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Travelog for: Henrietta Hippo

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 29th May 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we went to Amsterdam, Toolakha's nephew was celebrating his 9th anniversary. His mum and dad had put up a variety of birthday decorations and guirlandes.

Last year he had hoped to receive Kapla, building blocks for a present. But he never got any. Since it was his wish this year again, we decided to put some cash together (we all jumped in to donate some cash to buy him this present, me, his grandparents, an aunt and uncle and Toolakha and Munen). The total amount of cash collected enabled Toolakha to buy him a huge box with many blank and coloured blocks. He was thrilled to finally receive it and together with a friend he immediatly started playing with it.
Then we all had some delicious cake ....after he had blown out all his candles.

IMG_3444 henrietta with present.jpg
IMG_3546 henrietta met slingers.jpg
IMG_3553 henrietta met slingers.jpg
IMG_3540 henrietta with cake.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 8th June 2011

By: Toolakha

Unfortunately Toolakha has been ill for a bit. So I kept myself entertained by reading a book or watching some tv.
The weather has been up and down....sunny days and a lot of rainy days as well. I'm still waiting for all the exciting things to happen, even though it has been great to relax a little for a while too after all the travelling I have been doing lately.

Henrietta in chair 2.jpg

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 18th June 2011

By: Toolakha

Today a new toy traveller arrived at Toolakha and Munen's house. They have adopted Haiku Cow...but she is still waiting for the formal registration which should be on it's way by now. So I'll tell more about her later but at least you can see a picture of where the two of us first meet.
Haiku was thrilled to arrive at the house and find me welcoming her there too. At least we will have some fun together and discover some new things before I'll be off on my way.

Henrietta en Haiku 006.jpg

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Plaswijckpark, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 21st June 2011

By: Toolakha

This evening we went to the Plaswijckpark. This is a funpark for kids. They have a small zoo, a big playground, a beautiful garden and a lot of things to see and do. The park was opened this evening for a special occassion.

We first went to the gnome park. Then we went to the zoo, there we watched the wallabies and also the lama and emu.

After this we climbed the watch tower which is normally closed. But for this special evening it was open. So we had a great view on the skyline of Rotterdam. See all the pictures of Haiku and me having fun.

IMG_3864 in plaswijckpark met kabouter.jpg
IMG_3871 met kabouter en vingers.jpg
IMG_3872 Henrietta, Haiku en kabouter met paddestoelen.jpg
IMG_3875 met koolmees.jpg
IMG_3888  with wallabies.jpg
IMG_3892 with emu and lama.jpg
IMG_3919 skyline of rotterdam.jpg

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Plaswijckpark, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 21st June 2011

By: Toolakha

Then we went to play in the playground. We had so much fun on the slides and the swings....
Can you see us having fun?
In the end I wanted to take a picture with the big kangaroo that was there in front of the entrance/exit.

IMG_3950 with Haiku from the slide.jpg
IMG_3953 with haiku from another slide 2.jpg
IMG_3955 on the ropes.jpg
IMG_3958 haiku and henrietta on steps.jpg
IMG_3959 henrietta on steps.jpg
IMG_3960 on the red swing.jpg
IMG_3961 henrietta and haiku on the red swing.jpg
IMG_3963 haiku and henrietta on another swing 2.jpg
IMG_3964 henrietta and kangaroo.jpg

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Monte Bianco, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 21st June 2011

By: Toolakha

After we had so much fun in the park Munen and Toolakha took us to the ice cream parlor Monte Bianco. There we shared a delicious ice cream. Munen and Toolakha say it's the best ice cream in Rotterdam.

IMG_3994 haiku and henrietta eating ice cream.jpg

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Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 25th June 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we went to

Ahoy for the Studio 100 zomerfestival. Munen and Toolakha took Munen's niece of nearly 4 y.o. with them to see the cartoon characters she likes so much. They were all there "Piet Piraat", "Bobo", "Mega Mindy", "Bumba", "Samson and Gert", "Kabouter Plop" and off course "K3". It was a wonderful experience and there were so many young children with their mummy's and daddy's, aunts and uncles or grandparents.

IMG_3997 at Studio 100 concert.jpg
IMG_4027 at the K3 concert.jpg

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Shoppingmall at Schmett, Luxembourg - 2nd July 2011

By: Toolakha

Yesterday evenening we arrived at the caravan of Munen and Toolakha which is on a camping in the Belgian Ardennes. But since the weather isn't that great today we decided to go shopping at the mall in Schmett, which is in Luxembourg, just across the Belgian border.

IMG_4037 henrietta in Huldange.jpg
IMG_4039 henrietta at belgium sign.jpg
IMG_4047 henrietta and haiku at the sign.jpg
IMG_4048 henrietta and haiku with view.jpg

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Baraque de fraitture , Belgium - 2nd July 2011

By: Toolakha

On our way back from Schmett we stopped at Baraque de Fraitture so that I could have my picture taken.

Baraque de Fraiture is with 651 meter (above TAW) the third highest top of the Belgian Ardennes. Baraque de Fraiture lies in the northern part of the Belgian province Luxembourg nearby the Belgian province Luik (Liège), north east of the village La Roche-en-Ardenne.
It has one of the few Belgian skipistes, which will be open at an average of 20 days per year.

