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Travelog for: Henrietta Hippo

Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 11th July 2011

By: Toolakha

This beautiful day Toolakha and Munen invited us to go with them to the Blijdorp Zoo. They have annual season tickets so they go there on a regular basics.

There were so many animals out there. The little ice bear called Vicks was outside, playing with his mummy. The little new born hyena was sleeping with his mum. We had to look very carefully to see him for he was lying in the shades. The elephants had fun in the sun. The pellican was spreading his wings. The giraffes where out there and we have been observing several type of monkeys.

IMG_4299 henrietta and haiku at blijdorp zoo.jpg
IMG_4303 henrietta and haiku near the elephants.jpg
IMG_4305 henrietta and haiku near the waterfall.jpg
IMG_4311 henrietta and haiku with donkey.jpg
IMG_4332 henrietta with drinking cow.jpg
IMG_4383 henrietta and haiku with woodpecker.jpg
IMG_4385 henrietta and haiku with pelicans.jpg
IMG_4405 henrietta with hippo.jpg
IMG_4493 henrietta and haiku with giraffes.jpg
IMG_4549 henrietta and haiku at the zoo\

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 13th July 2011

By: Toolakha

Yeah...I'm very happy today. Haiku Cow finally received her official Travel ID and now she can create her own travellog. We share some experiences so it will be fun to read what she thinks of it all.

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The Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands - 23rd July 2011

By: Toolakha

On this beautiful saturday we went to the Efteling (armed with our umbrella's for a lot of rain was predicted), together with Toolakha, Munen and Munen's little niece of nearly 4 years old.

The Efteling can be compared to Disney but then it's the Dutch version. It started out with it's Fairy Tail Forest where you can find the fairy tails of the Brothers Grimm but it has expanded to a theme park which is interesting for young and old.

We had so much fun there. They had predicted a lot of rain but we didn't have much of that (only when we were planning to go home it started to pour....so at least the umbrella's did come in handy).

We were lucky for although it was high season it wasn't busy at all (probably due to the weather forecast). So we could do and see all the things we wanted to, without having to wait in long cues.

See Haiku and me having fun. In Haiku's log you'll see some other pictures of the two of us.

IMG_4578 travellers in efteling.jpg
IMG_4579 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4605 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4618 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4683 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4707 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4768 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4874 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4879 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4908 travellers in the efteling.jpg
IMG_4936 travellers in the efteling.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 27th July 2011

By: Toolakha

Today Haiku and I were reading the exiting story of The Gruffalo. We both liked it a lot but it was very exiting. Munen reads the story to his little niece often and she loves it as much as we do.

IMG_4550 reading The Gruffalo.jpg

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Parc Chlorophylle, Dochamps, Belgium - 31st July 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we visited Parc Chlorophylle in Dochamps, Belgium. It is a recreation forest, unique in its kind, which gives the visitor an opportunity to discover the world of the forest in an original fashion. As you can see from the pictures Haiku and I had a lot of fun here and we did see some interesting things.

IMG_5065 Parc Chlorophylle.jpg
IMG_5079 Parc Chlorophylle.jpg

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Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands - 1st August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today I had the chance to meet Dushy, the dog of Munen's sister.

IMG_5203 Henrietta met Dushy.jpg
IMG_5205 Henrietta met Dushy.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 8th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today Munen and Toolakha took us on a trip around Rotterdam. We first made a stop at the New Luxor theatre in Rotterdam. Here Munen and Toolakha come when they want to see a musical, a comedian or sometimes even a concert. It's the red building.

From here we walked towards the Erasmus bridge, also know as the Swan. When you're on this bridge and you look back in the direction you came from you see the Luxor theatre on the right. On the left there is another red building. This is the Court of Justice of Rotterdam.

When you walk on the bridge you can also get a good look at "de kop van Zuid", the head of the South. This is where you'll find Hotel New York. It's an old building surrounded by new buildings. It's quite historic for this is the location where people used to go on board of the big steam ships to go to the States.
It's hard to find the building in our picture for it's closed in by  Montevideo skyscraper of 140 metres high (459 feet) and the World Port Centre which is 138 metres high (452 feet).

