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Travelog for: Shauns

home, Czech Republic - 28th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hello guys. We are Shauns and we would like to see the world. Our mom bought us on a petrol station, so we have this travelling thing in our nature!

Please contact our mummy if you like to host us, so we can start travelling soon!

Love, Shaun the Green and Shaun the Blue


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home, Czech Republic - 28th March 2010

By: dzejna

Wow, this was really fast! Many thanks to Huppu68 for an invitation to Helsinki!!! We cant wait to see Finland  ;).

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Helsinki, Finland - 7th April 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

We are in Helsinki, the capital of Finland now :) We arrived here safely today and everything is fine. We are now quite tired and going to bed, but we'll update this better tomorrow and add some pictures too. We just wanted to tell you that we're OK :)

More later :) - xoxo Shauns

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Helsinki, Finland - 10th April 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

We've had fun here and we got nice new friends too :)

Manu the Rubber Duck, Molly, Mercury and Keijo were waiting for us and we met them as soon as we came out from the envelope. We gave them candies and showed them the postcard of our hometown. We talked for some time and then we we went out. Our host told us that everytime a new TV arrives here they all go to the city centre to buy a latte and chocolate to make the TVs feel welcomed - it's their own tradition and it sounded good. We went to the city by a tram and the tram stop is just in front of my host's appartment. We saw a bus there too and our host said we can travel by a bus later if we'd like to.


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Helsinki, Finland - 10th April 2010

By: Huppu68

We saw the most important building of Helsinki (our host's oppinion), the main Post Office. Our host told us they have had many postcrossing meetings at the café of the post office and maybe we could attend a meeting too.

We went to another café for a latte this time. We talked there and got to know each others a bit better. Molly is from Australia and Mercury is from Canada, Manu and Keijo are Finnish guys. We also a wrote a postcard together, but only one - our host promised we would write many more cards later.


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Helsinki, Finland - 10th April 2010

By: Huppu68

We sent a few postcards and saw a Finnish mailbox; the colours are great, we like bright colours :)

We also got a BIG latte in a take-away-cup. Finnish coffee is really good and the Finns drink lots and lots of it everywhere. If you are visiting your friend or neighbour here you always get a cup, or two, of coffee :)

It's springtime here now, but we can still see some snow around. Our new friends told us this year they've had lots of snow here and most of it has already melted away. We didn't make any snowballs or play on it, because snow wasn't so clean anymore.

We found pretty flowers and by that you can see spring is here; it's not too cold for flowers anymore :)

Yesterday our host was quite busy and we went to a video rental to get DVDs for us. We watched a few nice movies together and our host went to the city alone, without us. We had fun here together and we didn't even miss her before she came back.

Today we went to a café with our host and her two friends for a breakfast. The breakfast was delicious and we tasted all kinds of Finnish food, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures there at the café. We were there for four hours!?! Our host and her friends were chatting all the time - that's something only women can do, we think. Well, we also chatted and maybe even took a nap...

Tomorrow we'll watch Shaun the Sheep DVD, our host has one and our friends have already watched it, but they won't mind watching it again with us :)

Big hugs, Shauns


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Helsinki, Finland - 12th June 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

It has been a long time since we updated our travelog, but our host has been really sick and tired for a long time. She is sorry about it, but now she is feeling a bit better and we can write here again :)

We are actually in the Central Finland near Jyväskylä now. We came here last Tuesday to visit our host's mother. This is a nice place and we'll upload some pictures later, but at first we want to tell about everything what has happened earlier.

We like to watch the views at my host's place in Helsinki. We live on the 8th floor now and the views are great. There's a big flea market on the other side of the street on weekends and it is a very popular place. We have visited there twice, but we haven't taken any pictures inside the building though.

Here in Finland you have to use snow tyres in winter time. One spring day we helped our host's boyfriend to change the snow tyres to summer tyres. It was a hard job, but we did it. We did it in Myllypuro, a place where a friend of our host lives. She had a nice mailbox :) After the job we got a huge hamburger meal at McDonald's :)


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Helsinki, Finland - 21st June 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

Here we are again :) We had a nice trip to the Central Finland, but now we're back in Helsinki again.

Here you can see some pictures of the postcrossing meetings where we have been. We have wrote a few postcards there with our friends :) We were really amazed at the first meeting when we saw how many postcards the Finnish postcrossers sent, but soon we got used to it.

