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Travelog for: PinkLady

Alkmaar, Netherlands - 26th February 2011

By: Cyn


My name is PinkLady, and i would love to tell you something about myself. My mum Cyn bought me in a toyshop yesterday, cause she thought that i deserve some travelling around the world.


I'm excited she choose me, cause within 1 week we will go on a trip to Kenya!  B) How cool is that! After that trip i will try to find a host who can teach me more of her/his country!

Cyn know hows to raise TV's, she was a member before, and she had 2 tv's, but they got lost.. :( How sad.. Please keep a moment of silence for Cutie and Miss-Flo

She decided this weekend to start again, and here we are :D

Thanks for reading and see you soon! :)



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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 27th February 2011

By: Cyn

Oh my god! I even got my own page now!

I think i will be one of the most famous bunnies in the Netherlands  B)


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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 7th March 2011

By: Cyn

Hi guys!

I'm so excited! I'm going to Kenya today! My mum will go on for a holiday there for 2 weeks. We will be on a safari for 1 week, and after that we will be going to the beach for 1 week!

Can't wait to be there! Also one of my life missions will be completed!  B)

See you soon from Kenya!

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Mombasa, Kenya - 8th March 2011

By: Cyn

I arrived! Wow! :D It's so hot in here!

We had a great flight yesterday, it was long, but it was ok. We first went to Cyprus to get some new fuel, and about 9pm we arrived at Mombasa International Airport  B)

We had one night at the Reef Hotel in Mombasa, and today we are going to Tsavo West N.P. :D


Will update as soon as possible!

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Amboseli N.P., Kenya - 10th March 2011

By: Cyn

Jambo my friends!

It's so wonderfull in here! Can't tell you how much i am enjoying Kenya!  :rolleyes: We allready saw a lot of animals, but everytime my mummy forgets to make pictures with me on it.. So she decided to make a picture in the bus, with me in front.. :D


We saw lot's of elephants in here! So i want to show you!



After Amboseli N.P. we will go to Nairobi (it must be one of the most criminal towns in Africa, so i am a little scared), after Nairobi we will go to Lake Nakuru, and last but not least Masai Mara  B)

Ohhh and i have seen Mount Kilimanjaro here! It's such a cool mountain!  :p

I'm still soooo excited! :)

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Nairobi / Masai Mara, Kenya - 13th March 2011

By: Cyn

Jambo from hot Kenya!

It's our last day of the safari, and we have seen all of the big 5!!  B)
We have seen lots of lions, buffalo's, impala's and we even have seen a cheetah!  B)


It was a great safari, tomorrow we will be going to Mombasa Beach, and i think mommy will not take pictures over there..


When i'm back home mummy will try to find a host for me, so i can travel around the world by myself! How cool is that!?  :rolleyes:

Kwa Heri! (means Bye is Swahili!)

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Alkmaar, The Netherlands - 2nd April 2011

By: Cyn

Hi all!

Well i'm allmost 2 weeks home now, so i will show you my pictures from the past trip to Kenya!

It was amazing!!  B)

Me at the balcony at the Lake Nakuru Lodge:


Hanging around at the Safari Park Hotel at Nairobi:


Just some plants in our hotel at Masai Mara:


Well as you all can see, it was amazing!

And i have great news! Mum found a host at Singapore, so i will go on a trip very soon!  B)


Pink Lady

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 20th May 2011

By: Cyn

I've been so busy the last time.. My mum Cyn moved out of her parents house.. so she didn't had time to send me to another country..

But she will send me soon! Really soon i will go to Italy..  B)

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 4th November 2011

By: Cyn

Well, im still in the Netherlands.. My mom didn't have a lot of time.. So she stopped ToyVoyagers for a while..

But i hope to find a host soon, so i can travel the world!  B)

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 6th November 2011

By: Cyn

Hi Guys!!!

I'm so excited!!! I have a brother! Meet BlueBunny.. He's just like me, but he's a boy!! :)


So i showed him my own Toyvoyager page, and told him to sign up.. So he did! :)


Also i met Hippa she is soooo cute! She also has plans to go visit the world!! :)


I also playes a round a bit today, my mum loves wildlife, and i have been playing with some animals today!


