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try some sausages/ street snacks in Germany

take photo with classic castles

attend a mask party in Venice

say hello to Gaudi's Lizard at Park Guell at Barcelona

visit Salar de Uyuni (the salt lake) in Bolivia

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Travelog for: Regit Brown

at home, Hong Kong, China - 12th December 2009

By: vivyanhui

Hi everyone, I am Regit Brown and just receive my ID and code,
really looking forward to start my journey!  :p :p

My name is very special that it's the inverson of the word "tiger". I love it! Because I am a little brown tiger, haha! Thx mom~  :D

I accompanied my mom for many years, when she's still a silly little chubby girl... She always hopes to travel around the world, however, she's very busy and cannot make her dream comes true.  :(

That's why she made me be the toy voyager and gives me those missions! I will try my best and keep updating her while I am out!  B)

Hope there will be a host inviting me soon....  :thinking:

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at home, Hong Kong, China - 14th December 2009

By: vivyanhui

Today is bakery day!  B)
I went to bakery with Vi, because she wants to make something special for her friends.

Guess what we have made? It's ginger man! many many little ones!  :stare:

See, there many funny faces!  :stare:
I wanna eat them but was stopped by Vi. =P
And I took a photo with one of them, haha~  :cyclops:


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at home, Hong Kong, China - 15th December 2009

By: vivyanhui

I received my passport today, with many of my jungle friends on the cover~  :D With the passport, I can meet my 1st host in USA! I am so exciting!

How does it like? Any famous spot?
Will it snow at USA? It never snows in Hong Kong....  :thinking:
Hope I can play with the real snowman!  :o

Let's start my journey~~~  B)


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on the plane, n/a - 18th December 2009

By: vivyanhui

Dear Vi,

I am still on my way to USA, here on the plane is very board....  :thinking:
And it's very dark in the box that I cant took any photo.
Hope the plane will land very soon, lying in the box for such long period made me so tired and wanna run on the grass to exercise a bit! :(

Tell you more when I arrive.

With love,
Regit Brown (inside the box!)

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Oak Lawn, IL, USA - 19th December 2009

By: WolfGrapes

Dear Vivyan,
I arrived in the USA today.  :D My new host was so excited, she began taking pictures as soon as I climbed out of my box!
Immediately, I was introduced to all of my new friends that I can play with during my stay here. A large pack of wolves lives here, but they are very friendly towards me.
Then, I was taken on a tour of my host's home. First she showed me her tiny Christmas tree..
..Before we went outside. It was snowing today! I loved to run around and play in the snow, but quickly it got very cold.  :o
Later on at night, we went outside again to see the Christmas decorations while they were lit up.
I met a glowing reindeer... he moved his head up and down, but he didn't say much.  :rolleyes:
When we came in, I added a new entry to my Passport before I settled in for the night.

My American host says that we are going to go down town to Chicago to have fun in a few days. I can't wait!

Regit Brown

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Chicago Ridge Mall, USA - 21st December 2009

By: WolfGrapes

My host went shopping today.  :)
First we went to a greenhouse called Sid's... there were really friendly fish in there, so my host had to take a couple pictures.  ;)
Then we went to the Chicago Ridge Mall. There were many interesting shops in there, but we couldn't take many pictures because it was so crowded!!  :rolleyes:
But, there was a fountain in there with many coins inside.
My host told me that people make a wish, and then throw a coin in the fountain so it would come true.
I can't tell you what I wished for, otherwise it won't come true.  :p

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Chicago, IL, USA - 22nd December 2009

By: WolfGrapes

Tonight we went down town in Chicago for the first time. It was so cold and windy!!  :stare:
It was all worth it, though, when we got there. We went to a market / festival called Christkindlmarket Chicago.  :D
Christkindlmarket is an annual event in Chicago that takes place every Christmastime. Many people from Germany come here to sell Christmas ornaments, toys, decorations, clothes, jewelry, wooden carvings, and many more things.
It is at Chicago Daley Plaza, where there is a very large Christmas tree.
There was also a famous Nativity scene there that has been displayed in Chicago every year since 1985. I learned that this is very important to religious people in Chicago.
There were all kinds of food there, like sausages, potato pancakes, waffles, German chocolate, sweet cakes, powdered sugar doughnuts, schnitzel, traditional German soups, and more.  :p
In the middle of Daley Plaza  is the huge Chicago Picasso sculpture. It was commissioned for Pablo Picasso to create in 1963 and has been here since 1967.
At the market, there was a stall full of hand-carved wood sculptures from Germany. There were bears, cats, snails, dragons, lizards, and many other wooden animals.  :cyclops: My host bought an European dragon and I met him when we got "home".  :)
Christkindlmarket was fun but I'm happy to be warm again!  :D

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Millennium Park, Chicago, USA - 27th December 2009

By: WolfGrapes

My host stopped to take a few pictures at Millennium Park, but it was so freezing we could only get two of the Bean and one of the Pavilion concert venue!
Luckily we're going back soon.  :D

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Navy Pier, Chicago, USA - 3rd January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

A few pictures outside Navy Pier in Chicago.  :D



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Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA - 3rd January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

On January 3 we went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  :cyclops:
This fish really liked me  ;)
As we left the Aquarium, there was a beautiful scene of the city on the lake, so my host had to take a picture.  :D

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Willis Tower, Chicago, USA - 5th January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

The Sears Tower, after it was first built in 1973, was the tallest building in the world. Now it has been renamed the Willis Tower and is the tallest building in the USA and the 5th tallest building in the world. We went to the 99th floor and the view of Chicago was amazing!  :o


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Museum Campus, Chicago, USA - 9th January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

On Saturday we went to the Field Museum, and outside in the Museum Campus were some interesting statues that we took pictures with.  :)

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Field Museum, Chicago, USA - 9th January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

The Field Museum in Chicago is one of the most famous museums in the world. We went there on Saturday and saw a lot of cool exhibits.  :D
This is Sue, a famous dinosaur skeleton at the museum.  :o
Sue is perfectly preserved dinosaur skeleton, but her real skull is too heavy to be put on display.. this is Sue's real skull.  :o
I think I'm scarier than this tiger. Roar!  ;)

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Oak Lawn, IL, USA - 19th January 2010

By: WolfGrapes

I've spent a month here in Illinois now it's time for me to go some place warm.  :D Here I am getting ready for my trip to Australia!


I'll miss Chicago but I can't wait to meet my new host and see beautiful Australia. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon!  :o :D

Regit Brown

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Singleton, NSW, Australia - 3rd February 2010

By: bundabergsangel

On somewhat of a rainy summer day, I have arrived safe and sound in Australia!! It's a bit different than I thought...seeing that Australia is well known for it's scorching summers, and I emmerged in cold weather! But I'm sure there is plenty of hot weather to come!!!

I can't wait to see the Hunter Valley, which is well known for it's vineyards!

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