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Travelog for: Nook

Mechterstädt, Germany - 9th April 2011

By: iloveletters

Hello world - Here I come!

My name is Nook - the Husky. I am a Teenie Beanie Baby and new to the world of Toyvoyagers. The next days I want to discover my surroundings here in Germany, but afterwards I want to see the world.

If you would like to host me and show me where you live, get in touch with my mom. Send a private message to plan my next and first journey. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 16th June 2011

By: iloveletters

Let's start travelling.

I am off to my first host. It is vickgr in the UK!


I will go on my journey tomorrow and I am looking forward to my stay in the UK.



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Host's Home, England - 20th June 2011

By: vickygr

Today I arrived in England and to my host's home in a small country village.

My host was very grateful to receive myself and the sweeties I came with! :-D  Thank you iloveletters !!!

I also met my host's newest TV - Alex_Lion.  He's a lion, but very young - so he didn't scare me at all!

The cat, Bramble, was a bit worrying.  She says 'Hello' by batting me.  My host moved me quite quickly before things turned nasty.  I think the cat was only trying to play, but I'm too small!


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Host's Home, England - 21st June 2011

By: vickygr

I got to meet another ToyVoyager!  Pinky Bear is an experienced traveller and it was fasinating for me to meet her.

I also got to meet some of my hosts other (BIGGER) toys!

First I met a big purple dog  :stare: and then King of the Toys, Bunny...  :o


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Spitalfields Market and London, England - 26th June 2011

By: vickygr

Today I went to London with my host's mum and my host's mum's boyfriend.  They kindly agreed to take me with them so I could see the sites.

Here is me holding my ticket very tight!


I liked these journals in Spitalfields Market!


I also liked these head bands...


I made a friend at one of the stalls... He was a big and fluffy llama!


After the market we were all very thirsty - it had been an increadibly hot day; the sweat poured off us!!  So we stopped for some coffee and some water.

My host hates coffee, but her mum loves it.  i think it is.. okay!


On the bus I saw lots of things through the window, including Nelson's Column and red buses...

We also visited St Paul's Cathedral, which is very grand and spectacular.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside, but here is me sitting on the sign.

Just outside London Victoria, waiting for the train home.

I had a great day and I love London.  There is so much to see and do.  I wish we had time to do more....

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London Film and Comoic Con, England - 9th July 2011

By: vickygr

My host took me to London Film and Comic Con, but it wasn't very good!

There were a handful of stands selling things and a few actors from the 1980s charging huge amounts to talk to them.  We went up and down the Anima aisles, which were good but too expensive!  And stared at some famous people from a distance.  All the goo talks were on the Sunday, but our tickets were for the Saturday!

Then my host rounded up her friends and we decided to leave.  The parking for just two hours cost £15!  So unfortunately, it wasn't a successful trip. :-( 

Oh well onwards and upwards!

Nook ^_^

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Yalding Village, England - 18th July 2011

By: vickygr

My host decided to show me around her little village.  Here are the photos from our day:


This is the war memorial, usually a bunch of kids sit on it, but today it was quiet and peaceful.


This is the bus stop that my host has waited at most weeks for ten years now!!!!  She used to get the bus to school, but now she uses it to meet friends in town.


This was a sneaky photo.  My host thought this garden looked so pretty that she wanted a picture of me with it, but she doesn't know the people who live in the house so she took it and moved on quite quickly!


This is me sitting on top of a bench taking a little break.


My host decided to show me the local church.  I liked the little shield on the gate.


This is the inside of the church.  It was empty and echoed - we didn't stay too long, but I liked to see it.


The last picture.  Me looking at the river.  It is very beautiful this time of year with lots of flowers.

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In the Postal System, Unknown - 22nd July 2011

By: vickygr

I have left my first host and am somewhere I do not know where.  It is dark in this envelope, but I'm on my way to The Netherlands! ^_^

I'm looking forward to meeting my new host!  Goodbye Yalding!  :thinking:

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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 29th July 2011

By: Paulette088

Hello everybody!

