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Travelog for: GiGi Giraffe

Olang, Italy - 6th January 2014

By: Pablo

Hi Mom. This is my last day here in Italy. I am leaving this place with good memories. Today we went for a short walk outside. We hoped to can build a snowman but there was not enough snow. It snowed very little this winter here in Southtirol. Tomorrow my host will bring me to the postoffice and i will travel to my next destination.

Your´s Gigi ;)


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Sneakysnail's House, England - 13th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mum!

I arrived in England today with new hostmum! I hopped out of my envelope and the other TV's who are staying here welcomed me. There is NiliHH, Spotty and Dotty Wot, Nathalie and Little T.B.! Everyone piled on top of me and gave me a huge hug before I had time to unpack.

Then I brought out my postcard for hostmum and some sweeties for all my new friends. There was just the right amount for one each! New hostmum gave me a different sweet because I was hungry too! I think I will enjoy it here at Sneakysnail's house.

Bye for now,


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London, England - 19th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy!

I went to London today! There was a treasure trail, where you had to solve a pretend murder, that hostmum took us on.

We first had to get there by train. It took two trains to get to the beginning of the trail and when we got there I saw a nice water feature. It was right next to the station and I went to take a look. Some ducks were swimming amongst the water fountains. Then the trail began and we walked down near the Thames river. The over head trains were right by us and every time one went past, the whole world rumbled! Or that's what it seemed anyway. We soon came to a place with a nice view of The Shard. It's the big pointy building and it is very new. Next we came across a wheel sculpture, and then a big mosaic chimney. Interesting things to have in a street!

Soon there was another nice view, this time of the O2. It is round with big yellow spikes and lots of music events, shows and exhibitions are held there. Further along the road there was a big red flower which was good to use as a slide!  The trail then finished and the murder was solved! We hopped onto another train and then onto yet another train.

When we finally got off of the train, we were at The Tower of London, a very famous and important castle. The crown jewels are kept there! Sadly, I didn't get to go inside but I had a look at it from the outside. Next we walked over to Tower Bridge where NiliHH completed one of her life missions.

Once NiliHH was done on the bridge, we headed home. I didn't make it home before falling asleep. We were all very tired after such a busy and fun day out. Hostmum left us to sleep on her chair and then took a nap herself!

Bye for Now,
Gigi Giraffe


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Sneakysnails house, England - 21st February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

Today I woke up and knew something was about to happen. I could just sense it in the air. I noticed I was the only one still in bed and got up and hurried over to find the others. They were saying goodbye to NiliHH and Mrs Fleece who are both off on adventures. I said my goodbyes too and we watched them settle into their packages.

It was weird looking at the two envelopes sitting on the table because I knew my friends were in them. I hope we meet again someday.



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Sneakysnails house, England - 24th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

All I seem to do at the moment is say goodbye to friends leaving on adventures! This time it was Dotty and Spotty Wot who have left. I said goodbye and waved as they climbed into their cosy package.

Spring is slowly arriving here and pretty flowers are blooming all around. I will show you some photos soon.

Yours Gigi :D


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In the garden, England - 28th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

Today we spent some time outside looking at the signs of Spring. First there were some tiny buds on an acer tree, they will soon become amazing colourful leaves. Then we saw a flurry of snow! No wait... it was the white blossom from the plum tree! It is pretty to watch it float down in the wind. I went to look at it closer and saw it is individual flowers on there. Next I went to look at some huge pinecones on a spiky tree. Hostmum says they are mini pinecones but to me they're not!

There weren't many Spring things in hostmums garden so she took us to her friends garden. Her friend does lots of gardening and had lots of flowers. There were daffodils and violets which were very nice. Then I saw a patch of snowdrops, they are very small and delicate looking. Right near them, there were some nice pansies in a tub. As we were heading in, we spotted a pink flower in a wall box. Hostmum cannot remember its name though!

Inside I made some new friends. Chimp (the chimp), George (small meerkat) and Mike (big meerkat). I told them about my adventures and they got a little jealous! Soon we had to leave but maybe we'll come back and see them again.

Bye for now,


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Sneakysnails house, England - 9th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

There is not much going on here because hostmum has been busy for a while. She has been redecorating her bedroom and yesterday the curtains arrived! So, today we helped her put them up!

We first unpacked them and took a look at the design. I like the shiny parts best! Then I checked if hostmum had got out all of the tools and equipment we would need. She had and so we began by pleating the curtains. I held onto a string whilst hostmum pulled fabric along.

Next we measured the curtain rail and slid the hoops onto it. I counted them all to make sure there were enough.

Then it was time to hang them on the wall. We hopped onto the stepping stool but none of us could reach. We decided to make a tower of toys! I was on top but I still could not reach past the window ledge!

We had to leave it to hostmum to put them up and when they were done, I thought they looked lovely.

