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Travelog for: CrazyEye

Essen, Germany - 6th February 2011

By: BlackCat

Heyho world,

here we come. My brothers and me decided to start our travels now. My name is CrazyEye and my brothers are CrazyFace and CrazySmile. We all life in the house of BlackCat with some other toy voyagers. And now we finally decided to start as well.


We are not normal toy voyagers that everyone can host. We are especially for Newbies. We saw that a lot of Newbies have problems with finding a toy to host before they posted some pictures. And we understand that. But thatís the reason why we wanted to start travelling.


We want to give Newbies a chance of showing what they can do. So if you are a Newbie and donít have another toy to host, yet, then write our mum BlackCat. And be sure to have us as a visitor.


We are small and not heavy. We donít know the exact numbers until now, but you will find it in our profile as soon as mum found out how much we weight and how small we are. You can sure send us in a normal envelope, so no need for big postage.


All the other stuff you need to know you will get to know from our mum. Just write her and she will help you!


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Essen, Germany - 7th February 2011

By: BlackCat

Today I was walking around in the flat and looked at all the things I found. In front of a big cage I made a break and watched the budgies of my mum.

She has 6 colourful budgies who are really cute. I was watching them for a while and made a picture.



Aren't they cute? I hope I will get to know a lot pets on my travels. And I hope I will find a Newbie soon, who wants to host me for a little while.

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Mascouche, Canada - 28th February 2011

By: ladybug

Hi mom!

I arrived today, and met with Koori here :) But we only had time to talk a little, because we have bags to pack...

Apparently, we are leaving tomorrow for a few days in New York! I guess I got here right on time O.o !!!!

Talk to you soon, now I'll go and help get everything ready :)

Crazy Eye

IMG_2548 - Copie.JPG

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New York City, U.S.A. - 1st March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi Mom!

Getting to New York takes a long time! Well... not as long as it took me to get to Canada, but still! We left Montreal at about 10:00am, and finally got in New York at around 5:00pm, that was 7 hours in the car!!!

Of course, we stopped on the way once or twice, but when we finally got there, I was ready to walk all night long!!! Or at least, anything but sitting again  :thinking:

Did you know that New York was so HUGE?! I was afraid to get lost, but thankfully Isabelle took great care of me :) 

1.1 mars.JPG
1.2 mars.JPG

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New York Ciry, U.S.A. - 2nd March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi mom, me again!

Today was asian day here... we had a walk around chinatown, and then, went to have lunch in koreatown!

It was funny, really, because koreatown is more like one street... but the fook was great!!!!! We went to a korean BBQ, and they had those tiny tiny fishes... they smelled a lot, but at least they were the perfect size for me :p

And then later, we went to a restaurant called Ninja for dinner. It was nice, with lots of great food! But weird a little too... you will see in the last picture the sushi we ate there. Well, the 4th one (white), it was squid!!! Also, did you know the waiters there, they actually go through a ninja formation, so they are all real ninjas :o!!! But, they really don't like to be taken in pictures, apparently... or maybe they just say that because otherwise they move faster than us with our cameras, I don't know :)

2.1 mars.JPG
2.3 mars.JPG

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New York City, U.S.A. - 3rd March 2011

By: ladybug

Do you know Gordon Ramsey?

He's a reknown chef, mom, and we ate at his restaurant tonight!!! It's called The Maze, and it's at The London NYC (hotel).

Food was awesome!!!!! And... we got a tour of the kichen too!!! But, no pictures taken there to show you, but it was really impressive :)

I think this is turning into a "eat and then walk it off" trip, because that's all we do!!! Not that I'm complaining  B)

Today, we walked Soho and Little Italy, and tomorrow, we are going to cross Central Park, should be nice!

3.1 mars.JPG
3.2 mars.JPG

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New York City, U.S.A. - 4th March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi mom!!!

Central Park is so big!!!! We walked, and walked, and walked, and wal... well, we walked A LOT !!!

But it was very nice too! Hopefully I can go again during the summer, when the trees are full! Or better yet, in fall, so the leaves are all really colorfull  :stare:

So after spending the whole afternoon there, we went and had a small drink, as it was our last night... I am gonna miss this place, really! But hey, after that, I will get to know more about my host's town, so it will be great still :) I'll guess I'll just miss those flashy lights from Times Square ;)

Talk to you soon!!!

4.1 mars.JPG
4.2 mars.JPG
4.3 mars.JPG

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Montreal, Canada - 9th March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi there!

Today Isabelle went shopping for shoes... but then along the way she found me a bed ;)


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Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada - 12th March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi mom!

Yesterday Clarence arrived here, and he got here right on time, since this weekend Isabelle was at a winter camp with her scouts and we left only one hour after we greeted him...

We only just got back, and Koori, Clarence and I had so much fun!!!! But let me tell you, this week end was exhausting ;)

Talk to you soon!


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Montreal, Canada - 15th March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi Mom!!!

Isabelle took Clarence and I to a professional hockey game tonight, that was exciting!!!

The Montreal Canadiens were going up against the Washington Capitals, but unfortunately, Montreal lost. Isabelle said it is not surprising since they didn't really play well today. Usually they are much better, and they did win their last 6 games...

Hope I get to go to another one again... one where the home team wins :) But they say Montreal is the best, because hockey here is like football in Spain and Germany...

Also, Isabelle said we are going to Quebec city this weekend... there is an event happening there on Saturday, it is called the Red Bull Crashed Ice. I didn't even know they had bulls here!!! When I told Isabelle that, she just laughed, and then explained that Red Bull is the company that organises the event. Oh well... I guess I'll see what it's all about soon enough!

I'll tell you about it when we come back!

Love you!


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Essen, Germany - 22nd October 2011

By: BlackCat

As the first CrazyEye didn't come back home, I am replacing him.


Not sure if I will start traveling soon, but as there are so many new toys, I guess I will...


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Weilburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Noisy


I have had a real good travel to Weilburg.

When I reached my hodt, I thought I'll become a heart attack.
There was a mouse nibbling my cover!
I thought she would eat me.
But she was so curious about my visit, she couldn't wait to see me... :D

And...there was another cover reaching right with me.

The little mouse and I have help Glacy to get out of it.

Now we are three TV's and I can't wait, what we will experience!

I will give you more news next time, now we have to hurry up to go to the supermarket.

Lovely greetings


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Weilburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Noisy

Hey Mom!

Glacy,the penguin, is soooo :o big, she can carry me under her arm!

There is a lot to explore at my new host! Noisy is not only the name of my host-mom, but of her dog, too! Noisy, the dog is very cute - but not interested in  cuttling with us. So we let her sleep.

My new friends and I have watched a map of Weilburg. I don't know, which attraction we will vistit first. But it doesn't matter, they all would be great!

Tomorrow we want to help at the cowshed!!!

Now I want to go to bed, I'm very tired of all the new impressions.

Sleep well and don't be worried, it is all fine!



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Weilburg, Germany - 2nd November 2011

By: Noisy


A ladybird!


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Weilburg, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: Noisy

...early in the morning it is quite quiet...


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