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try some sausages/ street snacks in Germany

take photo with classic castles

attend a mask party in Venice

say hello to Gaudi's Lizard at Park Guell at Barcelona

visit Salar de Uyuni (the salt lake) in Bolivia

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Travelog for: Regit Brown

Putty Road, Singleton, Australia - 10th February 2010

By: bundabergsangel

Finally, the rain has cleared off!!! So we took a trip in a truck today, and took a drive on the famous "Putty Road". It's an extremely windy road, and is well known by bike riders, who love to get away from the city for a day and go for a ride on their bikes.

Information on the The Putty Road

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Singleton, Nsw, Australia - 7th March 2010

By: bundabergsangel

Apologies for the long time between updates! I went for a journey around Singleton to see some of the sights before I make my way onto my next host (wherever in the world that may be). I shall talk you through my adventures as you look through the photos!

First of all, in order to get to where we were going we had to get some fuel. Then, what else would a bear Tiger need to get him through a busy day of touring, than Cookie's and Cream Cheesecake at KFC!

We then travelled down the the Singleton Information Centre, where we had a look at what there is to do in Singleton. It's only a small town, but we managed to find plenty to do to fill in the afternoon!!! I got my photo taken with a nice lady who was picking Olives for me, although for some reason she wasn't very talkative. And I never got my Olives either!!!

Then I met some nice local of Australia, a Wombat, Kangaroo, Koala and Kookaburra. But we couldn't chat for long, we had an appointment with the local museum, taking a ride on some tractors on the way of course!

We took a drive around some of the churches in the area, although by this time it had started to rain, so we had to wait a little bit to actually see anything! Last of all, we visited what is probably Singleton's most famous attraction, the Giant Sundial. This sundial is the largest of it's kind in the southern hemisphere! It's located at Rose Point park. Then, on the way home we noticed this mailbox, and I just had to get a photo with it!!! :)

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Singleton, NSW, Australia - 7th March 2010

By: bundabergsangel

Adventure photos!


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somewhere, Australia - 30th May 2010

By: vivyanhui

On my way to the next host, I passed through a nice forest,
I have never seen real forest so I decided to go and take a look.

I walked and walked till I felt thirsty. I followed the sound and found a lake.
I sat under the tree shadow and took some rest, and then, I felt asleep...

Without knowing the time, I was awaken by something.
I opened my eyes but saw nothing.
I was a bit afraid that I don't know if it's the hunter.

Later, a young and handsome tiger came towards me.
We chated a lot and I told him about my journey.
He invited me to stay in Australia and be with him.
The happy moments made me can't refuse to his proposal.

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Ladies Market, Mongkok, Hong Kong, China - 17th June 2010

By: vivyanhui

It's a NEW START~  :D

I stayed on the shelf as usual until a girl picked me up,
and she told me I will become a toy voyager!

Yeah! Something more than just staying on the bored shelf!

This is the place where I from: the Ladies Market in Mongkok.
There are stores along the two sides of the street.

I was just too excited to see the views out of the shelf~~!!!!  :cyclops: :cyclops:

I met other toy voyagers and we are friends now~
We talked and talked on our way home. :rolleyes:


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Central, Hong Kong, China - 20th June 2010

By: vivyanhui

I went to Central with Vi today,
the weather is so nice that I can see the great view of the Victoria Harbour.

The place with green roof is the Central Ferry Pier.  ;)


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Hung Hom, Kowloon,, Hong Kong - 22nd June 2010

By: vivyanhui

I just had my tag on!
I am ready for my journey~  :cyclops:

I took some photos with my friends and wrote a note to my next host also!


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at home, Hong Kong, China - 24th June 2010

By: vivyanhui

Today I went to prepare some surprise for my next host~
I won't tell, you will know when you receive it~  :cyclops:

And then I was wrapped and went straight to the post office!