For now on it's enough! Tomorrow i will go on my first trip without my mummy!!!  :p

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Castricum, Netherlands - 8th November 2011

By: Cyn

Oh my god! I'm going on a trip today!!! Mummy is sending me to Nat in Germany. Can't wait to finally meet her!  :rolleyes:

Offcourse i'm a bit sad aswell.. I just met my new brother BlueBunny and sister Hippa 2 days ago, and i allready have to say goodbye to them!



I gave them a huge hug and told them that i hope to see them again one day!

Also i met 2 Kenyan people which came with me to Holland. I have to say goodbye to them aswell!!


And now.. i have to go!! I hope i will have a save journey and arrive soon at Nat's place, because it's so dark in here!



Bye for now, can't wait to tell you my stories from Germany!!

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Ratingen, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: RedSwan

Hello mummy,

I finally arrived at my hosts home. It took longer than I thought but now here I am. It was a friendly and warm welcome by Mr Scraps and OttoLux.

Both opened my envelope and saw me inside

So they helped my to come out and we took our first picture together :)
http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0002.jpg http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0003.jpg

Then I took the postcard and gave it to my host. She was really happy to get one :) She liked it especially with the "Groeten uit Noord-Holland"

That's it for today. I'm really tired and my host mummy is sick. But I already miss you!

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Ratingen, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: RedSwan

Hello mummy,

today we went to a christmas basar of a school for mentally and physically handicapped students. At first we had to go by bus.
http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0005.jpg http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0006.jpg

As we left the bus we had to go a bit - around 3 minutes - and on the way we found this sign. I guess you know what it means.

Finally we arrived at the "Helen Keller Förderschule". I also just hang around with Mr. Scraps
http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0009.jpg http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0010.jpg

We went inside and looked a bit around about what they're selling. Afterwards my host had a soup.

Afterwards we played hide and seek and I hide myself behind a flower.

Then we already left and went to a shop for christmas. I found this funny hat and had to wear it. Do you like it?

In the end we went to a playground where we played. I climbed up the climbing wall.

I had a great day and miss you! Send you lots of love from Germany,

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Ratingen, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: RedSwan

Hey mummy,

I'm pretty well although I had a quite stressful day. My host mum changed her minor subject of her studies from Musicology to German Studies. So she had to learn really hard for German. I and of course the other Voyagers decided to help her with her major. So everyone of us got a different subject to study on. My subject was called "Introduction to English Medieval Studies." It seems to be quite interesting as my host mum wanted to choose the same subject in German as well.

So I read with the others.

In the evening her girlfriend came around for watching a movie. So we decided to watch a queer one and both of them gave us four movies we had to choose. At first I had a look on my own, later on we decided together which one we wanted to watch. So we came up with "But I'm A Cheerleader".
http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0016.jpg http://home.arcor.de/uhhuhherpics01/pinklady_0018.jpg

Oh, btw that's us in front of a queer banner.

That's it for today,
Love and miss you
Pink Lady

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Ratingen, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: RedSwan

Hello home,

today my host showed me her part of Ratingen, she lives. It's called Ratingen - Homberg and is the second smallest part. It has around a population of 5500 people. But I don't know how many cows, pigs and stuff like that. I'm really surrounded by fields. If it wouldn't be that cold and if my host mum would have more time, we'd go for a walk into the fields. Maybe tomorrow or so?!?

First of all: This is the oldest church in Ratingen. It's said to be older that 1,000 years. Amazing, isn't it? It's the catholic one.

We turned around and I saw the hill we had to go up first with this amazing old framehouse.

These are also old houses. One of them as it's one fountain. Actually in the white one is the library of the catholic church.

We went much higher and found the youngest church in Ratingen. Is going to be 100 years next year. It's the protestant one.

That's what I saw from Homberg, as it doesn't have anything more. Okay and we had to go to university so we hadn't any more time. But I hope I will see more.

In the evening my host had to had a look for new ballet classes as she can't dance in her old balletschool anymore. So we got ready. Do you see me with those pointe shoes? She really has to dance on it.

But she also allowed us to play with her clothes.

Don't be afraid. I don't wanna do ballet.

Miss you,

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