Today I arrived safely at my new host! Her name is Paulette and she lives in Spijkenisse. That is a small city in Holland, near Rotterdam.

I was very happy when she released me from the envelope I was in. It was very hot and dark in there! Now I can stretch my legs and see where I am  :D


Paulette was very happy with the presents I took with me. She really likes the sweets and the nice 'thank you' card!

Well, I got very hungry on my trip, so I looked for something to eat. I saw some nice food, so I began to eat.. All I didn't know was that the food I was eating belonged to a very hungry (and after I stole it, very ANGRY!) pussycat... Oh no!



After Paulette saved me from the cat, I met a very nice rabbit. She did want to share her food with me, but I really don't like vegetables. So I said thank you and I promised her to come and play later this week.


I heard Paulette and her boyfriend Koen will have pizza tonight, so I am very excited! I hope I will have a slice too!

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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 29th July 2011

By: Paulette088

Yeah! I got my slice of pizza! I really liked them both!


After we had our pizza, we went for some grocery shopping. We got there by car, it wasn't very far.


The local supermarket was really big! I hold on to the shoppingcart very well, because I was really afraid to get lost  :o


When we were back home, we watched "Hollands Got Talent" on the TV. There we're a lot of talented people in that!

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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 30th July 2011

By: Paulette088

Tonight we were having a nice time hanging out in my hosts favorite Café! I had some nice drinks. Paulette en Koen let me taste some real Dutch beer, called "Hertogh Jan" It really tasted wonderfull!


After the beer I tasted a delicious cocktail, I drunk it all!


After all those alcoholic drinks we got very hungry, luckily there were free peanuts  :D


I got a little bit sick and I didn't walk very straight when we went home, but I did have a real good time!

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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 31st July 2011

By: Paulette088

Good afternoon!

After the night out we slept very long! After waking up we went out to do a geocache. It's really fun! My hosts mother in law and Koen came with us.

We started from home and then we got there on bike


On the tour we puzzeled where we had to go next, we also saw some nice spots in Spijkenisse. The parks are really beautiful!


After we walked and biked 3,5 km, we found the hidden cache! Yeaahh!


We wrote our names on the log inside the cache, so the next person who finds it will know we where there!

Right now we are home, tonight we will go to my hosts parents in law for a BBQ. Koen his brothers will be there with their wifes and kids. I am looking forward to meet them!

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Rozenburg, Netherlands - 4th August 2011

By: Paulette088


It's been a while since you heard from me! I am doing fine, we had a very busy week, but now we have some time to update my travelog!

Today we visited Paulette's sister Hanneke. She's very kind and she gave me a warm welcome.

We went shopping, Paulette needed some food for her rabbit and guinea-pigs and she had to do some grocery shopping.

It wasn't a very exciting day for me, but in the evening, after dinner, I got a wonderful smoothie! Hanneke made it herself, and I did like it very well! After all that fruit I felt really healthy  ;)


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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 5th August 2011

By: Paulette088

Today I helped with the cooking stuff. Paulette doesn't like it very much, so I decided to try!


We had a nice meal, with a chickenburger kind of thing, baked potatoes and vegetables.

After our dinner I helped Koen with the dishes.


I wanted to try a ride in the dishwasher, but Paulette and Koen didn't know if that was a very good idea... They we're afraid I would drown, so they got me out of it. Right now I'm very happy I didn't stay in the dishwasher, because the plates we're very hot when we put them in the closet!

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Spijkenisse, Netherlands - 12th August 2011

By: Paulette088

Here I am again!

Right now I'm helping Paulette with her postcrossing-cards. We're trying to find a nice card for every person she's going to send a card to.
She says I can draw the lines to her chaincard. I really try to draw them as good as possible, so everyone has a place to be creative on the card. She showed me some examples of previous chaincards and it looks very cool!


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