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Travelog for: Hoots

Cwm Idwal, Wales - 6th March 2010

By: miapearl

It was a nice day and daddy wanted us to go on a walk in Snowdonia. We had lunch at Capel Curig before going onto Ogwen Cottage where we started our walk upto Llyn Idwal.
Can you see Llyn Ogwen in the background?
Look, there is still snow on the mountain, brr...
This is Llyn Idwal. We didn't have time to walk/fly around this mountain lake, unlike two of my cousins in the crow family who were just sitting on a rock enjoying the afternoon.
There were plenty of people there, some had presumably been up to the top of a mountain or two.
Views are breathtaking, perhaps when I'm a bit older and have returned from my travels, mummy & daddy will take me up to the top of a mountain.

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Colwyn Bay Welsh Mountain Zoo, Wales - 7th March 2010

By: miapearl

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Mummy and big brother wanted to go to Colwyn Bay's Welsh Mountain Zoo. Because it was still cold, not all the creatures were out showing themselves off. Still, we saw lots of different animals.
Look this is a mountain goat. We saw some yesterday but mummy wasn't able to get any good photos with me and the goat in.
Mummy told me not to get too close or the goat might've eaten me.
This macaw has some colourful gorgeous feathers.
This Ostrich has a long neck. Look at those big eyes.
Some rhea.
There were seals too.

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Post Office, Wales - 10th March 2010

By: miapearl

Goodbye Mummy. I will be going to the USA. I will miss you Mummy, but I will come back one day. I will be alright.
I am now at the Post Office waiting for Royal Mail to take me away.


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San Diego, California, United States - 20th March 2010

By: Xadrian

Whew, after a long travel in the mail I finally reached my destination in San Diego, California!


My mum was so nice and sent a cut out of a recipe for afternoon tea scones to my host! Not only was my host happy, but so was I! I had something to read while traveling in my envelope!


I can't wait to explore this new town and see what there is to see!

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Pacific Beach, California, United States - 21st March 2010

By: Xadrian

Today my host took me to a picnic at Kate Sessions park in Pacific Beach!


The park was very pretty and full of trees where I could perch and watch all of the people having fun.


I got to meet some other toys, the Pillar family. They are a group of almost identical caterpillars in many different colors. The yellow one is named Peter Pillar and he wants to be a toyvoyager someday too! The Pillar family loves hearing stories so we all gathered around and I told them all about my home across the ocean!


Next we played on the playground and I went down a giant slide!


What's not a trip to the park without playing hide and seek? My friend Peter was easy to spot!


Can you find me?


After all the tree flying, stories and hide and seek I was wore out! Thankfully they had a water fountain to dip my beak in and get a drink.


Now time for a little nap...

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San Diego, California, United States - 22nd March 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi mum!
My host woke me up this morning with a plate of snacks! Crackers, pepperoni, salami and some cheddar bacon cheese ball. Yum!


After our yummy snack it was time to do some laundry! I had never done laundry, but my host said it was very easy. First one must get some blue liquid called "detergent".


Next one must fill up this machine called a "washer" with water and the detergent. Then you are free to put soiled laundry inside.


When it comes out, it's all clean, like magic! Next you put the clothing in the dryer. After trying to carry the pants and shirts to the dryer I found they were too heavy, so I tried the socks and they were just right! I put all the socks in the dryer and my host said I was a good helper.


By the time lots of loads of laundry were done we were starving! My host decided we should have a BBQ!


Steak and BBQ beans! Yum!


What a tiring day! My host says that she must go to work tomorrow, so I will keep myself busy and play with my new toy friends.

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San Diego, California, United States - 24th March 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mum, it's me again!
Since my host has to work during the week, I have been keeping myself busy with exploring the house and playing with the other toys.

First I explored one of the most important places...the refrigerator! My host shares this with her roommate. Pickles, apricot jam and eggs check! Look at all the soda the roommate has!


Cheese for a sandwhich..check!


Next, the game area.  It looks like my host likes to play video games, there are so many. I wonder if they have any flying games?


Hmm, nothing of interest inside this lamp.


After exploring the house a bit, the other toys and I decided we would color in a Raggedy Anne coloring book. Did you know Raggedy Anne was a toy too? I heard she had lots of adventures!


After coloring a nice beach scene we couldn't decide what color the sand should be. The Pillar family thought it should be either purple, orange, yellow or green. I thought sand should be brown. A new turtle friend said he thought it should be brown too! When my host came home she said we would have to wait until the weekend to find out for sure!

Since my host had been so busy she decided to take me out to the movies! We went and saw Alice in Wonderland at the Edwards IMAX Cinema! Unfortunately, they do not allow photography inside of the theater so these are the only pictures to show my movie trip.


They have a very pretty fountain right outside.


After the movie we were all pretty tired so we decided to go home and go to bed!