May Day is a big happening here in Finland. We had a party and we got some donuts and quite strange Finnish baked goods called Tippaleipä. They looked funny, but tasted delicious :)

The next day we went to visit my host's friends about 10 kilometres from the city. We went there by bus :) There was a great Japanese garden and we wanted to have our picture taken with the dragon. After that trip we got a big bowl of ice cream at home :D

And talkink about ice cream - they opened a Ben & Jerry's ice cream bar here and of course we went there to have some delicious ice cream  We sat there on a park, trees have became green here already :)

One Sunday we were walking around and saw the Parliament House of Finland. It was a big and impressive building. We walked to the Olympic Stadium - and went to the tower of it. The views from there were just amazing, but we didn't want to get our picture taken there, it was just too windy and we were a bit scared...


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The Central Finland, Finland - 21st June 2010

By: Huppu68

Last week we visited our host's mother in the Central Finland. Her garden was beautiful, apple trees were blossoming and there were many wonderful flowers there too. We spent a lot of time outside and the weather was fine, sunny and quite warm mostly. We went by the lake Lievestuore. Our host Kirsi and Manu the Duck went swimming, but we thought the water was too cold and stayed on the beach. The week we spent there was relaxing and we had fun there. We also took a nap almost every day :)

We allso visited a place called Naissaari (Woman Island) and there we enjoyed the views by walking around. There was a lake too - Finland is known as a country of thousands of lakes - and we've seen many of them now :D


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Helsinki, Finland - 21st June 2010

By: Huppu68

Today was a bit sad day - Molly left Finland and started her journey to Ireland. We went to the café of the main post office for a latte for the last time all together. We gave Molly lots of hugs and kisses, then she went away to the post office...

Our host promised we'll do something nice tomorrow and hopefully it will cheer us up again. She said we might even get another girl toy here with us soon - that would be nice


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Helsinki, Finland - 23rd October 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

We are still here in Helsinki. Everything is fine and we had a wonderful summer. It was really hot here and sunny for months.

We got a new toy friend in the beginning of summer. Her name is K-Bear and she is really nice and cute :) We went to Ben & Jerry's with her. She'll be a toytraveller soon too.

In the summertime we had our evening tea/coffee at the balcony. It was too hot to stay inside. Sometimes we had delicious Finnish cinnamon buns called korvapuusti. Sometimes we ate cherries or strawberries...

My host bought a book called Wreck this journal and we helpod her to wreck it - that was so fun and we enjoyed it a lot.

We have also been in many postcrossing meetings and in these photos we are in a meeting together with Delenna's toyvoyagers. It was nice to meet some new toys.

Last week Henrik's twin brother Tapio moved here and he'll travel to the USA next week. My host just told us that we'll travel to Russia next week to meet our new host. Yey, we are so happy, but a bit sad at the same time. It will be great to see new places, but we know that we'll miss Finland and our new friends very much.

Tomorrow morning we all are going to a postcrossing breakfast meeting and after that we'll have a small party here.


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Helsinki, Finland - 27th October 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom!

When you're reading this we are already on our way to Russia and some new adventures :)  Our host Kirsi promised to update this travelog on behalf of us.

Last Sunday we all were in a postcrossing breakfast meeting and had fun as always in the meetings. We had a few toy guests there too.

After the meeting we went for a walk and enjoyed the last autumn views. Winter is coming here soon... On Monday we had a small party at home, because so many TVs were leaving us. We had some delicious cinnamon buns again - they are favourites of the Shauns :)

On Tuesday we went to a café for a latte and met our friend.

Today we spent some time in the main post office and had our last latte there together. Then it was time to say goodbye... We re going to miss the Shauns here, but at the same time we are happy we got to know them and had so much time with them. I hope their flight will go well and they'll arrive to Russia safely.

Thank you and bye :)

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Moscow, Russia - 9th November 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello dear Jana!
Don`t worry about us! We are happily in Moscow. Maria`s boyfriend took us from the post-office and made some breakfast for us in his office :)
We`ll make some interesting updates very soon ;)


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Moscow, Russia - 14th November 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Finally we have seen some nice places in Moscow.
First we were at Arbat Street It was already dark :( But we visited Moscow underground and saw.... one of the most popular Russian man - Lenin!

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (22 April 1870 – 21 January 1924), born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician who led the October Revolution of 1917. As leader of the Bolsheviks, he headed the Soviet state during its initial years (1917–1924), as it fought to establish control of Russia in the Russian Civil War and worked to create a socialist economic system.

We`ll come back to you soon!


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Moscow, Russia - 27th November 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Oh Jana!
Where have you sent us? Our host is working all day long and doesn`t care about us!
She promises that soon we`ll have fun, but no result. So we jumped in her bag just to have another look at Moscow.
This street is near Kremlin - Tverskaya Street. It is wide and there are many cars, hotels and shops.


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