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Travelog for: Dörte

Hamburg, Germany - 27th April 2010

By: gittehh


my name is Dörte and last Friday,  I visited a friend  who is a toyvoyager, so I decided to travel as well.
As you can see in my picture, I love flowers, but I ´ll not eat them because they are so lovely.
I also found my passport.

Firma 057.JPG

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Hamburg, Germany - 27th April 2010

By: gittehh

Great, my friend Tobbi just arrived.
Now we can pack a backpack together, look in the tourguide and also check, if we have anything we need on our jouney to Australia.
Our Mom´s spended us some cash, so we will have our own pocket money.

AND if you want to know it, our plane will depart in 4hours.
We are soooo happy.

Firma 059.JPG
Firma 060.JPG
Toyvoyager 001.JPG

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Perth, Australia - 30th April 2010

By: gittehh

Hi together,
the flight from Hamburg to Perth was very relaxing. My mom made me a bed right under the window, so I was able to see the stars.
My buddy Tobbi, who  is traveling with us, was a little bit afraid, but I promised him, I´ll allways protect him and after we played seek and hide in my moms handback, we could both enjoy the flight.
On our first day in Perth we went to the Kings Park with the free BLue Cat Bus and I made a picture of me in front of the skyline of Perth. After the walk through the park I was very thirsty and drank a very delicious coke. Tomorrow we will ride on the wheel of Perth and will take a boat trip on the Swan River. See you folks


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Westaustralia, Australia - 10th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hi guys,
as I told you last time, I went for a boat trip on the Swan River in Perth. It was very nice and relaxing. The next day we started our tour to the north of Westaustralia.
In the Yanchep National Park I saw the first koala in my life and they were so cute :D
Afterwards we went to the wonderful Pinnacles.
I realy love that place.
The next day we stopped to see a pink lake, but we weren´t allowed to swim.
See you Doerte


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Westaustralia, Australia - 11th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hi folks, its me again
I just want to tell you, that I had one of the best days in my live in Monkey Mia. Could you believe it, I was in the ocean with 8 or more dolphins. It was so amazing!
The next day we drove a lot and I made a photo from me and the red dessert of Western AUstralia, just to show you, how red the sand really is. We also went to the shell beach. There is no sand, only a lot of shells and I jumped in a little shell mountain :D
We also stopped in a roadhouse, where I met a very nice lady who wanted a photo with herself, me and my mate Tobbi.
Bye till next time

Australien 2010P5050141.JPG
Kopie von Scan137.jpg
Australien 2010P5059483.JPG

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Westaustralia, Australia - 11th May 2010

By: gittehh

Sorry folks,
I just forgot to tell you, that we had a very relaxing day at Coral Bay. On the way to the bay ,we made a short visit at Hamling Pool to visit the old guys, that lives there for 3.000 years. First I couldn´t believe it, but they told me their history and I was so impressed.

Later that day we arrived at Coral Bay. You can see me  and Tobbi after our snorkeling trip and just relaxing on the beach.
Now we´ll go to visit the amazing Uluru.
Love to all, Doerte


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Kata Tjuta, Australia - 12th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hi guys

today we started our "Camping in Style" Trip in Australias RED CENTER.
At first we visited the lump of rocks that the Aboriginals named Kata Tjuta and the white AUstralians The Olgas.

We climbed around the rocks and had a lot of fun.
But don´t worry, I was very careful as I promised my mum to be.
On the end of the hike we were very thirsty and a little bit exhausted.
It was a great day.
Tomorrow we will visiting the famous Uluru and I´m very curious to see the rock.


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Uluru, Australia - 13th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hello folks,

I´ve been around the Uluru the whole day.
It was so amazing!!!
First we went to see the rock during sunrise. Afterwards we had breakfast and than started for a walk around the Uluru. Because the aboriginals don´t like people to climb on the rock we decided to respect their wish. The walk was great and we saw a lot of places with old paintings and some where the native Australians had lifed , like kitchen caves and caves to give birth .It was very interesting.
After being back in the camp we had lunch and some rest. We were back to the rock in time to see the sunset. The rock glows in different colors and it was soooo great to be part of that event.

On the end of the day I was very tired and slept very well in our tent.
Because gittehh damaged her camera after this trip, I can´t send you more pictures. I´ll tell you everything that happens when I´m back home.



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Salem, Germany - 31st July 2010

By: gittehh

Hello Mum,

today some other ToyVoyager came and visited me on my Campsite. We had a Barbecue.


We looked around on the table and found Salad, too.


I worked hard.


Hey – it looked yummy – and it was delicious.


Really yummy – and we all ate too much.


Later we made a walk – and had a look over the Campsite.


We made a rest and were allowed to choose an ice-cream.


I had this one – called Spaghetti Ice.


It was a great day – I said goodbye to the others . It was nice to meet them.



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Lübeck, Germany - 15th August 2010

By: gittehh

Hi folks,

today I visited a nice little town named Lübeck.
First I went to a restaurant to meet Dicker Kumpel and have a nice lunch.



