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Travelog for: Zagi

Zagreb, Croatia - 25th April 2010

By: Vanja


thank you for taking me home with you. I hope I can stay with you for a while and get to know you a bit. Please take me with you and show me your hometown and how you live. My mentor would like to read about my adventures and I would love to show her some photos. You can join this site and write about your adventures.

If you don't have time for me anymore, you can pass me on to someone else or leave me in a public place for someone else to find me.

I hope you will enjoy having me around! :)

I'm called after Zagi, the mascot of 1987. Summer Universiade, also known as the XIV Summer Universiade. It involved participants from 111 countries and over 6,000 individual sportspersons and members of teams.

I'm still at home waiting for the Worldwide Random Release 2010 :)

My dear friends Larry & Cheryl David came to see me before the trip and to say goodbye.


They helped me with my bag. It is so heavy!


They were sad because I'm leaving and they squeezed me hard :)





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Zagreb, Croatia - 26th April 2010

By: Vanja

I decided to let Zagi go wild few days before because I'm afraid that on this weekend no one will be in Zagreb and he will be thrown in garbage by some cleaning lady... So, he is ready to go!

Let's take him to the place where I'll release him! :)





I took someone bicycle and had a ride and then return it where I found it :)



Look at this beautiful flowers! They smell so good!


We are going to the building with nice view of Zagreb.


I'm in an elevator, I'm going to take some pictures of Zagreb.


This is Zagreb :)


The river Sava is on this side:


I found this mirror on my way there:


Waiting for a tram to go to the University where Vanja will release me.


This is the building where I will be released - it's a library of University of Philosophy:


Again in the elevator, this one is in the library. I pushed the button for the fourth floor!


We are here...



Vanja wanted to release me on this floor (this is the floor of the different languages - English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian)


But there was no space so she searched other floors. You see how students are learning, I had to be really quiet...




The moment before my Mom released me :)


I hope that someone good will find me and take care of me!

Bye, Mom!

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zagreb,faculty of philosophy, croatia - 27th April 2010

By: mali medo

safe and sound... ;)

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Bjelolasica, Croatia - 28th April 2010

By: Martina

Zagi was in Bjelolasica (Croatia) from 28.4. till 2.5.!! He had great time there!! Unfortune, I don't have pictures of him but I can sure you, he had the best time ever! He was playing sport but mostly he had fun at night!  B ) Now, he is somewhere in Slovenia! Can't wait to hear what is he doing there!!  :cyclops:

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Izlake, Slovenia - 8th May 2010

By: Petra

One girl from Croatia gave me Zagi on Bjelolasica (02.05.2010)  :) When we come to Slovenia (Izlake) we slept a looot  :D because we were tired of having so much fun there.
Than every day Zagi went to work with me, and learn a lot of civil ingineering  B)
We celebrate my birthday together with my familiy and friends.
Now is Zagi with my best friend in Nova Gorica (till 08.05.2010).  B)

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Šempas, Slovenia - 14th May 2010

By: zorica

Zagi is still ok.  :D

The majority of time that he lived in Šempas he spent playing with my 6 month old daughter.

Now hi is on the way to Ljubljana. I believe he will be in good hands.

by by Zagi ;)

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Šempas, Slovenia - 14th May 2010

By: zorica


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Ljubljana, Slovenia - 7th June 2010

By: NickyIris

I am really happy to tell you that Zagi is in Ljubljana at the moment (he has been here for a few days, now, actually).  ;)

As soon as he arrived I introduced him to some of my friends and Zagi is getting along with all of them. However, he was sort of scared of Domo Kun in the beginning but now they're friends, having fun all the time.

On Thursday Zagi went to a Gibonni concert but unfortunately his 'keeper' forgot to take a photo of him there.  :(

Tomorrow she is taking him around Ljubljana for some sightseeing.  B)


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Ljubljana, Slovenia - 9th June 2010

By: NickyIris

Zagi has done many interesting things today. I have been keeping him busy. Tonight he'll go to bed a bit sooner so that he is rested tomorrow when he continues his journey to England.  :)

In the morning he helped me making muffins. Domo Kun was present as well, as you can see from the first picture, but he was being very naughty and as a punishment he didn't go around Ljubljana with Zagi and me.  :p

We went around the city, saw the triple bridge, the Dragon (the protector of Ljubljana), and in the end we went and had some fun in Metelkova City.  B)


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Ljubljana, Slovenia - 10th June 2010

By: NickyIris

Zagi is leaving us.  :(

We are all sad, especially Domo Kun cannot stop crying (he is very very soft on the inside). 

Zagi is looking forward to visiting England, he is going to Huntingdon today and we all wish him a safe journey. He will be missed.

Bye bye Zagi.


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London, England - 23rd May 2012

By: NickyIris


I bet you did not see this coming, did you?  B) Well, here I am, safe and sound so no worries my dear owner. I know I have been MIA for quite some time but that was only because I was on a secret mission. I am sure you will understand that I cannot talk about it.

Just dropping by to say that I am enjoying my time off in London and will soon be on my way to see and explore more.




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