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Travelog for: Zeki Bey

Istanbul, Turkey - 7th May 2010

By: bruehwuerfelchen

Merhaba Arkadaslar ! Hello  Friends !

My name is Zeki Bey. I was sitting with a lot of other ducks in Eminönü in Istanbul, waiting for someone to take me home.
I was very lucky, that "Bruehwuerfelchen" picked me up.She not only took me to her home, but she also told me about toyvoyagers and that I maybe, could travel around the World.

I was very glad to hear that because unfortunately, I don't have any wings.:( But don't worry, I wasn't sad about it any more, when I heard about this page.

Before we went home, we made some pictures. Please don't be disappointed about my look. I know, I am not really handsome but I am very smart. I am able to quack, so I can tell you a lot of stories about my home country.

BTW, Zeki means intelligent and Bey means something like Mr., which is, in Turkish used after the first name.

This is me, after Bruehwuerfelchen picked me up. I was very happy. In the background you can see the Bosporus and the Golden Horn entrance.

You can see the Topkapi Palace in the background.

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Istanbul, Turkey - 8th May 2010

By: bruehwuerfelchen

Hello Friends,

today we went to the Marmara sea, which isn't far from my home.
We wanted to make a lot of photos but Jeanne (Bruehwuerfelchen) bought a lot of things (women...!) and it was difficult to carry the bags and picture us. Nehir couldn't join. She is really excited about her first trip and already is waiting in an envelope to start her trip on Monday...
Well, we made some nice photos- mostly of me.. B)

Can you see the ships in the background?
They are all waiting to be allowed to pass the Bosporus.




You can shoot at the balloons at the background. I don't like it but at least they don't shoot birds!!

Here you can see the fast ferry, which goes from the Asian side to the European side of Istanbul and back. It's very quick and you don't need to stuck in a traffic jam.

At home with Gunter Dagli.

Jeanne has some Passionflowers. This is blooming everyday and also got some fruit.

Oh and this is an evil eye. Everyone in Turkey has at least one.
It protects you from the evil view from other persons. If it cracks you know that it worked.

Here Gunter Dagli, me and Sülyeman are chilling on the sofa.

Then we had the idea to weight ourselves.
And as you see I am very light.

Now, you also know, how much how much Gunter Dagli weights.

After that Sülyeman taught us how to play Civi4. I really like that game. Of course I won!

Tomorrow we will go to visit Jeanne's finance's grandmother.She lives at the Asian side of Istanbul. Maybe I will make some photos there too!

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Istanbul, Turkey - 9th May 2010

By: bruehwuerfelchen

Today we went to Üsküdar.

At the first picture you can see the Maiden's Tower in the background.

The Bosporus bridge.


Don't you think, that's an nice alarm clock?


I am very tired today.
I will go sleep now.
See you soon again.

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Istanbul, Turkey - 10th May 2010

By: bruehwuerfelchen

Yesterday Claire arrived. Look what she brought as a present.
I ate them all by myself. :rolleyes:

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Istanbul, Turkey - 12th May 2010

By: bruehwuerfelchen

Hello Friends..:)
I bought a first class ticket today and now I am on my way to France. :D

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St Nazaire, France - 25th May 2010

By: Bastet

I'm just arrived in France !!! It's a rainy day and I feel ... well... flat ! after a so long trip ^^ :p
I take a little rest, and I come back telling you everything about my trip ! :) :)

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