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Travelog for: Petunia

At home, Nuuksio, Finland - 27th March 2011

By: Eohippus

Good day to all TV:s and their hosts and mentors!  :D

I have just waken up after the long metamorphosis as some kind of insect.
I remember vaguely being a larvae and eating and eating and eating the juicy leaves of some plant, and after that sleeping long and having soft, calm dreams inside some kind of cosy pod.  :thinking:

Now I have waken up as a totally different kind of being - I have wings and legs and antennas on my head, and I don´t feel at all hungry or sleepy anymore!  :D

I feel like trying the possibilities of this new form of existence -  what is this new body able to do and what kind of hings is there to be seen and experienced!  B)

Henna, the human being living here, who told me that she is my mentor, says that at the moment it is for some reason impossible to load an avatar here for me, maybe it is the page or maybe her own comp who is being difficult, who knows..  :o  maybe it will be possible a bit later though.

Henna lead me to my first adventure - just out of this cottage we are living, to see how the world looks outside.

It is all so different now!  :o In my memories from my larvaehood everything was so green, smelly and splendid and full of life! I couldn´t understand what has happened to the world while I was sleeping!

Phew! Henna told me this only something called "winter" and with time it will go over and everything will become green and warm again  and then the winter will come again and then again the green period called summer. That was the first thing I have learned!  :D

Then I saw that here are some green plants growing now too, in middle of all the whiteness, and that made me happy.  :D Henna told me the plants are trees called spruces, and that they are green troughout the whole cykle of the year.
I´m glad about he existence of spruces! And! I had learned allready two things!

The next interesting thing I learned to know was this wonderful thing called a "swing" !  :D
I really liked the feeling in my little belly when the swing was swinging back and forth! I think it must be something similar to fly. Maybe I will learn to do that one day too - I have wings, although they need to grow more before I can try, and though I´m not sure if I belong to a species which is SUPPOSED to learn to fly!  :o

Henna said that i didn´t need to worry about that - that many people (and creatures) do things they even are not supposed to be able to do, and thus go over the expectations of others.

Then happened something surprising again!
There was this other creature landing suddenly on the swing I was sitting upon!  :)
I was watching it but could not decide what kind of toy it was! From the look of it it could have been an insect too.. ..fluffy belly, wings, funny teeth.. but no, I thought it still propably was somekind of mammal, and I was right!

The creature introduced herself as being a TV too, and quite new born too, and that she is a mammal called "bat" and that her name is Veronica.  :D

I introduced myself too, and then we were swinging together, and I think I just made my first friend! isn´t that great!  :p


Veronica then took me to have some refreshments into a little kazebo which is in use of the TV:s living and visiting here.
There I also met Ursel HH, the TV staying with Henna at the moment. She is really friendly creature too, a mammal called "mouse".
I think I am really going to like this new life I have popped into!

I´ll tell you more soon! Now I´ll have my coffee with my new friends. 

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At home, Nuuksio, Finland - 30th March 2011

By: Eohippus

Good day, folks!  :D

Great news! I´m starting my world -rummaging!  :D
I´m leaving today, and henna already hang this Toyvoyager ID tag onto my neck.

Orkku Orava left yesterday for her first trip, and so the other toys were singing the "jolly good fellow" for us two and making lots of fuss about us..  :D


My new tag I´, proud of!  :D

Here I go!!! See you soon again!

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Mönchengladbach, Germany - 10th April 2011

By: eurydike

I just wanna say a short HELLO HOME!!!
I feel good in Germany! The weather is fine and my host was so happy about the choco!! I should say a BIG THANK YOU to you!!!
In the next days I ll show you a few pictures!!
Take care,

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Domburg, Netherlands - 26th April 2011

By: eurydike

Oh, we had a great time in the Netherlands.
We enjoyed the weather on the sea and had a lot of fun.
My new friends did a lot of jokes with me.
and then they got a beer and I was in the sand... so angry because I also wanted to drink a little bit beer  :o
But finally I also got a little bit  :D
The sea is so nice. I was on the "Hoge Hill" the highest point (dune) in Domburg. A great view!
and we took a sunbath ;)
At least I saw a lighthouse.

