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Be on vakation in Norway.

Have a fancy dinner in a very nice restaurant.

Be on the picture with a really, really big Piglet!

Go backpacking with someone.

Be on a winning soccer team.

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Travelog for: Nasse

Elst, The Netherlands - 1st November 2009

By: Sollie

Hello Everyone!

Finally i have a mission in life, my mom loves to collect piglets, all sorts, and im one of the many.
Untill now, i have been with the others in a box in the attick, but after she heard about this site, she took me out of it, and told me i was gonna travel!
Isnt that exciting?  B)

Untill now, i have been on the computer desk alot, not much to see here, but hoping someone will agree to host me soon, and take me to exciting places, see other Piglets, maybe let me play a soccer game and have lots of fun!


PS: I love PINK

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Elst, The Netherlands - 8th November 2009

By: Sollie

Im still sitting here, waiting, seems like nobody want me  :(


My mom will get her first TV on visit soon, he has been to England i heard, so i will have someone to play with, then it won't be lonely and boring anymore!
Can't wait for him to arrive!
I heard he loves RED, hope he will like me tho, even tho im pink...
We are already planning what to do when he comes here, depending on when he comes, he will join us when we leave for a weekend away with friends, and later a weekend away with family, lots of plans going on, can't wait!  B)

Anyway, if you would like to have me on visit, let me know!


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Elst, The Netherlands - 12th November 2009

By: Sollie

Hello there!

Yesterday we had some visit here, no, the super RED MrCoolHH is not yet here, im still waiting for my new friend!
It was visit for my mum, two friends came over to help with the house, they just moved here a year ago, and there is still a lot to be done here!

Mum had a picture taken of me and one of her friends, Stefan!

And today we ate PIZZA!
It was really delicious!

Tomorrow i might join mum to work, if she doesen't forget me, AGAIN, that has been the plan the whole week, for me to go with her for one day.
*sigh* She is really getting old, forgetting lots all the time  :p


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Veenendaal, The Netherlands - 13th November 2009

By: Sollie

Hello there everyone!  B)

Today my mom brought me to work!
She said to her colleagues it was "bring your piglet to work day" today, some even laughed, thats kinda rude!
But she showed me the workfloor, and what she does there, and i got to meet friendly colleagues, have some food in the kantina, and just be in my moms pocket all day, it was super!

I was here almost the whole day, except for when she showed me off to colleagues and stuff.
A very friendly girl took this picture of us.

More family foto's! ;)

Im sitting in a crate, thats where they put the stuff the shops has ordered.
You can see the label for the shop on the front, where its going to, and they have a computer that tells them what to put in there.
It looked kinda boooooring, i was happy to be able to get some sleep in the pocket aswell!

The workfloor!

I went totally nuts when i saw all the pink stuff they got there, its like, so much! :D

Swimming in PINK!

My mums friendly, but a little crazy, colleague, she was the one taking the picture of us together.

We told her all about ToyVyagers, and she liked the idea, thought it was super cute, maybe she will join one day? :)

Eating soup in the kantina, it was delicious!

It was a very nice day, and this weekend we will spend alot of time together aswell, because we are going away for a weekend!
No sign of MrCoolHH yet, im really hoping he will be here before the weekend, then i have someone to bring with me aswell!
My mum is going with her boyfriend, and another couple, so it would be fun to have someone to play with!

Take care!


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Wateren, The Netherlands - 22nd November 2009

By: Sollie

Friday we went to Wateren, thats in Drenthe in The Netherlands.
It was time for relaxing, be with friends, and have fun!

This is Christel, a good friend of my mother, we were in the car on our way to a near by restaurant.
They really had good food there, and it was really nice!

Saturday was Dennis' birthday, so we left the luxury house to go to the local village for some shopping.
While we were looking around, we saw theese awsome socks! :D
Mum is Norwegian, and had me pose between them, it was awquard, but was done quickly  :rolleyes:
It was fun to se Norwegian flags, alltho, we still have no idea WHY they were Norwegian, maybe because of the poor print on them, that was supposed to look like the Norwegian sweater print, we dunno...

Anyway, this is what we got, didnt need much, as we brought most of the food and candy and all ourselves!
She just HAD to have those socks...  :p

In the car again, on out way back to the luxury house, last drive untill we left for home, it was a really nice house!

This one explains itself, now doesent it?

