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Travelog for: Henrietta Hippo

Wéris, Belgium - 22nd August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we all went to Wéris to visit the dolmen. We first went to the dolmen with the cover stone. Then we parked our car in the center of Wéris. From there on we walked through the forest to see Pierre Haina, the White Menhir.

On our climb walk through the forest we came across many different kind of beautiful fungus. We had to take a picture here to show you all. Then we climbed further to see the famous "Pierre Haina".
According to the legend Pierre Haina, the Stone of the Ancients the rock seals an entrance to the center of the earth.

From up here we had a nice view on the surroundings and even the walk back down was great. Once again we have had a lovely day.

IMG_6366 Weris 2.jpg
IMG_6370 Weris 5.jpg
IMG_6373 Weris 7.jpg
IMG_6389 Pierre Haina.jpg
IMG_6399 toadstool 1.jpg
IMG_6401 at Pierre Haina 1.jpg
IMG_6412 at Pierre Haina 3.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 24th August 2011

By: Toolakha


Today Toolakha found a surpise in her mailbox (or actually it was deliverd at one of her neighbours). A package from my mummy in the States. She surprised Toolakha with a box full of cows. Toolakha was very delighted with her unexpected gifts. And I was happy to hear from my mummy for although I am having a lot of fun over here, I do miss home...am I getting homesick? I have been travelling so much lately...maybe I should start planning to go home soon.

IMG_6555 package.jpg
IMG_6564 live.jpg
IMG_6562 love.jpg
IMG_6563 laugh.jpg

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 10th September 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we went to Amsterdam to meet Toolakha's penpal and my former host Kalliope and her friend. The German friends had planned a little trip to the capital city of The Netherlands. So Toolakha, Munen and I took the train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam to spend the day with them.

It was great to see Kalliope again and Toolakha and Kalliope recognized each other instantly although it was the first time they meet. We all had made reservations to visit the Royal Palace but we had to pick up the tickets first. So we walked through town and on Dam Square we came across a barrel organ festival so naturally I wanted my picture taken with some draaiorgels or barrel organs.
Our walkabout also took us to the flower market where they were selling lots of colourful flowers, plants and even souvenirs. Then after we picked up the tickets we went for a drink at Rembrandtplein.

We did do a lot more this day...a visit to  the Jewish Historical Museum, a visit to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, we went for a walk through the Vondelpark and we had dinner at a Greek restaurant at Leidseplein.

Somehow the day seemed to pass by quickly and we all had a wonderful time. We simply forgot to take more pictures but we took in all the new impressions. It was a wonderful sunny day in the company of some wonderful people. Thanks all for this beautiful day.

IMG_6750 waiting for train.jpg
IMG_6752 with barrel organ 1.jpg
IMG_6753 with barrel organ 2.jpg
IMG_6756 on the flower market.jpg
IMG_6758 with rembrandt.jpg

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Bomal , Belgium - 12th September 2011

By: Toolakha

Today Toolakha and her mum decided to walk/hike all the way up to the \"Calvaire\", the Way of the Cross in Bomal. And they dragged Haiku and me along.

Bomal is a village in the municipality of Durbuy, Belgium.  It is located at the confluence of the rivers Ourthe and Aisne. It was a pretty steep hike, up to 210 metres (or 688 ' and 11.71 "). But we all managed and up at the cross we had a great view of the area.

IMG_6759 the cross.jpg
IMG_6760 Belgian flag.jpg
IMG_6794 map of the calvaire.jpg
IMG_6765 wall of stone.jpg
IMG_6767 wall of stone 2.jpg
IMG_6773 view on bomal.jpg
IMG_6778 the cross.jpg
IMG_6782 bomal 1.jpg

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Sint Niklaas, Belgium - 13th September 2011

By: Toolakha

We are in Sint-Niklaas now. Toolakha's mum has been to a boarding school in Sint-Niklaas when she was a young girl. Two of her aunts were nuns at that time who were also staying in Sint Niklaas. So mum was curious to see if after all these years she could still recognize where she had stayed. So we walked in her footsteps of more than 50 years ago.

We first arrived at the Grote Markt where we had a good view on the town hall. And if we turned a little to the right we had a view on the Church of Saint Nicholas, the church hall and the Ciperage (former prison). We then walked towards the hospital where mum's aunt has been working. Then we walked to find the house of some friends of mum's family and finally we went into the parc where the Walburg Castle is situated. Mum used to go there to listen to the bell tower. It was interesting to see where Toolakha's mum had been to when she was a young girl. 

