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to travel with trains, buses, trams, anything that moves! :-D COMPLETE

To spend time in peoples dollhouses!

To see different lanscapes, forests, different homes.

Just to have fun. :-)

Get civilazed, cultural little squirrel. ;-)

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Travelog for: Orkku Orava

At home, Nuuksio, Finland - 22nd November 2010

By: Eohippus

I am at home with the nice lady who gives me nuts, and her cats.
I just wanted to announce that I have just got my voyager ID and soon I am ready to start my adventures.  ;)



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Nuuksio, Finland - 8th March 2011

By: Eohippus

Hello!  :D

I´m still here at home - I have been keeping company to Ursel HH who is visiting us, and we have been doing lots of interesting things together.

After couple of weeks I´m maybe leaving for my first trip to germany, and i´m rather exited.  :) I´ve been asking advise from Ursel about travelling.


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Nuuksio, Finland - 10th March 2011

By: Eohippus


Look what a little cutie chicken i found today!

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At home, Nuuksio, Finland - 27th March 2011

By: Eohippus

Hi again everyone!  :D

Here I am still.  :rolleyes: On the other hand, I would like to start my travelling soon, but on the other hand.. we have had so much fun with Ursel HH during her visit, that I have not been in any hurry to go anywhere!  :D

We have been doing all sort of trips, to forest and islands and museums and so on.. as a squirrel I of course love the forest and trees most!


We have been climbing and investigating so many trees!


And other kind of places!  :rolleyes:


But I guess soon it is time to see new landscapes!  :D

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At home, Nuuksio, Finland - 29th March 2011

By: Eohippus

  :D Hi again!

I just came here to tell that today I´m leaving for my first trip and I´m so exited!  :D

We had a great farewell evening yesterday - we were overnighting on an island in a little hut we built of branches.



Today I was saying good buy to all my friends. I hope I will meet Ursel again somewhere in the world.  :)




Petunia, the young insect of unknown species is going to travel very soon too!

Everybody was wishing us safe travelling.  :)
I´m going to see odd pinecones and new kind of nuts and other toys! Yippee!  :D


See you soon!

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Bump's Home, Singapore - 11th April 2011

By: Erulisse

After a looooong journey, I finally came to a stop.  Where... am... I??

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

ooo I hear noise... then I see light.... more movement and soon I was free from the box that I traveled here in.  As my eyes gradually adjusted to the sudden glare of artificial light, I became aware of my surroundings.  I'm in a strange room and standing right beside me is a strange round creature who introduced himself as Little Bump - a fellow ToyVoyager!

Bump is weird and waaaay clumsy.  He fell down just as we were having our photograph taken >_<"


I learned from Bump that I have arrived in Singapore - a small country in South East Asia.  We chatted for a bit.  Bump spoke to me more about life in Singapore and I was introduced to all the other toys living here. 

Oh wow!  Look who I met - Chucky from the American horror movie Child's Play... and there are two of them!


Despite their scary outlook, the two Chuckys are really down-to-earth nice guys... totally unlike the characters they portrayed in the movie series.  I was charmed and totally star struck.

I noticed a window in the room and hopped over to take a look at the outside.  It was night, but there's alot of light coming in.  I was stunned by what I saw.  There were lights, lots of them.  Coming from the high-rise buildings outside.  And omg... I'm on the 15th floor!  The view from up here is beautiful.  I've never seen anything like this before... this is what I saw:


Admittedly, the photograph turned out kinda weird.  The sky ended up with an orange-reddish hue which isn't an accurate representation of what I saw.  The actual sky was pretty normal.  My host apologized for it as her camera wasn't a good one and had issues when taking pictures with night mode.

Anyway that's all for today.  It is past midnight.  Think I better get some rest.  Am gonna enjoy taking a walk around the apartment tomorrow.  Wonder who else I'll meet.  Till then!

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In the West, Singapore - 13th April 2011

By: Erulisse

I was told by Bump that where we live, is the "Central Business District" of Singapore.  It's the "city" area of the country, where there are many office buildings, shopping malls and much traffic.  This day, I went with Erulisse to visit a friend at the West side of Singapore - a residential area.  I understand from Bump that residential areas in Singapore are much quieter than the city area where we live, and that I can expect to be exposed to a different scene.

We travelled there via the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), one of the modes of public transport in the country.  This is me, at Pioneer MRT station.  The train ride was fun!  There were so many stations - some underground, some above.  Unfortunately, as it was rush hour, I didn't manage to take a photograph in the train.  It was so crowded and everyone looked so grumpy!