At the end of the Erasmusbridge you have a good view on "Boompjes", the street where many offices (tall buildings are situated), but also on the "red" Willemsbrug, the Northern Island and in the far back, the old railway bridge.

IMG_5335 Haiku en Henrietta voor het Luxor.jpg
IMG_5337 Henrietta en Haiku met Erasmusbrug op achtergrond.jpg
IMG_5342 met gerechtsof en luxor.jpg
IMG_5344 op de Erasmusbrug met Hotel NY en Montevideo.jpg
IMG_5349 boompjes, willemsbrug, noordereiland en oude spoorbrug.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 8th August 2011

By: Toolakha

I was surprised to find that the Dutch have a \"walk of fame\" of their own. There are many national stars there but also international stars who left their hand prints and foot prints. We took pictures with Tina Turner and Gloria Estefan.

Then we continued our trip through the Leuvehaven. There we saw some old boats, but also an old locomotive.

When we crossed the street we found one of the few remaining historical buildings from the 17th century in the neighbourhood of the Coolsingel, that remained intact during WWII. The Schielandhuis is a beautiful buidling. It now harvests a museum. Munen and Toolakha say that the building looks beautiful from the inside too.

IMG_5353 walk of fame.jpg
IMG_5355 tina turner.jpg
IMG_5360 gloria estefan.jpg
IMG_5361 Leuvehaven.jpg
IMG_5362 with old locomotive.jpg
IMG_5366 schielandhuis.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 8th August 2011

By: Toolakha

After we did some necessary shoppings for Munen and Toolakha we continued our trip to some extra ordinary buildings in Rotterdam.
We got the chance to see the Cube houses from the outside. Toolakha and Munen told me there is also a hotel who rents out rooms in the cubic houses. That should be a treat to spend the night in such a special location.

The other interesting buildings were the Library, with the yellow tubes. Or the apartment building they call the Pencil...hard to understand why. The "ufo" looking thing is the entrance of subway station The Blaak.
From the Blaak we also had a good look on the Sint-Laurenskerk. They are busy restoring this church.

We then walked towards het Witte Huis which we have been able to see from the Erasmusbridge. But close by it looked a lot more impressive. And after this we went back home. We had an interesting day and I was happy to see some of Rotterdam's highlights.

IMG_5368 library, pencil and cubic houses.jpg
IMG_5374 pencil, cubic houses and city signs.jpg
IMG_5369 great church.jpg
IMG_5378 the white house and the willems brug.jpg
IMG_5380 white house.jpg

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Berlin, Germany - 11th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we arrived in Berlin by train. Toolakha and Munen had planned this trip and invited Haiku and me along.

We arrived by ICE train at Berlin Central Station. From there we took the S-line to Charlottenburg and from there we decided to walk to our hotel to see how far it was. It was a pretty hot day and the walk took a little longer than we expected. But we finally arrived and had a stay at this wonderful hotel.

After we checked in, unpacked and freshened up we decided to take a stroll into town. We ended up at the famous Kurfürstendamm. It was great to be there.

IMG_5389 econtel charlottenburg.jpg
IMG_5386 op de kurfurstendamm.jpg

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Berlin, Germany - 12th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we had an appointment to go to the Reichstag, where the German parliament called the Bundestag is situated. Munen had already requested an application for entering the Reichstag so we had no problems and no queues waiting in front of us.

We went there by S-line and U-line and had our pictures taken at some of the stations. Then we arrived at the Reichstag which is an interesting building. We saw whereAngela Merkel the chancellor of Germany speaks to the parliament. We had a great tour through the building and then we visited the Dome.

After this we walked towards Brandenburger Tor. It was the 50th anniversary of the built of the Berlin Wall. So there were many, many people to remember this terrible event.

IMG_5391 mierendorffplatz 1.jpg
IMG_5394 with train 1.jpg
IMG_5396 with another train 1.jpg
IMG_5400 am hauptbahnhof.jpg
IMG_5406 am reichstag 1.jpg
IMG_5431 im reichstag.jpg
IMG_5481 aufs reichstag 2.jpg
IMG_5499 brandenburger tor 1.jpg

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Berlin, Germany - 12th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Berlin is a beautiful city. We have passed some very beautiful buildings. Much has been destroyed by WWII, but much has been rebuild too.

