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Travelog for: Bernie R.G.Bear

Mayaro, Trinidad - 31st August 2010

By: Eshara

Hi! I'm Bernie!

I'm a cute fuzzy wuzzy temparamental little bear looking for some worldwide adventure to make me smile!!!

I live in a beautiful and sunny twin island Republic called Trinidad & Tobago which is in the Caribbean.
It's lovely here but I'm ready to take on the world!!!

I've already met a few TVs at my home and they had so many wonderful stories to tell!!!
In this photo you can see TVs Poppy the Dog, Baaarnaby, Miss Plum, Laura Giraffe and Minidog!

I hope some nice hosts will take me around!

See you on the map!


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Mayaro to Lahti, Trinidad to Finland - 2nd September 2010

By: Eshara

I'm on my way to my first wonderful host in FINLAND!!!

I've got a lovely travelog along with me and I'm excited for my first adventure!!!


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Lahti, Finland - 1st October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I’m here in Finland with my new host Susanna. I have long travel and I’m little bit tired so this first update is short. I was so glad to get out of my envelope and stretch my paws. I met these two fellows Grouchy the Smurf and Droopy the dog. Grouchy seems to be well…. grouchy and Droopy is kind of quiet one, but I’m sure, we all get along just fine. I even climbed on Droopy's head, he didn't mind at all. So don’t worry mom. And my host Susanna is very nice. She promised we are going to see some art next week, interesting.

Take care!



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Olavi Lanu Park, Lahti, Finland - 8th October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Yesterday we; my host, Grouchy and me went to see some art. Grouchy don’t speak much, but we get along quite well anyway. We went to town and walk some time. We arrived to this small lake and behind me you can see hill where we was heading. Grouchy thought we were going to visit some art gallery, but that was not the case. We went up and up and finally we saw art works. Mom, they are in beautiful forest. Very big sculptures by artist Olavi Lanu.

You can see me with sculptures called “Kaksi kiveä” (Two Stones), then “Harmaa tammikuu” (Grey January) Susanna tries to show how big these sculptures are, so can you see us Grouchy and me, little blue and brown spot in foot of that sculpture, “Läpi harmaan kiven” (Through Grey Stone) and the last one biggest of them all “Iso kivi” (Big Stone). That sculptures total weight is 37 tons, how much I weight mom?  :rolleyes:

On our way back we saw this fountain. Susanna told us, that it’s not only a fountain, but water organs too. At winter time there are shows with music and water and colours. Well at weekend we are going to see something different. So until then.

Take care Mom!



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Lahti, city Harbor, Finland - 11th October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mum!

Yesterday we went to see Lahti City harbor. Weather was nice, little bit cold and windy though. First we see this small lake called Pikku Vesijärvi (Tiny Waterlake). Then we got to harbor at Vesijärvi (Waterlake). View was very beautiful, I think. Everyone in Finland wants to live by lakes, and behind the lake you might see those white buildings. They are the news apartment buildings in Lahti and apartments there are very expensive.

We also saw famous music house The Sibelius Hall and these restaurant boats. They weren’t open so we had coffee and cake in coffee house in old wooden house. We had really nice day.

Now weather is getting really cold and we might have first snow by end of this week, not permanent snow, but still. I really want to see snow.

Miss you Mum!



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Lahti, Finland - 16th October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Guess what? I have accomplished my first life mission.  :D We haven’t been out much lately and in the first picture you can see why. Yes it has been snowing here. It is very early for snow, says my host and it won’t be permanent, but weather has been really cold for few days now.

There was enough snow at Susanna’s balcony for me to make a snowball. The first snowball in my life. Then I really really wanted to go out. So we did, although Susanna said it would be chilly and wet out there. We were out for a while and you can see me sitting in snow!!!

Next week Susanna needs help to decorate her balcony for winter, looking forward to that.  ;)

Take care Mom, I miss you!