The journey took slightly more than half an hour, and as I got out of the station, I understood what Bump meant by this area being different.  There are still many buildings.  But this time, its clusters of blocks and blocks of flats.  I wonder how many people actually live here!


Back home, I was introduced to the family cat.  Meow.  It was a challenge getting him to stay still enough for the camera!  After about 10 tries... success!


Then I went to have some dinner.  Erulisse's mum cooked us a simple meal of rice, vegetables, fried fish & some canned soup.  It's certainly different from what I always eat, and it was good!  Much better than how it looks... haha.  I learnt that rice is pretty much the staple food here.  Most people have rice as part of their meals at least once a day.  A common alternative is noodles - will try that some day!


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Utsjoki, Finland - 11th July 2011

By: Eohippus

Hello everyone!!  :D

After my long and pleasant stay in Singapore with Erulisse, Bump and Meow I returned to Finland to take part in an expedition to Lappland with Henna and the toyvoyager gang.

I just put here some pics from our trip before I leave for my next destination in Germany.
Many thanks for invating me, iloveletters! It was very kind.  :)

Here our gang is on the shore of the immense lake Saimaa.

http://i3.aijaa.com/b/00791/8300026.jpg Here we are wondering the river Teno which forms the border between Finland and Norway up north in Lappland.

Henna always commands us for this group photos - she says she does it mainly to count us to know we are all still around, because we run to different directions all the time.  :rolleyes:

Here we are hopping from stone to stone on the Porsanger river in the norwegian Lappland.
There was so many mosquitoes we HAD to hop all the time!  :thinking:

This is already from our trip back to southern Finland - a nice day we spent on a little beach playing in the sand and eating lots of icecream.  :p

Now I have to go to pack my things for the next trip.
I´m a busy squirrel don´t you know!  ;)

See you soon!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 19th July 2011

By: iloveletters

Hello mommy!

I arrived in Germany today, safe and comfortable.


iloveletters says: " Thanks for the chocolate bar! "


This afternoon we stayed at home.
I had a look around, they have a nice garden.


I met Owen - a TV which is also staying here. Unfortunately his mom does not get into touch so he is kind of stranded here...


Then we printed some photos and my host makes a photo album for her mother.



And then there is this update to the toyvoyager site.


Byebye for now!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 22nd July 2011

By: iloveletters

During the last days we stayed inside because the weather is terrible, too cold and rainy for summer!

What I did:

learning French with my host


sleeping with the cats Bonnie and Clyde


playing the guitar and singing


Enjoying myself!

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Erfurt, Germany - 25th July 2011

By: iloveletters

My host and I went for a short trip to Erfurt today. Erfurt is the capital of the federal state Thuringia and is about 50 km from Mechterstädt.

We went by train....


And then took a stroll through town and did some shopping.



There are nice old buildings here.


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Mechterstädt, Garden, Germany - 27th July 2011

By: iloveletters

We had a BBQ the other day!

Unfortunately the weather is too bad at the moment.
I want summer!

Prepare grill - check.




Prepare table - check.


Let's start!


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Amerika , Germany - 31st July 2011

By: iloveletters

As you can read mom: I went to Amerika!

Well... not the real one.
I have to admit that there is a small village near my hosts hometown Penig which is called Amerika. And this is where we spent the weekend.

We took part in a OPEL vintage car rallye there  or rather helped with organization since my hosts dad was in charge of the meeting.


There was an exhibition and a tour with the old cars to a mill.






It was very rainy so there were not many visitors  :(


Inside the old mill:


A feast for me with all the wheat!




Outside in the gardens on my way to the water wheel.




Sooo huge - the water wheel:


Sooo tiny -  a model of the complete venue:


I also met these cuties.



Here you can see all the different symbols for craftmensship.


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Molfsee, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - 3rd August 2011

By: iloveletters

The last 10 days we went on a holiday trip to north Germany. We
stayed right in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein between Baltic
and North Sea.

The first day we went to an open-air museum to see  different kinds of houses from the last 500 years in north Germany. It is in Molfsee.







Then we went to Laboe a town at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

We visited the old German submarine....



I was happy that I am so small because it is really narrow in the submarine.



and the monument for the sailors.



You have a beautiful view from the top!



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Bad Segeberg, Germany - 4th August 2011

By: iloveletters


We went to the open air theater in Bad Segeberg.
First we visited the exhibition on native Americans.





Then we saw the 'Oilprince'.



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