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Travelog for: KicksBear

Piketon, OH, USA - 11th August 2010

By: tricia2961

We have released KicksBear and Clover to Tucson, AZ.  We hope to see plenty of pics of all the fun things they are doing

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 16th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Clover and I have finally reached Tucson, Arizona!  We were immediately welcomed by our host, Kristee, and her family of stuffed animals--Brownie White, Pear, Teddy Bear and Nike.


Kristee then presented each of us with a beaded necklace she made with our names on it.  Don't they look good?  B)




Then we got to meet Kristee's pet bunny, Kelso.  He was really sweet and gave each of us welcome kisses!


We're exhausted after our trip, so it's time to get some rest!

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 16th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Kristee had another surprise for Clover and I...POSTCARDS!  She wanted each of us to write to you and Melodee to let you know we got here safely!

"I know exactly what to say!"

Once we finished writing our postcards, we went out to the mailbox to drop them off.


Tomorrow Kristee is hoping to take us on a bike ride around her side of town!  Let's hope it doesn't get too hot (the high is only supposed to be 99°F)!

I miss you!

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 17th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Kristee was still awake this morning at around 6:00am and she decided to take us on a small tour around part of the University of Arizona campus.  She said it'd be good that we'd go earlier because then it wouldn't be as hot.


We spent a lot of time walking around and looking at all of the plantlife.  Here I am with some pretty purple flowers!


You can't go to Arizona and not get your picture taken with a cactus or two!



The University of Arizona mascot is the wildcat!  GO CATS!  :D


We eventually arrived at the U of A bookstore and decided to look around in there.  We were lucky that Kristee had forgotten her wallet at home, or we would've been in there forever!


By the time we were done, Kristee was ready to go to sleep (and we were still pretty tired from our trip), so we headed back home.  But Kristee promised us we'd go back again soon!

I miss you!

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 24th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Sorry it's been so long since the last update, Kristee's been busy with work and errands and such.

Today we worked the election polls here in Tucson.  Kristee was the ID Clerk--she'd check the identification of the people coming in to vote and check them off on her list.  Since it was just the primaries, it wasn't that busy.  We were open from 6:00am-7:00pm and we only had 16 voters come in the whole day!  Needless to say, the workers were extremely bored.

Even though I didn't vote (I'm not registered here in Arizona), Kristee was still able to get me an "I Voted" sticker!  :)


Kristee's friend Nathan is coming to visit Thursday, so we're probably going to go with her to pick him up at the airport!
I miss you!

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 28th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Sorry I didn't update for a few days, Kristee's friend Nathan is here to visit and she's been busy!  I ended up not going with her to the airport because she was running late and I wouldn't have gotten to look around at all.  I did get to go with her to her family's house today!  They were having a small barbecue!

Kristee decided to show me around her backyard first.  Her dad spends a lot of time in the garden and usually the backyard is overflowing with flowers (but since it's summer, it's too hot for a lot of the flowers to grow)!

Here I am with a Bird of Paradise plant.  You see quite a few of these here in Tucson!


Here I am with some pretty little flowers!


We found this little dish with miniature cacti in it!  How cute! 


Then I got to go swimming for a little bit.  The water was cool, but the sun was extremely hot, so I decided it'd be good to go back inside.  I didn't want to get sunburned! 


Clover and I wanted to get our picture taken with the steel cactus in her parents' entryway.  Isn't it cool?


Kristee then introduced me to Casey, the family dog.  Casey was a real sweetheart and even let me ride on her back for a little bit!


Kristee saved the best for last.  She brought me upstairs and took me onto the balcony.  Kristee told me that she misses living with her family (on the East Side) because she doesn't get to see the mountains as much anymore.  I don't blame her, check out the view!



All in all, it was a very relaxing day.  Tomorrow is my last day in Tucson, so Kristee is going to try and take me down 4th Avenue (weather-permitting)!

I miss you!

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Tucson, AZ, USA - 29th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Mom!
Today Kristee, Clover and I went to go walk around on 4th Avenue!

According to Wikipedia:
“Fourth Avenue, located near the University of Arizona, is home to many shops, restaurants, and bars, and hosts the annual 4th Avenue Street Fair every December and March.”

According to Kristee:
”Fourth Avenue is (pretty much) home to the artsy community of Tucson.”


Kristee decided to show us some cool tree stumps first.  They'd been painted and carved into cool little statues!



Then we decided to go look in some of the shops.  In Creative Ventures Craft Mall I got to look at all sorts of things created by over 100 local artists.  Here you can see me with some Mexican art and pottery!


Then we walked by How Sweet It Was, one of the many thrift stores along 4th Avenue.  I wanted to see if there was anything cool in the bargain bin out front, but all the clothes were too big for me!


Then we went to one of Kristee's favorite stores on 4th Avenue--Antigone Books!  Kristee loves to come here to look at all the different books and buy some postcards for Postcrossing.


She also showed us the coolest looking building on 4th Avenue, the Hippie Gypsy!


We kept walking around looking in other thrift stores after that.  Kristee had wanted us to be able to take the Old Pueblo Trolley back up Fourth Avenue, but it never showed up!  We were pretty disappointed, but we still ended up having a good time today!

Tomorrow we're going to be leaving to go visit our next host, Gwenyth, in Arkansas!  Should be fun!

I miss you!

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