We walked over the street called "Unter den Linden" towards the Berliner Dom. But since it was so busy with long queues waiting to see inside the Dom we decided to continue our way to the Fernsehturm (television tower). We got up there and had a great view on the city. We took many pictures up there.

What was impressive too was the fact that on one side it was sunny and bright and on the other side of the tower you could see a very heavy rain clowd entering the city. So we experienced some rain while up there (but when we got down most of it was gone).

IMG_5502 unter den linden 1.jpg
IMG_5530 berliner dom 1.jpg
IMG_5545 fernsehturm 1.jpg
IMG_5555 im fernsehturm 1.jpg
IMG_5557 im fernsehturm 3.jpg
IMG_5563 im fernsehturm 5.jpg

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Berlin, Germany - 13th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today on the 50th anniversary of the built of the Berlin Wall, we went to Checkpoint Charlie. Checkpoint Charlie (or Checkpoint C) was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.

It was very crowded at this point due to the ceremonies held to mark the anniversary. So we walked down Zimmerstrasse and came across an original piece of the concrete wall. It was really impressive to see it up close and to imagine what it must have been like, living in a city divided by a huge concrete wall.

We then followed our route towards Potsdamer Platz. This area has been destroyed by the war and it has been remarkably changed since the fall of the wall. Here we found another piece of original wall.

We ended up at the Brandenburger Tor. On this side of the gate it wasn't as crowded with a stage as it was on the other side.

Haiku and I really liked Berlin. Toolakha and Munen did too. It is a very interesting city with much to see and do. Time is just too short and we all hope to get the chance to come back one day.

IMG_5789 Checkpoint Charlie wall 1.jpg
IMG_5792 checkpoint c sign 1.jpg
IMG_5794 checkpoint c sign house.jpg
IMG_5808 Zimmerstrasse wall 1.jpg
IMG_5810 Zimmerstrasse wall 3.jpg
IMG_5812 Zimmerstrasse wall 7.jpg
IMG_5813 Zimmerstrasse wall 5.jpg
IMG_5831 wall at potzdammerplatz 1.jpg
IMG_5836 brandenburger tor 1.jpg
IMG_5838 brandenburger tor 3.jpg

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Potsdam, Germany - 14th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we took a train to Potsdam. When we arrived at the Central Station there were several bus tours trying to persuade us to take a trip with them. We decided to go with the Kaiser Tour bus, a beautiful old bus.

The bus took us to several palaces like the New Palace, Castle Sanssouci (but we forgot to take pictures here) and then we also went to Schloss Cecilienhof. Cecilienhof was the location of the Potsdam Conference between 17 July and 2 August 1945. Here it was decided how Germany was to be divided between the allied.

After the bus tour we took a boat trip. Our feet were sore from all the walks we did in Berlin. When we were on the boat it started to rain heavily but we remained dry. After all we had a great couple of days in Berlin and we loved seeing the highlights of Potsdam.

IMG_5892 Potsdam 2.jpg
IMG_5899 Potsdam 5.jpg
IMG_5990 schloss cecilienhof 2.jpg
IMG_6025 on the boat 2.jpg

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Aywaille, Belgium - 18th August 2011

By: Toolakha

Today Toolakha, Haiku and I went to the Caves of Remouchamps in Aywaille. We parked the car on a parking lot near some big shops and then we walked alongside the river Amblève.

The cave is divided into two parts. The first part we walked and for the second part we had to take the boat. We walked through a chamber that has been inhabited by Palaeolithic hunters about 8.000 years ago. Then we passed a big chamber called "the Cathedral" and from here on we went deeper and deeper into the descending caves.

In the second part the boat slowly navigated over the curves of 600 meters (or 1968 ' and 6.04 ") long subterranean river Rubicon, (which created these caves) passing objects to get back to the starting point.

In the cave there are beautiful stalactites and  stalagmites, created by the calcium enriched water. The temperature in the caves is between 8-10 °C (or 46.4-50°F).

It was pretty difficult to take pictures inside the cave so we only have one.

IMG_6200 Aywaille 2.jpg
IMG_6225 Aywaille 4.jpg
IMG_6228 Remouchamps 1.jpg
IMG_6237 grotten 1.jpg

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