IMG_6796  2 Sint-Niklaas town hall.jpg
IMG_6798 1 Grote Markt market square of Sint-Niklaas, with the church of Saint Nicholas, the Prochiehuis, and the Ciperage. Sint-Niklaas.jpg
IMG_6800 Sint Niklaas white mill.jpg
IMG_6802 Sint-Niklaas Walburg Castle 1.jpg
IMG_6803 Sint Niklaas Walbug Castle 2.jpg
IMG_6806 Sint Niklaas Walburg Castle 5.jpg

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Gent, Belgium - 14th September 2011

By: Toolakha

A visit to the city of Ghent was next on our list. We walked across town and found the building called Rabot here.
Then we walked towards the Gravensteen castle.This is a beautifully renovated castle in the city centre. It was a pleasure to walk around the estate and see all of it, the main hall, the chapel, the dungeons. Haiku and I even felt like two princesses sitting in the royal chair.

After the castle we passed the statue of the Wise Man and the Brewer of Ghent, Jacob van Artevelde who is pointing in the direction of England. From here on we continued our route towards the Belfry of Ghent. We climbed all he way up to the bell tower (and were able to skip some floors going up for we used the elevator ;) ). Then we walked down and came across the gilded dragon which once used to be on top of the tower. Then we were a bit exhausted so we relaxed with a cup of coffee.

Finally we visited the Great Béguinage or Saint Elisabeth béguinage. We were amazed at how huge this béguinage was. Still it was very tranquil and peaceful out here so it was a great way to end our trip.

IMG_6809 Rabot 2.jpg
IMG_6817 Gravensteen 2.jpg
IMG_6825 Gravensteen window 2.jpg
IMG_6827 Gravensteen hall 2.jpg
IMG_6829 Gravensteen hall 4.jpg
IMG_6835 rooftop.jpg
IMG_6846 view on Gent 2.jpg
IMG_6840 peeping hole 2.jpg
IMG_6854 in the royal chair 2.jpg
IMG_6860  outside the castle 2.jpg
IMG_6872  outside the castle 4.jpg
IMG_6874  outside the castle 6.jpg
IMG_6879 the chapel 2.jpg
IMG_6885 in front of the castle 2.jpg
IMG_7014  Jacob van Artevelde 2.jpg
IMG_7022 inside the belfort.jpg
IMG_7031 the dragon.jpg
IMG_7045 time for coffee.jpg
IMG_7062  begijnhof.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 19th September 2011

By: Toolakha

Going home.....today I am going home....I have had a great time with Toolakha and Munen and their friends and family. I am definitely going to miss Haiku, but I guess it's about time I go home...I miss my mummy.

So Toolakha has packed all my things in my suitcase, my teddybear, and my guardian angel souvenir from Ireland. She also gave refreshments like mummy did when she send me on my way. So I now have a few tins of coca cola and a hamburger to satisfy my appetite on the way home. When we visited the Efteling I have bought my mummy a Laaf....(a gnome) and I'll be bringing him along too, as well as a nice scarf and an orange wuppie to keep me company. Hope mummy likes it.

I hope my trip back home won't take me as long as it did for me to reach Germany and then Holland. I'm now on my way.........

IMG_7071 going home.jpg

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Round Rock, Texas, US - 2nd October 2011

By: picupurcross

Henrietta is finally home! Since she's been traveling for almost a year, she's happy to back with her family but so thankful for all she's seen and done and for the friends she's made along the way!

Her two hosts, Kalliope and Toolakha, have been wonderful and she has thoroughly enjoyed visiting their countries and getting to know their families. She arrived home ready to show off all the lovely gifts and souvenirs that Toolakha helped her pick out.

Looking forward to a much needed rest, Henrietta will be staying home for a while... just in time to enjoy the holidays.


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Texas, USA - 28th December 2011

By: picupurcross

Henrietta enjoyed a lovely Christmas at home with her family and now she's ready for a new adventure "down under!" :)
She left Round Rock this morning to visit her new friend ravenmist and is looking forward to seeing the sights and experiencing all that Australia has to offer.
Have fun and safe travels, Little One!

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Wyong, NSW, Australia - 6th January 2012

By: ravenmist

I just arrived at Jen's house in Australia! The postie was very gentle with me and I stayed nice and dry despite the rain.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Jen's family and I can even go on a boat! I also get to meet LOTS of family pets (Momma there's so many!)

Next week I'm going on a train to Sydney and to a birthday party with games and toys!

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Hamlyn Terrace, NSW, Australia - 6th January 2012

By: ravenmist

On Saturday, Jen took me to meet her family.

I got to see their boat, but we couldn't go out in it, because i'm too little for their life jackets :(


I met their goldfish in the pond - they were very friendly and didn't tip me off my lilly pad. I didn't get wet, Momma.


I met some of Jen's pets too. I ddidn't meet the dogs because they might eat me - Jen says they are naughty. I met Coco the ferret, Bella the cat, Wally the galah and Cheeky the cockatiel.





Next weekend we are off to a friend's 30th birthday party. There's going to be balloons, party food and pirates!

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