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Mönchengladbach, Germany - 15th May 2011

By: eurydike

Hey Mummy,
I´m sorry, that I didn´t write so often. I´ve a lot of fun in Germany and my host is waiting for her marriage, so she has a lot to do :)

But now I wanna show you some impressions of the last weeks :)

We visited the Library and took some books for the hosts lessons. She is a teacher.
and then we drove to Düsseldorf. We ate something and watched old cars.
http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/eurydike1/CIMG1689.jpg *YAMMY
My hosts car isn´t a Cabrio but we wanted to drive outside...
We sat there but... she said we have to come in  :(
Our host was a little bit confused, when we used her wardrobe
WE HAD A LOT OF FUN  :rolleyes: :p
(we had to be fast because it wasn´t allowed to photograph)
My mission to meet other real animals was easy... I felt a little bit in love with a cow
She was called ERNA

Take care

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Wedding in Mönchengladbach, Germany - 4th June 2011

By: eurydike

Hello to you :)
We celebrated a great wedding day with my hosts...
The host dad was to shy to come on the pictures but the bride was happy to celebrate with me :)))

The best thing of the evening was to eat :)
The wedding cake was too good

My clique and me we enjoyed this painting what the friends did for my hosts
And I took care of a few presents (and had to take care of the ballon... I LOVE IT) http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/eurydike1/P1040382.jpg (I´m not abl to turn the pic) :(

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Boom, Belgium - 12th June 2011

By: eurydike

Hey Mommy,
we had a great time in Belgium with the scouts.
First the weather wasn´t fine and my host was sick but then it was a great weekend.
We went to Belgium by bus.
It was so much fun and everywhere German scouts (11-16 years old) and of course the leaders ...
The first night was cold and it was pretty good to sleep with my friends so we could warm each other :)
In the morning I enjoyed the silence because I woke up really early. So I took the time to read a book. But this was the last time for reading.
In this camp, called Intercamp were around 2500 scouts from different countries (England, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, America, Canada, Tschechien, Poland and Germany).
It was a great view from the banner and gaming point to the tents
The Intercamp flag was yellow like the sun
and so much children played ... me too :)
My host printed a T-Shirt with the Intercamp 2011 Logo and I tried to wear it, but it was a bit to small ;)
and she let me use her Gilwell ... WOWWWWWW
It was a great time at Intercamp 2011.

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Temuco, Chile - 14th September 2011

By: Leslie

Hi Mum!

I arrived in Chile finally!!!  :cyclops:

I heard some noise outside my envelope, and some voices saying that I might be a toyvoyager, and yes! I am a toyvoyager!


Then some light and fresh air got in, at last!  :D


The ones who opened my envelope welcomed me and introduced themselves, they are Fiona Yenien and  Timothy III.  :) They said Leslie had been talking about me lately and saying that I might be lost. How awful would that be!  :o


And something else came in the mail today, a lovely postcard from Ranil, written in spanish! How cool is that!


from Chile, finally!  :rolleyes:

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Temuco, Chile - 16th September 2011

By: Leslie

Hello äiti!

I just learned that the independence day of Chile is on September 18, so everything is already decorated, the streets, the stores, everything.

Today we went to a mall and look what a nice decoration they had!  :rolleyes:



We entered a supermarket and there was a folkloric group singing cueca inside!!  :D


And then Timothy and Fiona said they wanted to give me what they called "a proper welcome" so they took me to eat some cheesecake  :p


I heard that we might be traveling somewhere tomorrow, but Leslie hasn't told us anything official yet... so who knows :thinking:

See you!
Petunia  :)

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Temuco, Chile - 17th September 2011

By: Leslie

Leslie told us we'll travel to Puerto Montt, a city in the south, tonight, to spend the national day there tomorrow! :D
We helped hanging a big flag in the garden and got a little patriotic as you can see  ;)





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Todos los Santos lake, Chile - 18th September 2011

By: Leslie

Hi mum!  Today is the independence day!  :D
We slept on a bus last night and woke up in Puerto Montt today in the morning!  :rolleyes:

This is the view from the house we are staying at! Very very beautiful, don't you think so!? :cyclops:



But we didn't spend the day here, we went to a beautiful lake called Todos los Santos, to celebrate eating skewers :p

On our way we saw Calbuco volcano, which looks more like a big mountain to me, but it is a volcano, at least that's what Leslie said...