Do you know KIBA? That is a nice juice with cherry(Kirsche) and banana and it was very delicous.


The main meal was awful, but the fries were good.


Afterwards we went to a short sightseeing-tour.

Here you can see the house of Thomas Manns grandparents.The house is very famous and he wrote a book (The Buddenbrooks)
about his familiy.


We also had a very short look at the church of Lübeck and some of the old buildings there


THe Town Hall ist very nice and here you can see the balcony with old decorations


THe inner courtyard is a very beautyful place with good cafes and restaurants.



THe most famous building in Lübeck is the "Holstentor" which is part of the old town wall and  I think it´s also the most photographed building.


Because it was very humit, I bought an icecream from the biggest factory in Lübeck(Niederegger).
The Lady was very nice.



Here you can see me with a miniatur of Lübeck


See you

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Hamburg, Germany - 20th August 2010

By: gittehh

Hello again,
yesterday I got an unexpected visit from Dicker Kumpel and some of his guests.
I was so glad to meet him again and also to meet Pippi and Fai.


Because I want to travel around the world like the other TV do, they helped me to find my first host.
You have to know, that I´ve only traveled with my mum till now. But I´m a big sheep now and decided to travel by my self.
Here you can see us, searching in TV.com for my first host.


We had a very nice time together.


So we had a super-tight-group-hug as it was time to leave.


Tomorrow I´ll go with mum to Mallorca and after that I´ll go to CANADA!!!


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Soller, Spain - 21st August 2010

By: gittehh

Hi together,

last week I went on holiday to Mallorca.
We rented a very nice finca near Soller and had our own pool.
I´ll take you around to show you our home for the last week.
We started our flight in Hamburg with Air Berlin and I tried to have a close view in the plane.



After our landing in Palma de Mallorca we took our rental car and drove to our finca.


When I looked out of the window I could see the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side the mountains.




Around the finca were a lot of lemon trees and flowers.





We also had a nice hammock and the pool to relax.



Now let us have a look inside the finca.
Here you can see our living room, the eating table and the kitchen.




On the end of the first day I went in my own bed and slept very well.


Bye Dörte

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Valldemossa, Spain - 23rd August 2010

By: gittehh

Dear all,
today I made a trip to the beautyful village of Valldemossa.
There are a lot of nice old houses and a Cloister.
Frederic Chopin lived here in 1838/39 with George Sand and she wrote her book "A winter in Mallorca"
about that time. Michael Douglas and his family are also living here some times during the year.

First I started with a tasty breakfast.


IN Valldemossa we bougth some postcards for our friends.


Afterwards we walked through the village







The garden was nice and I really liked the church.



From Valldemossa we drove to the sea but I had no swimsuit with me, so I just took a look.


On our way back we made a short stop in Deja, which is the nearest village to our finca and is very nice as well.




I really like the landscape with the mountains in the back.


See you,

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Alfábia; Mallorca, Spain - 25th August 2010

By: gittehh

Hola again from Mallorca,

Yesterday I visited the famous "Jardins d`Alfabia".
The gardens were built from former arabian owners a long time ago.

First you have to climb a lot of stairs to go to the old house.


I went to the kitchen with an old stove and a rocking chair on a fireplace. It looked so comfortable that I don´t want to get up.



I also sat down on the table and had a look on the vegies that were served.



The living room was very old as well and I didn´t know if I was allowed to sit on the table.
But I wanted to have a photo so I sat down for a minute.


Here you can see me in the library.


Afterwards I went to the gardens.


There was a beautyful pond in the garden and nice trees.




I also liked the water fontains because they cooled down the heat a little bit.


After running through the house and the garden I was very thirsty and so I bought a fresh lime juice.
It tasted soooo great.



You can also visit an old oilmill in the gardens.

These are the olive trees


Here I´m sitting inside the mill.


I wanted to take a short gulp, but the vessel was empty :(


Before I left the gardens, I met some goats and had a small talk with them.


On my way back to the finca I made a short stop in Port de Soller to see the old train


and the church .


It was a very nice day.
See you soon

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Mallorca, Spain - 29th August 2010

By: gittehh

Hi Folks

my last days in Mallorca I spent very relaxing.

I went to a rocky bay to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.


The water was warmer than the water in our pool, but it was very nice to swim in the sea.



I also spent some time on the pool and enjoyed the view .



One afternoon we drove a very winding street up to the Castell d´Alaro.
You have a very nice view in the valley from there but it´s not a good drive for tv´s who gets motionsick very easy:( .



I was very glad to meet some other sheeps there and we  had a lot of fun together.



Yesterday I went in a tapas bar with a very nice lookout in the landscape.



IN the evening we went to our favorite restaurant and had a delicious meal.


In the end we spent some time on our little terrace with some whine and coke and enjoyed our last warm night in Mallorca.



And now its time to fligh home.
You see me sitting with my backpack on the airport, waiting for bording.


So guys, I´m in the plane right now flighing back to Hamburg.



My mum told me that I´m going to Canada soon, so it´s no time to be sad.


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