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Travelog for: Sweet Mimi

Brunssum, Netherlands - 16th August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Today was really the first day of the rest of my life.
I've been finally set free from the drawer and my 'people' took me with her to go to therapy.
She had to ride the bicycle and I had a taste of it too.


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Brunssum, Netherlands - 17th August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

After working out, we had to go shopping. By car, because we where exhausted!


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Brunssum, Netherlands - 17th August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

At the grocerystore, whe had to decide what to eat.
I found the potato wedges pretty appealing, so I made a point by joining the wedges in the frozen section. Brrr! That's cold!!!

After that, I had to cuddle with one of the dogs in my house. His name is Gaio, Portuguese for Crook. But he's really nice.

I also met a future TV, but Im not sure if he's up for the challenge. He's cranky! I gave him my best smile, and he wouldn't even look at me! How rude...


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Somewhere in , the Netherlands - 18th August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Yes, I am on my way!!!!!
Right now I am in the wild, but will arive in Germany really soon.
Talk to you when I get there.

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Sülfeld, Germany - 21st August 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

I arrived in Germany, I am so happy. Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm Welcome.


Then he introduced me to the others. They are Pippi, Murph and fai. But Murph is only visiting today – he spends some months with RikeH's sister.


Look – I arrived in the right time to eat some cakes.


I chose this one. It was so yummy.


I am sure, this is a good place to start my life as a ToyVoyager. I will write more soon.


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New home, Germany - 22nd August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Yes, I arrived in Germany!

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Altenau, Germany - 23rd August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Yesterday we went to an Centre of Otter. Here you see all of us with a funny statue of two playing Otters.


Later we saw real otters – in the lake behind me. Can you see them?


Here they show how far the Otters could spring, if they would be as large as human. I am not sure how far I could spring, I think about 100 meters, what do you think?


in the evening we arrived in Altenau – our place to stay for this week. It is in the Harz mountains in Germany.

Today we explored the village – it was not so much to see, but here is the church.


Inside the tourist information I talked with this Deer. Normally he lives outside, but today he had some questions about walks around the Village.


There was a little River in the Centre.


Later we went home and spent the rest of the day talking and having fun. I really love my life as a ToyVoyager. Please give a big hug to Grouchy!


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Goslar, Germany - 24th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello from Goslar,

We went to a city called Goslar today. It is situated in Lower Saxony and really old.

The Old Town of Goslaris an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We started our tour in front of the Mediaeval Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz).


In 1254 the Great Holy Cross was founded as an almshouse for the town’s needy. Now it is a museum.



Then we went to the Marketplace. Behind me you can see the Town-Hall.


From the Balcony ot the Town-Hall, we made this photo. It shows the Kaiserworth -     
The guildhall from the cloth merchants.


This statue is so funny!!!


Because it is one of my life-mission to Visit Miami Ink (and maybe get my own tattoo), we stopped at this shop. Unfortunately it was closed - and it was not Miami Ink.



The last nice buildings are called the Broad Gate. Wonderful.



It was a nice sunny day!


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Altenau, Germany - 25th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello from Altenau,

Rain - we sat here - and saw the rain.


No problem for us - ToyVoyagers always are happy - and we decided to explore the flat.

First we saw this butterfly.


It was not so cold - otherwise we could have used this fireplace.



We played two games. The first one was with many numbers.


Then we played a bigger game - called 'Tore der Welt'. It is difficult, so
Dicker Kumpel and I played together - and Pippi and fai played together.



The other two won, but we all had a lot of fun.

In the evening it was time to party. When RikeH and Thomas were away, we found
these two little bottles.


Well, the bottles were full and the glasses empty - we should change this.


After some hours - the glasses were empty - I took a closer look.


Nothing to see - maybe Dicker Kumpel will have more success?


No - everything is empty... Bad luck for all of us.

Oups - RikeH was coming back. She looked at us - and was not that amused.


Mum - I had fun. But I am a little worried about RikeH words : We will see us tomorrow....



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Altenau, Germany - 26th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello from Altenau again,

Ouch! My head!!! I had a headache. It was awful. RikeH helped all of us - and gave us cold towels for our heads.


Later we had some coffee and some medicine.


We decided to stay inside, relax on the couch and do nothing.

But RikeH told us that fresh air is the best for us today. So we walked with her to the Village.

We went into the spa gardens.


Normally the music is playing here - not today. But this is okay - loud sounds are awful for my head today.


These guys are funny - and quiet.


This was enough for today. I wanted to go home - no loud conversations today.
There must have been something wrong with the drinks yesterday.


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Altenau, Germany - 27th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Another nice day in Altenau. RikeH wanted to visit the Kräuterpark yesterday, but we ToyVoyagers wanted to go home. So we went in the park today. It is the biggest park of spices of the World. Wow!
Here you see me in front of a lot of spices.


There was a beautiful building. In the building we learnt a lot about spices.


Later we had a rest - and talked a lot.


At the end there was a wonderful small waterfall.


It was a really interesting day!


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Bad Harzburg, Germany - 28th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

we drove to a nice little town today - Bad Harzburg. The first interesting things we saw were
these two horsemen. 


There are beautiful old buildings.


In the middle of the city we found this fountain of youth.There are funny people on it.


Next to the fountain we met this friendly bunny - and talked to him.


There was a nice lady on a Donkey on the other side of Bad Harzburg.


On our way back we stopped in Torfhaus. In the background you see the Brocken -
the highest point of the Harz with 1141 m.


There was a big monument in Torfhaus.


There is a sentence written in 20 languages. Here it is in Dutch. Can you read it?


We are ready to walk onto the Brocken...


But this friendly wolf told us that the weather will be rainy - so we decided to drive home.


Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday. I would love to stay here for many more weeks.

Many greetings

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Altenau, Germany - 29th August 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

It was our last holiday-day and it was time to drive home to Sülfeld. When we looked out of the
window we saw some deers - this was funny. 


We stopped in Uelzen - it is famous for its station. The original station was renovated for Expo 2000
following plans by the Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.I really liked it.


Inside the station :


The station platforms are nice, too.


Back home in Sülfeld there was a new guest - Peachy Chai. Dicker Kumpel introduced him to us -
and we talked a lot!



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Hamburg, Germany - 1st September 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I went to Hamburg with RikeH today. She had to work, but promised to show me a nice place in the city in the lunchtime. We went around the nice Lake Alster. There is a fountain in the middle.


There were swans...


... and a colorful carrousel.


This is the flag of Hamburg - and in the background a very expensive hotel.


Another view of the Alster Lake.


We crossed the road and saw the Townhall


and other nice buildings on the other side.


What a nice trip!



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Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 4th September 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

we went to a small city today - it is called Bad Oldesloe - and RikeH went to school there - years ago...

First we went to a nice river.


Here I stood in front of the Townhall.


This is the church near to the city centre.


There are many nice old houses.


And I really loved this view.


Dicker Kumpel told me that the water wheel normally moves - but not today.


Many greetings
Sweet Mimi

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