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Travelog for: Bernie R.G.Bear

Moravia Karst, Czech Republic - 15th January 2011

By: dzejna

Hi again!

As I already wrote you, our host mum is quite busy with school at the moment. She is studying all the weekends, so we don´t go out much… but we don´t mind as the weather is not very nice. Also the caves in the karst are closed for January, so we are waiting for them to open again anyway.

Today we decided to help with the studying a bit.

See? Don´t I look like a real student?




Sharpening a pencil…


To be honest, I got a bit bored soon, so I decided to misbehave a bit =)




Uf, this studying is quite exhausting…


Luckily our host dad brought us a little something from a sweet shop! Yummy!!


Bye, Bernie

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Blansko, Czech Republic - 4th February 2011

By: dzejna

Hello Mummy!

Today our host had some business to do in the nearest town called Blansko and we decided to go with her.

When we were done with all the boring stuff, we went to check the local castle... it is from the 16th century.


Blansko area was always very famous for art-designed cast iron. There is a small exhibition of the cast iron statues on the courtyard.




There is also this very old water turbine from the 19th century (experts call it Francis turbine as we learned from the information board).
It has been on display since 1970. I tried to spin it, but it didn´t work. No wonder it weights more than 10 tons…



On our way back home we stopped by this small windmill - pretty, isn´t it?


As the February already begun, we plan to finally go to the caves! So the next update is coming soon!

Bye for now,
Bernie R. G. Bear

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Punkva caves, Czech Republic - 5th February 2011

By: dzejna

Dear Mum!
Today our host mum and dad finally took us to the caves of Moravian Karst. We decided to visit Punkva caves, which are the most popular ones in the area.

The tour includes a special highlight: boat cruise on the underground Punkva river that gave the cave its name.

After parking our car we had to take this funny looking wheel train.





Here we are in front of the main entrance, studying information boards and observing the surroundings and souvenir shops.








In the cave we saw beautiful stalagmites, stalactites and columns. (Do you know how to recognize them?)





During the tour the guide played some classical music from CD to demonstrate fantastic acoustics of the underground world. It was awesome!



Then suddenly we came out of the dark and found ourselves right at the bottom of this huge abyss called Macocha. Do you remember my visit to the upper bridge of it?





Finally, we reached cave harbor with biiig electric-powered ship with captain. (First I thought he was a cave troll.)
Unfortunately we haven´t got any images from the cruise, cause we were not allowed to take pictures for safety reasons.


After really adventurous cruise with many turns and lakes, we floated out of the underground cave labyrinth. My eyes became blinded by the daylight.


Last part of the trip was walking back to the parking lot. Close to it we found an old waterwheel for a mill that used to stand there. Check out the waterman, a typical Czech fairytale figure.






That´s all for today!
Bye, yours Bernie

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Brno, Czech Republic - 19th February 2011

By: dzejna

Hey Mum!

Today we went to Brno again, because my host dad wanted to buy some things there.

On the way to the shopping mall we heard some news in the radio about new sculpture being just installed to one of the squares.
It is completely made of keys. Keys were symbol of the anti-communist revolution in 1989 here and this is a monument of its anniversary.
Of course we decided to check it out right away.





We also saw nice squares and churches.







And of course because the weather was not very pleasant we ended up in a nice café. I had lovely “Apfel-strudel” and Espresso. Yummy!
On one of the images you can see my newest TV friend Kikuchan. I am really glad she came along, because Boo Boo is already on his way home and I was the only TV in the house for couple days now.




Our last stop was in a sushi shop!! Kikuchan told us many things about all the goods we saw there. She knew just everything, that´s because she is Japanese  B)  :cyclops:



Well, that´s all for today.
Yours Bernie

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firing range, Czech Republic - 13th March 2011

By: dzejna

Hello Mum!

Sorry you haven´t heard from me for a while. I am doing very well here in the Czech Republic. Everyone is very kind to me. Spring is just about to arrive so I am looking forward to new adventures outside.

