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Travel outside of the United States.

Meet and get a picture with someone famous.

Meet another turtle.

Visit some science museums for my Dad.

Travel all the continents, minus Antarctica. Brrr, too cold for me!

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Travelog for: Lightning Jones

Home, USA - 21st May 2010

By: ekolter

Slowly getting up a list of people who wish to host Jones.  I'm willing to take up to 15 hosts.

From ToyVoyagers:
1) MorgenSter in Brazil (Visted)
2) Mar Adento in Russia (No reply, skipped to 3rd person)
7) Sammy in Germany
8) McFloozy in Boston, Massachusetts
9) Katieroo in Raleigh, North Carolina
10) Milenosss in Poland
11) Ford in Australia
12) vonxblood in Washington State, USA
13) bmmapel in Georgia, USA

From Postcrossing:
3) Koekje87 in Netherlands (Currently visiting)
4) Piparminttu in Finland (no reply)
5) KaeEhm in Canada
6) Usag1 in San Francisco, California, USA

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Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - 26th May 2010

By: ekolter

Jones visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens and saw the DinoQuest exhibit with myself & the little guy. I've included a few pictures from there below.

Then this weekend, Jones will be hanging around home and doing the stay at home vacation thing with us for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

LJ and button flowers.jpg
LJ with Dino Footprint.jpg
LJ and rose garden.jpg

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The Arch, Saint Louis, Missouri, MO - 30th May 2010

By: ekolter

Mom, Dad, and the Little Guy have had out-of-town friends and their children visiting since Friday evening and have been doing the local tourist things. On Saturday everyone went to the Saint Louis Zoo. Today we went to the Saint Louis Gateway Arch and saw the Mississippi River. Then tomorrow we'll have a little backyard barbecue with hamburgers before our friends have to drive back home.

Here are some pictures of Lightning Jones' journey to the the top of the Saint Louis Arch over Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to 'Aunt Brooke' and the boys for taking me along with them to the top! :D

Mom also add some pictures of me in the museum under the Arch. Also forgot to mention, but I got made a junior ranger by lady park ranger! Whoohoo! I have my own badge and a coloring book!

LJ and another ranger.jpg
LJ at the Arch.jpg
LJ wagonwheel at Arch.jpg
LJ with cand at Arch.jpg

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Saint Charles, MO, USA - 2nd June 2010

By: ekolter

Hello friends :)

I finally got to hit the pool yesterday! One of my parents friends' apartment complex just opened up. She invited Mom & the little guy to come and go swimming. We had to stop by Wal-mart to pick up some swim stuff for the little guy and grab some lunch first. Once at the pool, we played for 2 whole hours! The little guy loved it! Everyone was giggling at him. He worn himself out and we all then headed to a local bookstore to relax while he slept in his stroller for a bit. Didn't get home until well after dark. By that time everyone was too tired to upload pictures. They'll be coming soon.

LJ at the pool.jpg

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Cahokia, Illinois, United States - 5th June 2010

By: ekolter

Jones tagged along to the International Horseradish Festival in Collinsville, Illinois, with his brother, Eight. Eight is a huge foodie and just had to go to his event. Jones thought it was just 'meh'.

Later as we were heading back home, we decided to stop by and check out Cahokia Mounds. It's a UNESCO site. Jones got a picture of Mound's Mound and toured the museum for the last hour. We didn't see the other attractions at the site, it was way too hot and muggy to be walking around outside for too long.

LJ at Cahoka UNESCO.jpg
LJ at Cahokia.jpg
LJ at Monks Mound.jpg
LJ in front of Monk\

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Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - 21st June 2010

By: ekolter

Jones' adventures began today on the official first day of summer. He's on his way to Brazil! He should be arriving there in the next 5-10 days according to the nice lady at the post office.

Have fun Jones! May you have many wonderful adventures! We'll miss you here at home!  B)

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Home, USA - 18th July 2010

By: ekolter

I just got word a few days ago that Jones has arrived safe and sound in Brazil! :D 

Can't wait to see what adventures he has there!

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Santos, Brazil - 20th July 2010

By: MorgenSter

I'm in Brazil with a few pictures for everyone to see.The weather is finally getting better, sunny and warm. We had a lot of days of rain and cold. We walked around the old center of the town, the second oldest of Brazil, founded in 1545. Here are some nice pictures:D







Comming back soon with more!

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Santos, Brazil - 3rd August 2010

By: MorgenSter

Here are a few pictures more! There are two new toy vouyagers here with us , Bally and Eeyore Cutie. It has been really fun walking around town with them. Our host started working yesterday and it has also been raining a lot, so we didn't get to do much last week.






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Saint Peters, MO, USA - 14th August 2010

By: ekolter

Dearest Jones,

I wanted to let you know that we have moved since you have been traveling. We have a nice little rental house instead of an apartment.

Hope you're having a blast! We miss you!

Mom, Dad, and TC

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Santos, Brazil - 18th August 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello!!! Here I am updating my travelog again! Santos is very big and we have been all over town with our host. The historical centre, barbecues, aquarium, tennis club, restaurants, etc.
And I met another turtle!!!Another of my wishes is now complete! But I must upload a picture soon, I don't have any so far ( so I'll tick the wish box next time)

I also can't wait to see my new house with my mommy and daddy !!! is it comfy???













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Home, USA - 29th September 2010

By: ekolter

Jones is ready to move on to another adventure. Hoping to get the contact information of the 2nd person on the travel list soon. If not, he will go to the 3rd person on the list.  B)

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Postoffice, Netherlands - 19th October 2010

By: EllenNL

Jones has arrived in the Netherlands !! He had a good trip, but is very tired now......


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Ellen's Room, Netherlands - 21st October 2010

By: EllenNL

Jones was alone for just a day. Today he became friends with a other traveltoy called Wubai. They like eachother a lot!

I love it here in the Netherlands! Though the weather is rainy.... I met a nice guy, his name is Wubai. We went to the shoppingcentre today and bought a nice shirt for Ellen. We also joined a icecream, sharing it together! On this photo you can see me with my new friend Wubai.


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Africa-Museum, Netherlands - 23rd October 2010

By: EllenNL

Today I went to a museum with Ellen and a friend of her. We went to a museum about Africa. It was a little scared about all the kids around there! But Ellen stayed very close to me. Unfortunatly we couldn't make any pictures in the museum :(  So that's we Ellen made a photo of me while typing this update. We enjoyed the museum a lot!

With Love, Jones


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