Hope ot will be a short journey to Chile!
I can't wait to dance under the sun, the sun of Southern Hemisphere~  B)


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Temuco, Chile - 27th July 2010

By: Leslie

I finally arrived in Chile!! I was so anxious to get out of the envelope!
Leslie was so happy when she saw the keychain I brought her!! :cyclops:


The first thing I saw was the chilean flag, a big, big, big flag, isn't it nice?~


Then I went to explore around the house and I saw a book on a shelf and it seemed interesting, so I opened it and look what I found!


I'll have more news soon ;)

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Temuco, Chile - 29th July 2010

By: Leslie

Today was a very exciting day!  :cyclops:
I went out very early and since here it's winter... look what I saw... ice in the grass!! It was very very cold, so I prefered to stay inside the house...


I found this strange mirror and I was kind of confused, is that really me?  :stare:


Nice rubber, isn't it?  :p


The day was very cold and cloudy, but I was still able to see some nice views and take nice pictures :)


It isn't hard to tell that here it's midwinter...


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Temuco, Chile - 3rd August 2010

By: Leslie

Today I went to the Schoenstatt Sanctuary in Temuco, it's catholic. It was a very nice and quiet place, I liked it a lot!  :)


This is an interesting thing... people come here and ask favors to Virgin Mary, and when they're granted, they nail wooden boards on the trees aound, thanking her.


I also saw some Araucaria trees.  :stare: They are the chilean national tree.
Their branches have very pointed leaves, so it hurts if you touch them.


Here I'm standing on one.. OUCH! :o


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Temuco, Chile - 9th August 2010

By: Leslie

I saw the chilean coins. The chilean money is called ''pesos''
The coin ''1 peso'' worths almost nothing, you can't buy anything with it.
You can see that there are two ''100 pesos'' coins. That's because one of them (the darker and bigger one) is old, the smaller one was released in 2001. You can use both of them nowadays.


After the coins I saw a very famous chilean comic book called ''Condorito'', it means ''little condor'' which is the national bird of Chile. It is so famous that the main character Condorito can sometimes be seen as a chilean icon.


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Temuco, Chile - 23rd August 2010

By: Leslie

Look at this! Yummy!~

The darker thing is called Prieta, it's a mix of cow's blood and milk, and some other ingredients, like onion. When you buy them they are wrapped in a piece of pig's gut. You have to boil them, open them and enjoy~! I know, it sounds disgusting... but it's yummy... lol

The long thing is a longaniza, it's made of pig meat with onion, garlic, oregano, and some other things, also wrapped in a piece of pig's gut. It's even better than prietas!


This is what bread is like in Chile. Had you ever seen bread like this?
Here, bread is an important food, since it's eaten in most of breakfasts and dinners, along with a cup of tea, coffee or milk.


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Temuco, Chile - 27th August 2010

By: Leslie

Mapuche are the aborigins from Chile, they live here since before spanish conquerors came to South America.
Most chileans are a mix between spanish and mapuche people.
Mapuches have their own language, called Mapudungun, though just a very few people speak it nowadays.
I had the chance to read a Mapudungun/Spanish/English dictionary... here are the pictures :)

This is what mapuches look like, but almost any of them wear these clothes.


This woman is a machi, they are the spiritual lider of the comunity, and they're believed to have some kind of conection with the spirits.
In this picture she's healing that ill man.


This is the national flower, the Copihue


OH NO! I found out something awful!  :o
...''Domo'' means ''woman'' in Mapudungun language!!  :o


This is the chilean fauna


This is a mapuche ritual, I dont really know what it consists about...


This is a ruca, the kind of house where they used to live.
The roof is made of straw and the walls of wood


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Temuco, Chile - 28th August 2010

By: Leslie

A new friend arrived! her name is Claire Tamias and she's from Germany. As soon as she came out of the envelope I went to greet her, but it was a little hard to take my eyes off the turkish candy she brought...


Mmm! Yummy!  :p


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