IMG_4052 at baraque de fraitture.jpg

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Saint Antoine , Belgium - 2nd July 2011

By: Toolakha

On our way back to the camping we made a stop at the chapel of Saint Antoine.

The sanctuary of Saint-Antoine ( Manhay) is one of the oldest places of pilgrimage of Belgium. According to a legend it al started when a shepherd, lost in the large forests of the Ardennes, called upon Saint Antoine of Padua in order to find his way back. At acknowledgement he built a small chapel. From that day on more and more pilgrims came to this place for prayer. 

After we have burnt some candles in the chapel and said our prayers we wanted to continue our trip back to the camping when we came across this old timer. I also wanted to have my picture taken with it. It seemed like there had been some kind of festival in the area for when we went back to Rotterdam sunday evening we passed a lot of old timers on our way home.

IMG_4055 at saint antoine.jpg
IMG_4058 at saint antoine.jpg
IMG_4059 with oldtimer.jpg

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Grand Bru, Belgium - 3rd July 2011

By: Toolakha

This sunday the weather was much nicer than yesterday morning. The sun came out and after a relaxing day at the caravan we went for a stroll at the camping. We took a look at the pond.

Munen and Toolakha have a caravan at the camping called Grand Bru. Toolakha's family has been a visitor of this place for many, many years.

It is very nice to be at the camping for it is so relaxing. I enjoyed listening to all the birds, like the great titmouse,  the bluetit, the sparrow (who was feeding his kids, which was a fun sight) and many other birds.

I was also lucky to meet the owners pet, a cat called "Rooie" or Red as it translates in English. He came to greet me too.

IMG_4073 grand bru 2.jpg
IMG_4061 at the pond camping.jpg
IMG_4066 at the pond.jpg
IMG_4064 with tipi.jpg
IMG_4069 with Red the cat 2.jpg
IMG_4071 with red the cat 3.jpg

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Haarlem, The Netherlands - 9th July 2011

By: Toolakha

Today we went to Haarlem to meet two of Toolakha's highschool friends. It was pouring with rain in the morning but when we arrived at Haarlem by train the weather became much better and sunnier.

We first sat down for a drink and a talk to catch up on the past year. The friends meet once a year and then they like to go on a sight seeing trip somewhere in the Netherlands.  I was happy that this time Haiku and I were invited to join them this time.

After the chat we went for a walk through the city. Then we decided to go for a nice sandwich and we found a great "hidden" place at [url=www.tuizentuin.nl]Tuiz and Tuin[/url] which is a flower shop but they have an outdoor cafe in the garden at the back of the building. It was a secured garden with just a few seats, very peaceful and very tranquil.

We then went back to the "Grote Markt" where we were going to meet our guide. Toolakha's friend had arranged for a guide to take us on a tour through Haarlem. We were meeting him in front of the City Hall.

IMG_4086 www.tuizentuin.nl.jpg
IMG_4092 City_Hall_(Haarlem).jpg
IMG_4093 henrietta with flowers.jpg

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Haarlem, The Netherlands - 9th July 2011

By: Toolakha

When we met our guide we went for a tour to see a great number of Haarlem's hofjes.
The word 'hofje' just means small garden, because the hofjes are generally small houses grouped around a community kitchen garden with a water pump. Often they were attached to a larger field for bleaching linen or growing orchards, but today those fields have been long used for city expansion and only the central gardens can still be seen.

You see pictures of me in front of the hofje of Bakenes and in a narrow street. Together with Haiku I am modelling in the Lutheran hofje and in the Brouwershofje. But we did get to see many more locations.

It was such great fun to see all these special places. The most remarkable thing was that the city center was very busy and crowded. But these hofjes (which were also situated but hidden in the city center) were peaceful and tranquil. We had never expected there to be so many in Haarlem.

IMG_4108 hofje van Bakenes.jpg
IMG_4157 henrietta in a small street.jpg
IMG_4174 Henrietta and Haiku Luthers hofje.jpg
IMG_4252 henrietta and haiku at brouwershofje.jpg

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Haarlem, railway station, The Netherlands - 9th July 2011

By: Toolakha

When it was time to go home we all walked back to the Haarlem Railway Station. The current building was built between 1905 and 1908. It is the only train station in the Netherlands that is built in Art Nouveau style.
So Haiku and I were excited to model at the station as you can see.

IMG_4267 henrietta and haiku at haarlem station.jpg
IMG_4263 henrietta and haiku wachtkamer 3e klasse.jpg
IMG_4262 henrietta and haiku haarlem stationhal.jpg
IMG_4266 henrietta and haiku at the direction sign.jpg

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Cafe Engels, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 10th July 2011

By: Toolakha

This sunday we were going to Grandcafé Restaurant Engels for a high tea. Because the weather was great we were lucky to be able to enjoy the high tea on the roof terrace. The high tea was delicious and we all had a great time. I'm happy that I can share these special moments with Haiku, she's become a great friend of mine.

IMG_4273 henrietta and haiko enjoying high tea at Engels.jpg
IMG_4274 henrietta and haiku enjoying high tea at Engels.jpg
IMG_4275 henrietta and haiku at Engels.jpg
IMG_4276 henrietta and haiku at engels.jpg

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