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Mission Beach, California, United States - 27th March 2010

By: Xadrian

Today my host took me to Mission Beach to see the Pacific Ocean! It was a short drive although it took longer than expected due to slowed traffic because of a car accident on the interstate. Scary! But I am not surprised; these Americans drive on the wrong side of the road!  Luckily I was safely buckled in my seat belt in the back.


We eventually reached Mission Beach and had a lovely lunch of sandwiches and soup from a restaurant called Panera Bread.


It was pretty windy and several seagulls kept squawking at us to hurry up and eat so that we could feed them bread. How rude! Before our trip to the beach we stopped at a grocery store and bought several loaves of day old bread to bring along.


We gave bread to the few seagulls and then moved down the shore to feed a group of ducks just hanging out.


It wasn't long until a pack of about forty seagulls came by and stole all of the duck's bread! They were very aggressive seagulls and would not only beat each other up for the bread, but they would hover midair around my host and wait for her to throw up a piece and then they would catch it in their beaks.


Look at how many gulls there were! This was only a quarter of them!


After running through three loaves of bread we decided to sight see for awhile. There were several sailboats, jet skis and even a rowing competition going on.


Look how pretty it is here!


Here is a very large bridge that goes right over the beach we were at, which is actually called 'Vacation Isle'.


After some sightseeing it was time to play in the sand. (Which was brown!) The Pillar family buried me in the sand all the way up to my head!


After they buried me in the sand they ran away in quite a hurry! A giant one eyed crocodile appeared!


It seems this crocodile lives at my host’s house and snuck into the car while we were loading up the car to come to the beach!  His name is Al and wanted to come to the beach too! Don’t worry; Al is a very friendly crocodile.

Al and I combed the beach for seashells and then gave me a ride along the shore. Look at the neat shell I found!


It was nearing sunset so we went home for the day.


Goodbye beach!


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San Diego Harbor, United States - 28th March 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mum!
Today my host and I headed down to the San Diego harbor to have lunch and visit the Maritime Museum.

First we ate some yummy fish and chips at a seaside restaurant called Anthony’s Seafood Grotto.


After our lunch we began our sightseeing. On the way to the museum there were several metal sculptures lining the sidewalk.  This one has something to do with the elements.



This one was the funniest. It was called “Popcorn Chicken” and was a giant popcorn box with popcorn and chickens attached on the top.


Riding down the sidewalks are several bicycle cabs that will offer to take tired sightseers to any destination along the street in exchange for a tip.


We saw another statue, but this one was kinda strange.


Just as my host was thinking about walking over and getting a picture of me with the statue it moved! The statue was actually a man painted all in silver and would do robotic movements occasionally.  The man noticed my host taking a far away picture and then beckoned for her to come close and let me perch in his hand for a better picture!


Very exciting! Soon we visited the Martime Museum and saw many ships including the Californian, the San Salvador, HMS Surprise, B39 Submarine, the America, Steam Ferry Berkley, Steam Yacht Medea, and the USS Dolphin Submarine.

Here is the Star of India


Me sitting in a comfortable (for the time) seat on the ship.



Look a model of a British ship!


A wax model of a man creating ships. Kinda scary if you ask me!


Next we went on a ship called the Surprise. This was the ship used when filming some movie called Master and Commander.



Next we visited a Russian submarine.


They gave a warning before you got on that you have to be able to squeeze through several tunnels throughout the submarine.


An engine room.  Look at all the gadgets!


Down Periscope!


Eek, missiles!  Luckily they were just fake ones.


We viewed several other ships in the museum, but we also saw plenty of other neat ships in the harbor.

This is the Celebrity Constellation, a cruise ship that goes to Mexico.


This is the Hornblower. It is a dinner cruise ship and also a whale watching tour.


The harbor was filled with yachts and all sorts of boats.


We left just as it was getting dark. What a fun day! I can’t wait to see what we will do next weekend!


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San Diego, California, United States - 13th April 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi mum!
I hope you are doing well back home! Things are going OK here. Unfortunately my host has been a bit busy with work deadlines so we have not been able to go out the last week.

A funny thing happened since my last update...on Easter Sunday we had an earthquake. Very scary stuff!  Actually we have had several the last two weeks, lots that were in the 7.2 and 5.0 range. Luckily no real damage occurred near us. It was enough of a scare for my host to not want to use the gas stove incase there was a leak so we had to postpone our Easter celebration. :(

Here is a link to a news site of the earthquake:

After we confirmed that there were no gas leaks and after some aftershocks came and went we were able to begin coloring some easter eggs!

First we needed to boil the eggs!

Next we got out a easter egg coloring kit that we purchased at the store.  All that was needed was to drop the coloring tabs into the buckets and add either water or vinegar! Easy!

Next the Pillar family and I dunked the eggs in the colored water for a bit and set them out on a paper towel to dry.


Look how beautiful they came out!


It was pretty fun getting to color the eggs!

Oh I sent you a postcard last week mum, did you get it in the mail yet? Keep your eyes open for it!

