Katharina touched the donkey's legs we went around the town hall to the market place where we saw Roland:


Both the Town Hall and the Roland statue are UNESCO WHS.

We only had to turn around 180° to see the next sight: the Bremen Cathedral. It's a very impressive building!


On the other side of the Town Hall we saw these 2 guys:


And just opposite we saw a statue of Bismarck. Otto von Bismarck became the first Chancellor of a united Germany after the 1871 Treaty of Versailles. He was a famous German politician in the 19th century.


Apart from so much history we also saw a nicely decorated gully cover:


The key is an important symbol of the city of Bremen. It can also be found it in the coat of arms. Katharina taught me a German saying: "Hamburg is the gate to the world, but Bremen has the key."

On our way to Böttcherstraße we took a slight detour to see the weigh house of Bremen. In former times (from the Middle Ages to the 18th century) it was where all goods merchands wanted to sell had to be weighed.


After that we finally reached Böttcherstraße.


It has a lot of unique achitecture and art sculptures and we took several pictures there.





We also found the plate on which the legend of the Town Musicians is verified because the leg bone of a donkey was found in a basement.


These are the windows of a little manufacture for hard candy in Böttcherstraße:


You can watch the people work inside. It was very fascinating to observe.

And we found an old blue mailbox. Usually all German mailboxes are yellow nowadays, but there are a few old ones left. Those are much nicer decorated than the plain yellow ones.


We also saw a plate commemorating the first non-stop flight Berlin-New York of the "Condor", a heavier-than-air craft. The plane was built in Bremen. On its way to and from New York in August 1938 it made two record flights.


On our way from Böttcherstraße to the river Weser we saw this nice painting of the Bremen skyline:


After walking all through Böttcherstraße we went to the river Weser.





Along the river we went to another famous part of the city: the Schnoor.


It's a very old part of Bremen with very small alleyways and lots of cobblestone.


At the beginning of the Schnoor district we saw a souvenir shop selling different translations of the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen:


Just walking around the Schnoor we came to an end of the district and walking along the street for a couple steps we saw a shop selling Christmas stuff all year round:


I found it a little bit crazy to see Christmas decorations in September, we overheard some people talking about how they wanted to buy something for the upcoming (in 3 months mind you) Christmas celebrations. Well, to each their own!

On our way back to the train station we came by this memorial:


It's a piece of the Berlin Wall. Here in Bremen it is the Monument against War and Violence.

The last thing we saw before walking back to the train station was the Übersee-Museum (overseas museum). It is a Natural History and Ethnographic museum right beside the train station.


It was a wonderful day in Bremen (we had really nice weather too) and we saw soooo much of the city. *phew*

I'll show you another German city next time I'm writing, mom. Katharina said we'll be visiting a friend of hers soon!  :cyclops:

Yours Scritches

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Braunschweig, Germany - 22nd September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey Mom!

Today we took another train and went to Braunschweig (Brunswick) where one of Katharina's friends lives.

She picked us up at the train station and wanted to know what I wanted to see. She said they had nice old buildings. So I agreed to visit some of those.

First we went into the gardens of an old church and wandered around. We had to be careful not to be hit by chestnuts though. And some places were cordoned off by some red and white plastic rope.







Then we went into the city to have something to eat and saw this big old building:


After that we went around to a little recreational area and the Brunswick Cathedral.



On the way back to where Katharina's friend lives we saw the Town Hall. It's a very old and impressive building.


We also saw a statue of a lion. Since the Middle Ages the lion is the symbol of Brunswick.


On our way back we saw more nice buildings:




And we also saw a former ditch around the oldest part of town:


We also some tea at the apartment where Katharina's friend lives, but I was so tired and slept all through everything until we were home again.
I dreamt of one day becoming a big lion like the one we saw! That would be really cool!  B)

Talk to you soon, mom!

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Nordstemmen, Germany - 27th September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey Mom,

today we went by train for only about 10 minutes and got off already again in a little town. Katharina didn't want to tell me where we were headed exactly. She said it should stay a surprise.

First we saw a piece of rail and one tensile axis on top.


The little town of Nordstemmen is famous for its sugar factory. We saw it in the distance on our way out of town.


And then after some more steps I could finally see our destination in the distance up on top of a hill: Marienburg Castle!  :cyclops:


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Schloss Marienburg, Germany - 27th September 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Schloss Marienburg (Marienburg Castle) is situated on top of a hill called Marienberg (Mary's hill) a little way out of the town of Nordstemmen.

So even though I could already see it we had quite some distance to walk still.


After walking through a little forest and up the surprisingly steep hill (which was in fact quite dangerous for us because they probably didn't expect anyone to walk all the way up so they didn't build a sidewalk next to the sharp serpentine curves) we arrived at last.


It's so impressive to see the castle in its full dimension as opposed to from a distance!  :D
We even took a guided tour through the castle, but taking photos was stricly forbidden.  :(

Before the tour we went around the grounds for a little while though. It's beautiful up here!  :D



We also saw this grumpy-looking guy at the gate:


And the castle also has a big tower.


It's possible o climb all the way to the top. We didn't go though because the weather was really cloudy and so the view wouldn't have been too good. It also started to rain a little. So we decided to go home a little earlier than planned...


It was a really nice day and for once we didn't have to travel too far! :)


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