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Travelog for: Scritches

Sülfeld, Germany - 10th December 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Two days ago Toki and I arrived in Germany. We spent such a long time in our envelope, but now we were here.

We went to the Chair where Dicker Kumpel normally is waiting for his guests - but he was not there.

We saw a red bird. He was another guest called MadBird.


We talked a lot.


Today we heard someone opening the door - then we saw the face of a friendly bunny. Dicker Kumpel arrived.


He gave us a warm welcome.


Then he introduced us to the other guests here, they all came from a Cruise in Spain now.


We had a nice afternoon. But before I stop writing I want to show you the weather in Germany.



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Hamburg, Germany - 19th December 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We went to Hamburg today – this was inside the Trainstation.


There was a big Christmas tree in the city.


Look – I loved this view.


I thought about buying something, but a ToyVoyager should travel without many baggage.


This big ball was amazing – there were some monuments of Hamburg on it.


There were more balls from other citys.


Christmas is coming – I am so excited! We will be allowed to help RikeH decorating the Christmas Tree.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 23rd December 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Christmas will be soon – and I was allowed to help decorating the Christmas tree.

RikeH has a lot of Christmas Decorations. 



I really loved this one.


Then the Christmas tree was ready.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: RikeH

Merry Christmas, Mum!

Today it was Christmas. We were waiting on our Chair.


Santa Claus was busy, but fortunately he sent two of his friends. Snowy the friendly snowman and Rudi the famous Reindeer.


I spoke with both, sung a wonderful Christmas Song and then I recited a poem.


They loved it and I got a present.


The others did the same – look, we all received a lot of sweets!



Later I played in the Christmas tree. Of course I was careful. I want to show you the nicest things in the Tree.




I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, too!


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Sülfeld, Germany - 30th December 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum ,

The weather was nice today, so we walked around Sülfeld. Can you see the nice blue sky?


We found a bridge to cross this river – I loved the views.



Later we had a rest in the sunshine.



Then it was time to continue our walk…



Behind me you can see a big tree – Dicker Kumpel loves the Tree – and told us that he has a lot of photos of it.


Mum, I wish you a wonderful new year – and I hope that I will see a lot of the world in 2012!


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Sülfeld, Germany - 31st December 2011

By: RikeH


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Sülfeld, Germany - 5th January 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We had awful weather over the last days – so we decided to play billiard. Dicker Kumpel knew how to play it and explained it to us.


Then I tried it.


It was not so easy, as it looked like when Dicker Kumpel showed it. When we played we saw that MadBird looked like a billiard ball. Look, what we did!




Well – bad luck for the bird.

It was time to explore the room. There must have been horses here in the Past.


I played on this musical instrument.



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Bad Segeberg, Germany - 6th January 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We went to a little town today – it is called Bad Segeberg. We made a walk around a big lake there.


We had really nice views.



It was very sunny – we had problem to take nice photos.


I wanted to climb onto this tree – but RikeH didn’t allow it.


Behind me you can see the hospital – but I am fine.


We went all around this lake, Mum!


We had problems with the sun again, when we made this photo –but hopefully you can see what is on the monument behind me.


Our last stop was in front of the nice church.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 12th January 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Dicker Kumpel received a gift from Murph for Christmas. Today it was time to solve the jigsaw puzzle.
Princess Sarah and I helped him. Wow – there were many pieces.


First we searched the pieces for the border.


We started.


Done – it was not easy!


After one hour we finished it. It was really hard work!



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Sülfeld, Germany - 15th January 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I spent a nice time with Dicker Kumpel – but it was time to say good-bye.


Toki and I will go our own ways now – but hopefully we will see us again in the future!


I got a hug by the other TVs staying here.


Now I am on my way to Hildesheim.


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host's home, Germany - 17th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi Mum, today I could hear sniffing and barking outside my envelope. I was very excited and hoped to meet another dog. When my envelope opened another dog crawled in indeed. :cyclops: She said her name was *-Cookie-* and told me that I had arrived at her home. It was a very short journey and I sure was glad about that. I showed Cookie the card RikeH had put into my envelope with me and we both wondered what the postman had done to my envelope while I was travelling. Can you see the creases in the card and my envelope? :o Luckily I'm made of soft fabric so nothing happened to me! Phew!  :)
Then she told me that NiliHH was also here with us. NiliHH was very excited to hear that I had come from RikeH and I had to tell her everything about home. And later we all sat together and talked. Cookie wanted to hear everathing about our travels because she has never travelled before. I suppose we're lucky she hasn't so we have a friend who can show us around.
Miss you, Mum!


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host's home, Germany - 19th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hi mum,

can you see how bad the weather was the last days? I tried to look for better weather, but didn't see any... :stare: So, we didn't have a chance to see anything more just yet. It's even a little boring. *yawn*


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Hildesheim, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey mum,

this morning Katharina had good news: we would finally go out! :D She wanted to visit her parents for the weekend and had to go out in the rain anyway. So she decided we could make the best of it and take some nice pictures. :cyclops:

After we got off the bus in the city center we went to see St. Andrew's church. The church is really big and you can only about half of it in the picture.

Then we saw the "Huckup". It's a statue of a thief who stole a bag of apples and now his bad conscience is weighing him down heavily (he carries his bad conscience piggyback).

After that we went to see the "Blaues Pferd" (blue horse) which only looks like a real horse from the right angle. Suppose we managed to find the right angle then. ;)

Then we took a look at the ice skating rink set up behind the town hall. It looks really nice and Katharina said that we might go there sometime if the weather gets better. Fingers crossed!

We wanted to take a group picture, but everything was wet and we couldn't sit down. So we went around the town hall and took our picture on the steps in front of it (the only dry spot we could find). Can you see me mum? (If not look in the next picture. ;) )

On our way to the train station we went through the pedestrian zone and went by St. Jacob's church on our way. This church is located right in the middle of the pedestrian zone and is called "city church" because of that.

Then we had to hurry on to get to the train station in time for our train. But we managed to get there and onto the train fine.


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Hanover, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

We had to change trains in Hanover and had some time to take more pictures.

Of course I had to get picture of me with the sign saying "Hanover main station" like a real tourist.

Then I also got a picture with the big sign that tells travelers when and where their trains will depart. Isn't it huge?!?

When we saw that it had stopped raining temporarily we went in front of the station and took a picture with the statue of Ernst August who was once King of Hanover.

Then we had to go back in and take the next train that would take us to our destination.


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Nienburg (Weser), Germany - 20th January 2012

By: -[Dino]-

Hey mum,

these are the last pictures for today.

Here you can see what it looks like around where Katharina lives. There is a lot of forest.

Then something really shocking happened: We passed another train! It was really loud. :o But so cool that I got a picture with the other train on it! :D

We also took another group picture and said good-bye to our wonderful guide *-Cookie-* who would leave us in the afternoon on her first journey to Bavaria.
She became a real friend and I wish her all the best for her travels!

More updates soon.
Miss you mum!


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