019 (2).JPG
031 (2).JPG
010 (2).JPG

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Lahti, Finland - 21st October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Weather is now much warmer and all the snow is gone. But it’s still wet, windy and dark. Today my host wanted some help decorating her balcony. Just a little something for winter, she said. We planted some heathers in this big “tub” (at least we think those flowers are heathers). Then we hanged up his small lantern, it looks so nice at dark. Picture is not very good, sorry.  :(

Grouchy will be on his way to Hong Kong tomorrow. We Susanna, Droopy and me wish him Bon Voyage. I think, I will miss him.  :)

Next week I will travel to Seinäjoki with Susanna. Can’t wait.

Miss you mom!


002 (2).JPG

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Home, Lahti, Finland - 24th October 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!
I was feeling kind of lonely since Grouchy left Friday. Droopy the dog is nice guy, but most of the time he is in his own philosophical thoughts.  :rolleyes: So my host wanted to introduce me to someone, someone of my own kind. And here he is. My new friend. Susanna calls him Big Bear or Old Bear. And he is big and he is old, his place is in rocking chair. He hasn’t been voyager, but has lots and lots of interesting stories. He did promise, that whenever I want, I can come and chat with him.

I’m waiting for our trip to Seinäjoki next Thursday.

Yours Mom!

004 (3).JPG
005 (2).JPG

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Seinäjoki, Finland - 1st November 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I’m very educated little bear now. I studied whole weekend in Seinäjoki with my host. Well, most of the time I was sleeping in her bag and didn’t listen, but don’t tell her.  :p We went to Seinäjoki by train and in first picture you can see me at front of Lahti railway station. And then in train, traveling in train was fun.  :D

I had bed of my own in hotel, big bed and pillows as you can see. You can also see me at my hosts school and river Seinäjoki. In last picture is fountain, but without water (too cold). At summertime water runs down along those stones like a little stream.

Now Susanna and I have lots and lots of homework from school, but I promise I write you soon!

Take care Mom!

002 (3).JPG
011 (3).JPG
013 (2).JPG
004 (4).JPG
009 (2).JPG
010 (3).JPG

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Library, Lahti, Finland - 9th November 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Today my host took me to library, where she works. No, we didn’t have to work today  :D, but we did some studying. Weather was quite nice so we walk there. On our way we saw this big tunnel.

Susanna told me, that this traffic tunnel was opened at 1965,  it’s 440 meters long and it goes upwards 22 m. Beside traffic tunnel there are space for climbing wall and even small artificial stream, where people can canoe. Doors there were closed. So we didn’t have a change to look.  :( Susanna also told me, that there have been organ concerts in that tunnel, because it has so unique acoustic. Interesting place to see, mom.

And in other pictures you can see me in library, helping Susanna with her studies.

I’m fine mom, hope you are fine too
Take care!



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Lahti, Finland - 20th November 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I’m still here in Finland and quite happy. Because last Thursday real winter with snow arrived. So in pictures you see me playing in snow. I built a snowman bigger than me and I made snowangels. Now I really can say one of my life missions is completed.

Although winter comes every year, it’s always “surprise” for Finnish people. Lots and lots of car crushes and people falling over. Lot of flu, because people don’t dress warmly enough. And so is the case with my host. She got cold, and now has fever and running nose. But she promise, I will be on my way to my new host next Wednesday.

Take Care Mom!



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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 26th November 2010

By: dzejna

Hello Mum!
Greetings from the Czech Republic. I arrived here yesterday and my first day was not very good at first. There was no one at home when the mailman brought me, so I ended up in a post box. It was really cold and I had to wait for someone to pick me up.

After hours I finally heart a car passing by. So I started to shout – help, I am here. And in couple more minutes my new host came and took me immediately into the house.

All the toy-creatures gathered very fast and they helped me out of my envelope. Meanwhile my host went to light a fire in a fire place so I could get warm more quickly. I also got a nice hot cup of tea… so I was able to chat with the others very soon.