Today we went with our host dad to a firing range, can you imagine? I was a bit scared at first, but it was quite a fun.

After a lecture on safety rules I could try to load the gun and of course to shoot as well. See?





I also helped with the result checking – we used a monocular for it.


It was a great afternoon.

When we got back we had to help with cleaning the guns, because when you want something to work properly, you have to take proper care for it, right?




I really hope you are doing well.
I will write again soon! Love, Bernie R.G. Bear

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Zlin, Czech Republic - 26th March 2011

By: dzejna

Dear Mummy,

I hope you are well! This weekend we went to Zlin city with our host mum and dad. She studies there at the university.

The campus features brand new congress hall and library.



After she had finished her lectures, we used a lift up to the roof of local tallest building called "big-twenty-one". From there we had a magnificent view all around the city.




On our way back home we stopped in a village of Ruprechtov. Guess what we found there: a beautiful old windmill with quite powerfull device on top called the Halladay turbine that could be ajusted according to direction and power of wind.



Bye for now, Bernie  :rolleyes:

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Brno, Czech Republic - 10th April 2011

By: dzejna

Hi Mum,

at the weekend we visited a Berg Cup race. It was a first race of the season and it took place in Brno Circuit.

We had a chance to walk through the paddock and of course to watch the race itself.




I also had a small beer as refreshment while watching the cars  B)


Bye, Bernie

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In the garden, Czech Republic - 16th April 2011

By: dzejna

Hey Mum,

This weekend we finally had some nice and warm weather so we decided to do some work in the garden. Our host mum had ready some small vegetable plants so we helped her with planting and sowing them into the seed bed.

We sowed some carrots, radishes, turnips, salads, strawberries, sprouts and herbs.




It was a hard work, but also quite nice.


Our host mum said that she will remember me and my help every time she will later in the summer pick some of these vegetables  :rolleyes:

We also walked along the garden and admired some flowers… there is not many of them in blossom yet, but it should get better soon.




Love, Bernie B)

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Blansko, Czech Republic - 18th April 2011

By: dzejna

Hello again,

Yesterday we went to work with our host dad. We have no images from the office, but we have some from the local sweetshop!

Our host dad goes there very often for afternoon coffee and something nice and sweet  :cyclops:



On our way back to the office we met these two foals… They are cast from bronze and children love to ride on them.



Bye, Bernie

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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 15th July 2011

By: dzejna

Hello Mum,

because we were not able to contact you during last couple of months, I am off to Foster Care Home now. I am sure I will be ok there with new friends. So you can reach me there!

This is a good-bye foto with my friends here in the Czech Republic.


Bye, Bernie

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FosterCareHome, Porvoo, Finland - 19th July 2011

By: FosterCareHome

I have arrived in Porvoo where the toyvoyager FosterCareHome is. I travelled safely and have allready made new friends with the other FostercareHome residents. My FosterMom said she would take us all out soon on a fieldtrip!

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Porvoo, Finland - 24th December 2011

By: FosterCareHome

Iloista joulua! Merry xmas! God jul! Buorrit juovllat! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! And so on!

And have a great new year - 2012!


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Porvoo, Finland - 19th January 2012

By: FosterCareHome

Hi mom! Like Owen said: It was good to hear from you! While you look for hosts for us we got to go out and explore the recently fallen snow  B) It's really really cold but our "FosterMom" says it's "only" -5 degrees Celcius.


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Porvoo, Finland - 13th March 2012

By: FosterCareHome

Wohoo! Owen and I are going to Germany! We'll pack tonight and leave tomorrow  B)

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Uetze, Germany - 20th March 2012

By: Zischie

Hey mummy,

today we arrived in Uetze. Germany again, for Owen! :) Uetze is a little village in Germany. It is near to Hanover, the capital of the federal state Lower Saxony. It is in the North of Germany.
Two future TVs, the duck and squirrel (they have no names so far) and four other TVs, Winter Bear, Krtecek, Mo and Katie Pillar welcomed us very dearly.


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