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Travelog for: Ollie Kikabeer

Zutphen, the Netherlands - 18th May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hi everyone!

My name is Ollie Kikabeer! I live in Zuphen, the Netherlands. I want to start by introducing myself properly to you all...

Here are some pictures of me at home. One is on top of a pillow that Thalipauriel made herself. I so love the embroidery!
Then there is one of me inside a basket with re-enactment stuff. I hope she'll be able to take me with her one time and I will be able to live as a medieval bear for just a weekend!
There is also a picture of me on a plank at her desk. This is where she keeps some nice statuettes and where I like to sit when Thalipauriel is behind her desk. She wants to make it seasonal, but has not gotten round to doing that yet... There are some very autumnal things here now.

05-2010 024.JPG
05-2010 025.JPG
05-2010 026.JPG

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Zutphen, the Netherlands - 19th May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hello everyone!

Yesterday and today Thalipauriel is/was not feeling well, so I kept her company. We read a book together, which was very exciting!

Then Thalipauriel introduced me to the cats. This is Tara:
And Tommy did not really want to be in the picture:

Then we pretended I was in a forest, as we could not really go out. It looks as though I am really there, doesn't it?

This morning Thalipauriel checked my height and weight. I am really tiny, am I not?

And what do you all think of the lovely hand-made collar I got? Don't I look fancy?

I am sorry if the pictures are a bit too big, but Thalipauriel is still trying to figure things out..  :rolleyes:

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Zutphen, the Netherlands - 20th May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hi all!

Thalipauriel took me with her to where her mum works today! It was fun to go somewhere with her!




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Zutphen, the Netherlands - 22nd May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hi all!

As today was a very warm day and Thalipauriel had a lot of uni-stuff to do, she decided to do this in her garden! I went outside with her and first had a look around..


Remember Tommy?

This tree should be flowering soon!

We then read some Chaucer. (I can't believe they call that English!)

And did some Syntax. I even tried to help, but it was a bit too difficult for me.. I did not really get it at all!

I got so exhausted that I decided to take a nap in the shade..

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Zutphen, the Netherlands - 25th May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hi all!

I went on a train today, with Thalipauriel! It was great fun! Unfortunately we did not manage to take any pictures in Nijmegen this time, but we took some nice shots at the train-station and on the train!

Here's some of the Zutphen Trainstation:



http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/4506/afb003d.jpg (That tower is the tower of the St. Jan's church)


And the inside:


http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/3723/afb007u.jpg (These are some pictures that were taken when this station was built!)

A Dutch train:


We had a coffee on the way. Yum!!:


This was the view from the train. We were going so fast, that most of the pictures did not turn out ok!



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Nijmegen, the Netherlands - 28th May 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Today we went to Nijmegen again and this time we took some pictures there as well! At the university, where Thalipauriel had to go to hand something in, we went up to the 19th floor! From there we took some pictures!




This is the campus seen from the top:




It all made me feel very, very tiny...


We then went on a bus, which was fun!


The view from the bus, near the university:


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Zutphen, the Netherlands - 8th June 2010

By: Thalipauriel

Hi all!

I am going to travel now for the first time! I am so excited!


I am going to Brazil!!! So, we looked at a map...


And now I am going into the envelope.. It is very scary and I really hope I will not get lost!



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Santos, Brazil - 20th July 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hallo !!!!

I have arrived in Brazil and the weather is finally improving. We've got sun and a nice temperature. Now, a few pictures for your delight... though it was raining when we took them...We took a ride at the old centrum of Santos, the second oldest city of Brazil, founded in 1545. ( baby city compared to cities of my home land, but still, worth to see)
I have also met three other tv's here. Bally,Vakinas, Lightning Jones :D It has been super cool to go around town with them :D






I'll come back soon with more :D

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Santos, Brazil - 18th August 2010

By: MorgenSter

Santos is a great city to live in and to walk around. A lot of historic places and also a lot of pictures at the beach to take. Here are some for you :D













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Santos, Brazil - 5th September 2010

By: MorgenSter

My last post from Brazil!

MorgenSter made me a small farewell party, and all my new TV friends attended of course.




Write to you soon :)

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Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - 27th September 2010

By: AbbyB

I have arrived in Canada!  There were many TVs there to meet me.



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Vancouver, BC, Canada - 1st October 2010

By: AbbyB

Abby took me to a very special event.  A PostSecret live event!  Frank Warren got on stage and told everyone stories and showed pictures of never-before seen secrets, then opened up the floor to people in the audience who wanted to tell their secrets.

I did get my picture taken in the theatre, but it was so dark that you couldn't tell I was there, so instead I am showing you two pictures without me in them that are slightly better quality.



After the event, I got to meet Frank!


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SFU, Burnaby, BC, Canada - 7th October 2010

By: AbbyB

Today is Convocation at Abby's school, and I was there to see Abby's sister graduate.


The ceremony is held in the aptly-named Convocation Mall.


Before the ceremony, the graduands were piped in by SFU's six time world champion pipe band.


There were a number of speeches during the event.  Abby was the designated photographer for her sister, so she was busy running around with a much better camera and did not have time to take more photos of me.


After the ceremony there was a reception for a special few people.


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Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - 10th October 2010

By: AbbyB

It's time to harvest the grapes in the garden.  We all came out to help.


After playing for a while, Abby said that we were there to help, not supervise, and I was put to work.


It took a while, but I think we did a good job.


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Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - 10th October 2010

By: AbbyB

As you may know, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October.  It's not really a huge deal here, but, as one of Abby's professors said, 'Thanksgiving is the only day of the year where every single Canadian eats the same thing for dinner.'  This is mostly true.  Usually there is a turkey, but they take forever to cook and nobody like turkey here anyway, so there was chicken, along with potatoes, brussel sprouts, stuffing and candied yams.


I took some of everything.


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