The guys here want me to send many thanks for the cards and chocolate I brought with me from Finland, so thank you Susanna!


As soon as I got warm, things became great… I think I will have a nice time here; everyone is really friendly so don´t worry about me.

I must not forget, as you can see on the images, I met very nice blue bear here. His name is Boo Boo and he is TV from USA. It means one more life mission completed!

Bye mum, I will write again soon.

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Macocha Abyss, Czech Republic - 28th November 2010

By: dzejna

Hello Mum!

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, but my host mum had sick eye, so we couldn´t do much activities and also use the computer much. But now just before Xmas things are getting much better.

Today I have images from the Macocha Abyss for you. We took them just before this eye problems started.

This abyss is quite deep. Machocha means step-mother and there is a whole story about this place having this name.

Many years ago there was a happy family - mother, father and their son Martin. But one day the mummy got sick and died.
After couple more years the father got married again and he had another son with his new wife - Martin´s step-mother. She became very jealous of him.
One day when she was at home alone with Martin she took him to the forest. They came near to the abyss and she pushed him down! (Uff, what a horrible idea!).  But as soon as she did it she realized the terrible guilt and jumped down too. 
After couple hours the father got back home and found the house empty. He went to the forest to look for the rest of his family and heard someone crying from the direction of the abyss. When he carefully looked down, he saw his own son hanging on a tree. With the help of neighbors he got him back up and found out the whole story. Since then people call the abyss "Macocha".

Today there are two bridges which allow you to look deep down into the abyss safely.

Here I am exploring the surroundings and looking down from the top bridge. See me there? I am sitting there all alone! All the other tourists ran away when they saw me. They knew that we bears are pretty dangerous!










As you can see there is a snow on the images, but now we have much much more. It is incredible. We are going to have 100% White Christmas, isn´t it great?

I will keep you posted.
Have a great day mum, Bernie

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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 24th December 2010

By: dzejna

Hello again,

here is my Christmas Holiday report :rolleyes:

On 23rd December we went to Brno. It is the second largest city in the Czech Republic.
We wanted to look at the traditional Christmas market there.

We saw big Christmas tree, wooden crib, a little bell – you are supposed to make a wish when ringing it.




We also came across this funny sculpture watch. Do not ask me, I have no idea how to read time on it…


Next day it was the 24th December (Christmas Eve for us, but they call it “the generous day“ here). It is the main holiday day here in the Czech Republic.
You are supposed to decorate the tree and prepare a magnificent dinner. After the dinner it is present-giving time.

So first we helped with the tree decorations… look.



And later we helped with cooking. The traditional dinner is a fish (mainly carp) and potato salad. We did the salad like this (watch and learn):

First you have to cook potatoes, carrot and celery.


While we were cooking it, our host mum made a homemade mayonnaise.


Now, when the vegetable is cooked, you need to peel it and cut it on small pieces and put it into some bowl.


Add carrot and celery…


Add potatoes…


Add pickled pea and also pickled cucumbers.



Add two boiled eggs cut into pieces.


Add the mayonnaise, salt, pepper…


After you mix it all together you are done. Now you leave it in a fridge (or just outside the house) for couple hours to cool down and you are ready to dig in.


Here I am getting ready for the dinner.


And finally present-giving time! We TV´s got this one all together.


It was full of yummy sweets, mainly local ones that we had never seen before.




And here we are all together under the Christmas tree. It is nice to spend this special time with good friends!


Love, Bernie

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Macocha Abyss, Czech Republic - 1st January 2011

By: dzejna

Dear Mum!

Sorry for the delay with updates, but we are veeery busy with school at the moment. Today I wanna show you just a few images we took on our walk to the Macocha Abyss.
My host mum and dad go there every 1st January and we decided to join them…
Because I already told you all about the abyss, just enjoy images this time =)





Love, Bernie

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