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Travelog for: Puffalumps

Owen Sound, Canada - 6th July 2010

By: lilmzangelic

Today I went to Grandma Lambe's local food market with Aunt Aimee.  She was looking for fresh local veggies and berries.  It was quite a nice market with a lot of fresh ontario products.  Aunt Aimee got some Strawberries, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes.


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Owen Sound, Canada - 7th July 2010

By: lilmzangelic

Today, I went to Harrison Park.  I got to play on the swings and had a lot of fun.  I also learned a bit about Harrison Park while I was there.

Harrison Park is an urban dream, with more than 40 hectares of streams, trails, gardens, playground, forest and green space, right in the heart of Owen Sound.

It's often called Owen Sound's "jewel in the crown", the park features dining and recreation facilities, a full service campground, boat rentals, a bird sanctuary, mini - golf, basketball courts, pool and trails.

Harrison Park is named after John Harrison, who bought the land in 1875 and worked toward preserving it in its natural state for the rest of his life. He cleared the undergrowth, planted trees, and opened the property to the public. By 1890, it was known as “ Harrison’s Pleasure Grounds.”

After his death, John Harrison’s family offered the land to the city for half its appraised value – so long as it remained a public park forever.

The Black History Cairn, an intriguing monument to the city’s first black settlers, escaped slaves who followed the Underground Railroad to its most northerly terminus, here in Owen Sound. An emancipation picnic and festival is held in the park every August.  (I visited the cairn, and found it quite interesting...it's also very pretty with all the colours).


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Owen Sound, Canada - 7th July 2010

By: lilmzangelic

I also went to the Marine Rail Museum today.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to see a caboose, and anchors and things.  Apparently Owen Sound use to have passenger trains, and a lot of boats that shipped a lot of local goods.  There are no trains in Owen Sound any more, and the boats only come in to dock or gather up grain.

I saw the anchor from the MS Hibou.  Hibou means "Owl" in french.  The MS Hibou sunk on November 21, 1936, just 10 minutes from Owen Sound.  There is now a conservation area called the Hibou, because it's located right where the Hibou went down. 

I've had a really good day, even if it's been super hot here again today.  I think I should head to bed.  Good Night.  xoxo Puffalumps


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Owen Sound, Canada - 8th July 2010

By: lilmzangelic

Today, I went to visit the Owen Sound harbour.  It was really pretty there today, and the water was so calm, it almost looked like glass.  Then Aunt Aimee took me to see a tea party, and I had a lot of fun playing around on the stone, where the tea party is set up.  The view from the area where the tea party is set up, was stunning.  You get a very lovely view of Georgian bay from that spot.

Tonight is my last night in Owen Sound.  Tomorrow I leave for my Aunt Marissa's home in Quebec.  I better get to bed, because it's going to be a long trip.  Good Night.  xoxo Puffalumps


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Montreal, Canada - 18th August 2010

By: Eshara

Montreal, Canada - 18th August 2010

By: Eshara
I was welcomed by the triple Kittys when I got to Aunt Marissa's!
Isnt that cool?? I think theres a lot of guys that envy me at this moment!! =D

Auntie introduced me to 2 friends from Quebec!! How cool is that? Moose from a souvenir store and Polar bear came from the Aquarium store! Wow!

I also for to see a few of auntie's favorites magnets..!! =D

I missed the trip to Quebec, but when I saw all the postcards, I felt like I was there!
Actually, auntie even told me that in almost all the fountains at Quebec, people threw some coins.. Isnt that weird?? x)
So mamma can I have one!?
I want to make a wish as well??!!

I also met friends my size!
Dont get me wrong, but I was feeling so small in this BIG world!! x)

Auntie was facebooking and some guys were sitting in the top of her computer, so I decided to take a picture with them!!

Auntie was still writing alot of postcards!

I sat at auntie's brother's desk! Dont ask me why I was there! CHEESE!

Soon I'll be on my way to visit Anna in England!!!
I can't wait!!!

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