Here it is!! Todos los Santos lake!  :D


We are standing on volcanic rocks!


By the way, look at the beautiful snowy mountains back there!


We went to a picnic table right there in the lakeside and helped with the skewers!


Yummy! I think I am more of a carnivore kind of instect!  :p



Later we went to the Petrohué waterfalls which are the river mouth of Todos los Santos lake.








We were surrounded by these huge mountains, it was very beautiful!  :rolleyes:


I really enjoyed this independence day even if we didn't get to see any national traditional stuff!  :rolleyes:


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Puerto Montt, Chile - 19th September 2011

By: Leslie

Hi Mum!

Today we wanted to see the city where we are, so we got ready to go on a little city tour!  ;)



First we went to a high viewpoint where we could see all the gulf and a part of the city... there was an extremely cold wind up there!!




Then we went to the main square which is by waterfront! in fact all the city centre is by the waterfront! It's very nice!

There were three flags, the chilean one in the middle and the other two are Puerto Montt flags.


I liked this monument very much. It shows the arrival of the settlers to the south of Chile.


Next to the sqare there was this nice church with a huge dome made of copper!


We sat to rest for a little while on a bench with a nice mosaic in the backrest :rolleyes:


And I found this nice fish mosaic in another bench!


Then we kept walking through the waterfront...



This huge monument is called "sentados frente al mar" (seated by the sea). This couple is very famous and they even have their own song!!



Then we headed to the port area, where all the fishing boats and some ferries were.



There were some stands selling seafood... This crab caught my attention!  :stare:


Then we went back home...
What a nice day we had!

But we weren't tired enough to let the day end already...  B)

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Puerto Varas, Chile - 19th September 2011

By: Leslie

Later in the night we went to Puerto Varas, a very touristic and beautiful city, famous for its casino and church ...and guess what... I went to both!  :D


First I wasn't very lucky...


Hmm... Not bad!  :D



And then we won quite a big amount!  ;)
We decided to give some to Leslie to thank her for her hospitality, and spend the rest ourselves!  :D

I'm having such a good time here!


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Bellavista, Chile - 20th September 2011

By: Leslie

Hi mum!

Today we went to a parcel called Bellavista (which means beautiful view).
First we drove down a road by Llanquihue lake for about one hour.


This is it. I think the name really fits the place!


Look at that! Llamas! Just like Fiona!  :rolleyes:



Wow, so close!


I could almost touch her!  :D


Then I went to visit the other animals around, there were emus, sheep and cute lambs, but they were behind a fence.


I got closer to take a better look at the emu  :rolleyes:


But he wasn't too friendly... he just stood up and left...


Anyway, it was a very nice day!


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Calbuco, Chile - 22nd September 2011

By: Leslie

Hi Mum!

Today we went to a little town called Calbuco which is half on an island and half on the continent.

On our way we stopped at this lagoon. Leslie said that many birds from far away come here to breed and this is the season when you can see them!




I went ahead to hear the birds singing...


And then the others came along to join me  :rolleyes:
The singing of the birds was very loud and relaxing!


Then we all moved closer to the water to see if we could find a baby bird or eggs...



But we found nothing... All the birds went away as we approached. But still, what a nice place this is!  :)


Then we kept driving to Calbuco and on our way we did some stops to take photos  :rolleyes:


Those are Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes back there.


There were some nice sheep and lambs by the road  :rolleyes:


And then we got to Calbuco finally!


Here I am crossing the bridge that joins the continent with the island.


This is the main square, back there is the main church, there is a very nice view from up here!



This is the view from the square, very nice, I told you!



What a nice day!


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