Can't wait to see what adventures await this weekend!

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Sea World, California, United States - 19th April 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mum,
Greetings from Sea World! This weekend my host took me down to Mission Bay to visit the Sea World aquatic theme park.


We arrived later in the day and  the park was still full! Lots of people from around the world come to visit Sea World and you can hear many different accents spoken.

While we were there we visited the shark exhibit which consisted of many large tanks with both large and small sharks inside. The inside of the exhibit was pretty dark so I'm afraid the pictures did not come out well enough to post.  We did get to go through a huge tunnel where the sharks swam over top of all of the visitors.

Here's a picture of just how big a shark's mouth can be!


I also got to see lots of cute seals.  One of the seals in the picture with his nose pointed upward was trying to go to sleep! Imagine sleeping like that.


The Forbidden Reef


Next we visited a large pool where we could put our hands in the water and pick up the sea snails, sea cucumbers and sea stars.


Statue of the giant sea star right outside of the pool


Here's a picture of the outside of Cirque Del Mar


It is a show that is opening sometime in May that should be a cross between an aquatic zone and Cirque de Soilel.


While here we also got to visit Shamu!


Well, I don't think it's the original Shamu, maybe just a cousin or relative.  Underneath the Shamu stadium visitors are able to view the killer whale as he swam around the tank and up against the glass.




Check out this weird cow statue that we found.  He is actually riding a surfboard, but you cannot see it well in the picture.  When people would come close to him he would say different phrases and tell jokes dealing with milk products!


Nearing the end of our trip we visited the Anheiser Busch area of the park. Anheiser Busch actually owns the theme park, and has a fake brewery on sight, along with their famous Clydesdale horses.  I hear that you can usually visit the Clydesdales, however when we went they had the entrance to the horse stalls chained and locked.


Flags outside of the brewery


Both my host and I could not figure out what the flags were for and no signs around really said. *Shrug*

Ending our trip, we all went on the sky lift and rode over Mission Bay. Very pretty.


It seems there are two pictures missing while I am posting this travel log. I will have to find them and post them later this evening when my host and I get home from work. 

Hope your doing well mum!


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Mira Mesa, California, United States - 2nd May 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mum!
Today my host took me around the town of Mira Mesa to view the electric box artwork.  All over town, most of the electric boxes along the main street are painted in different themes.  It is unknown how the artists that paint these boxes are chosen, but the art work seems to change every couple months.
































Whew, what a day filled with lots of walking!  :) After viewing the electric boxes we had some lunch at a Chinese place called "Panda Express".  Right next door to the restaurant was another restaurant named "Jollibees".  Jollibees is a fast foot place that serves chicken.  My host does not like Jollibees nor the horrid grease smell that it produces in the area, but she does like the statue, so we decided to take a picture!


Well mum, my host has received your request for me to move on, so I shall be mailed off at the post office this week to Ireland!


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In Transit to Ireland, UK Area - 21st May 2010

By: Xadrian

Due to having to move unexpectantly during Hoot's visit, I have not been able to post his goodbye journal before he was sent off.  Hoots was mailed to Ireland two weeks ago. Hopefully he has a safe trip!  :D

Hoots saying goodbye to his new friends and getting into his envelope to head overseas.


Friend Drovius and Peter wish Hoots a safe journey!


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Dublin City, Ireland - 13th June 2010

By: Irish Wanderer

Yes I am alive :cyclops:

Oh Mum. I arrived safely in Ireland after my previous host sent me on my way. I was out shopping with my new host and when my host's back was turned I was kidnapped........Yes KIDNAPPED!!!!!!!

They took me home and tied me to a tree in their back garden  :(


My new host was loking for me everywhere!
Then the police found me but I couldn't go home as my travelling papers had been stolen.  I missed out on  trip to Mallorca. Drat!!!
Finally I got new papers and my host picked me up at the  police station........so finally I got back to my hosts home and am ready to continue on my adventure  :D


My New papers

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Dublin City, Ireland - 20th June 2010

By: Irish Wanderer

Hi Mum.My host has been fairly busy but today I got my first chance to take a quick trip  into Dublin City on the bus!
I got to sit upstairs on the bus and the views of the city were great. I was very excited  :D


From the top of the bus I saw  this very well known  bridge called "The H'a Penny Bridge"


I also got to see this very famous building called "The Fourt Courts".
It was Ireland's Central Criminal Court  House up until  a few months ago when it moved to a brand new modern building nearby!


I like all these pretty red building which line the River Liffey in Dublin  :D


Hey Mum! Look at me on this new bridge over The River Liffey.
Dublin scrubs up real well in the Summer Sunshine!  :p


My host loves books and postcards so we found a nice bookshop.
Look at all these great travel books!!! I hope to visit many of these places. Potential hosts take note!!!  :cyclops:



We took a walk through Temple Bar.


...................and ended up in my hosts favourite cafe for tea and berry cake. Yummy!



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