Bye for now,


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The Garden, England - 17th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

Last night we spent in a tent, outside in hostmums garden. It was surprisingly warm, comfy and fun! Hostmum gave us two blankets, a tent, some food supplies and a campfire with matches. She set us off and said she would collect us again in the morning!

First we had to find a suitable place and set the tent up. I was not much use at tent building, mostly I got stuck on top of it! Once built, we all popped inside and tested the comfort of it. I was surprised at how cosy and comfy it was.

Next, we had a picnic. Hostmum gave us some elephant shaped crisps, some sweeties and a biscuit each! Whilst we were eating, a furry creature approached us. Little T.B. said it was a lion but I'm sure it was just hostmums cat. It tried to steal some of our snacks and so, we selected Little T.B. to be a guard. Although he did a good job of protecting the food from the cat, he did not do so well at protecting it from himself! He'd eaten most of our breakfast supplies already! We were a little bit annoyed but soon we were all chatting again and I sunbathed for a while.

As darkness fell, we gathered around the fire and told scary stories. I was a bit scared but the others looked after me and told me that none of the stories were true. The warmth from the fire soon made me tired and we went into the tent to sleep. I fell asleep right away and did not wake until the morning sun shone into the tent.

During the night, our lovely fire had gone out. At least it was warm now with the sun beating down on us. Up above the sky was soooo blue and there was not a cloud in sight. I spent some time looking at it before hostmum came out and took us inside.

I'm not sure camping is for me but I'm glad I have it a try. Some parts were more fun than others.

love from Gigi.


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South Woodford Library , England - 21st March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

Hostmum took us to her local library today so we could read some books. There was a rather nice dinosaur book holder and I found a good book on it. My book was about lots of animals and I found a page about giraffes. I liked the drawing a lot.

In the library I saw many chairs. Our favourite two were a tiny one and an odd rounded one. The round one was comfy but hostmum struggled to squeeze inside! In the library there was also a very nice mural of a lake on the wall. We took a closer look.

Then we went back to reading and found a big book of animals. Inside there was a page about snails which hostmum loved.

After we'd had enough reading, we headed for the exit. On the way, we came across an interesting section about countries. There was not much time to look at those books though.

Bye for now,


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Colchester Zoo, England - 25th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Mummy mummy mummy!!!

Today I completed a life mission at Colchester Zoo! I met a real giraffe and took some photos!

Hostmum went to the zoo with some friends today and she smuggled me into her bag! Unfortunately my pals could not come because there was not enough room.

We went over to the giraffe house where we saw the giraffes from a distance. I was surprised how big they were in comparison to tiny me! Did you know that giraffes and humans have the same number of bones in their necks? I learnt that from a sign. I was shocked because giraffe necks are sooooo much longer than people necks. There are only seven big bones in there though! Looking at the signs, one of them said you could feed a giraffe! I asked hostmum if I could feed one and so we joined the queue.

The zookeeper gave us a piece of lettuce to give to the giraffe when it came towards us, and I had to be patient for it to walk down to me. When it came, I gave it my piece of lettuce and it came really close! Hostmum says it was trying to eat me but I don't think a giraffe would eat another giraffe. Especially when there was tasty lettuce on offer.

I can't believe how close the beautiful giraffe came to me and I'm so happy. My life mission is COMPLETE!!!



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Somewhere, The World - 27th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi there,

After my wonderful adventures at the zoo and my other visits with Sneakysnail, it is time for me to move on. I am on my way to Germany now, hostmum posted me today.

I said goodbye to Little T.B. and to Nathalie and they helped me into my envelope. I wiggled around a bit and got comfy before hostmum sealed the package.

See you soon, new host!!



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Essen, Germany - 31st March 2014

By: BlackCat


today I arrived at BlackCats house. Marmalade (ANOTHER TV GIRAFFE!!!! I got one of my life missions solved), MiaoMiao, Crabs and Suny were there to welcome me.



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Essen, Germany - 1st April 2014

By: BlackCat


today we joined BlackCat for computer class and then saw the Bear near her school. It is standing on the "Berliner Platz" and as "Ber" is spoken as "Bär" - which means bear - in German they have a bear standing there.



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Essen, Germany - 2nd April 2014

By: BlackCat


today we joined BlackCat on her walk to the bus stop from school. First we saw the 'Weststadthalle' which is also home of a music school and a youth centre. Then we turned to take a photo with her school. The Colloseum Theater is the place for musicals in Essen, BlackCat loves it. You probably know Ikea, right? The big shopping centre is called Limbecker Platz and is maybe 4 years old. The big tower is from University, the offices are in there. We saw an advertising for Rio 2 and then the University itself, with all the building stuff going on in front of it. At the end we looked at the schedule of the bus and waited. We saw the town hall and a church from the bus stop in the distance.



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Essen, Germany - 5th April 2014

By: BlackCat


today we went to the city centre of Essen and saw the carillon. Sadly it wasn't playing when we were there as it was too late for that.

But it was still nice to look at.



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