Me in the fake flower on the table, with the house key ;)

Making dinner, saturday evening!
Im doing my best to help out ofcourse...

Reading how to make the...uh...hmm... i'll just go watch some tv, call me when dinner is done!!!

Taking a nap after a very long day!

Sunday morning and afternoon it was just relaxing infront of the tv, eat good food, and do some sauna! :D
Here im cheering for the Norwegians, ofcourse!

Our very own private sauna :D

It was HOT i tell you, HOT! :o

Freek was being mean to me while we were cleaning up the house, told mum he had found something that sure needed to be cleaned up!
He didnt drop me in tho ;)

It was a great weekend, had lots of fun, did very little, and i really enjoyed myself!
Too bad MrCoolHH didnt show up in time, we would have had a blast, im sure!!! :D
Maybe he will be here for 4-7th December, them we are going away again! hihi :D
And mum's birthday is on the 7th December, and then we all can celebrate!
If im not already on my way to Germany ;)

Untill next time...PINK wishes to you...


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???, ??? - 8th December 2009

By: Sollie

Nasse has run away, and i don't know where he is!
Did he get jealous with MrCool:(

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In The Mail, Netherlands - 19th December 2009

By: Sollie

Nasse is on his way to Germany now.
I hope he will be a good boy, behave and that he has lots of fun there!

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Sόlfeld , Germany - 29th December 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

I am so happy – yesterday I arrived in Germany!!! There was a nice bunny
called Dicker Kumpel. He gave me a warm welcome.


We found out that he knows MrCoolHH. The world is so small. Then he
introduced me to some other ToyVoyagers.


We talked a lot – they had a nice Christmas here. I am  a little sad,
because I celebrated it in the mail. But I will celebrate New Year's Eve here.

Today RikeH and Dicker Kumpel invited me to come to Hamburg,
so I could see the Christmas Market. Here you see some of the photos.
It was very nice.



A really big tree!




This was inside the main train station.


We drove home with this train.


Dicker Kumpel and I talked a lot – and looked out of the window,
but it was very dark outside.


Back home Dicker Kumpel told me about a big surprise.

Can you imagine it, Mum. The Santa Bunny came to me.
He was on the way back to the North Pole, and Dicker Kumpel told
him about my time in the mail over Christmas. Santa Bunny decided
to stop here.


After telling a Christmas Poem I got a gift.



What a wonderful day!


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Hamburg, Germany - 31st December 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It is New Year's Eve – and we will celebrate it. Here are the gifts for our host for this evening.


The clothes for the bottle were so funny – I tried it out,


We had something delicious to eat. It was called Chesse-Fondue.



Later we had a great dessert, too. A kind of Tiramisu.


We played an interesting game – and I won it!


When we came close to midnight, we had a glass of Champagne and something delicious called 'Berliner'.



After it we went out onto the balcony and watched the fireworks.




Look at this beautiful hat - what a wonderful color!


Mum, I wish you a Happy Year 2010.


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Sόlfeld, Germany - 8th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Landroval arrived in Germany. Dicker Kumpel  gave him a warm welcome.


Then he introduced him to us – we will go on a holiday together next week.


We talked a lot – and Landroval told us a lot about Canada. Then he showed us his foot.


We all loved the nice Tattoo on it.

Then we all showed our feet – I think that mine is the nicest, although I have no Tattoo on it.


After it I explored the Christmas Tree - and look, what I found. The color is so wonderful!




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Sόlfeld, Germany - 11th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We have winter here in Germany now. I wanted to explore Sόlfeld in the snow. This is the old school.


The church is so beautiful – and the pharmacy is on the other side of the street.



I had a great idea – I should build a snowman. It was hard work for a little ToyVoyager like me.


But look, he is great, isn’t he?


Snowy greetings

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Hamburg - ???, Germany - 16th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

today we started our trip.  It was very  early in the morning – and snowy. Look – what I saw. Not much,


We went from Hamburg to Frankfurt with a fast train called ICE-Train. It has nothing to do with the weather in Germany at the moment.

Here you see all of us together.


We all got something to eat :


Here you see what I got. Funny pigs - this was so funny!


When we arrived at the airport we were too early for the check-in. So we waited and watched the queue for the Emirates Flight.

We needed another airline, but I will tell you later, where we went. SURPRISE!!!


When we waited to board the plane, we went to a place where we were able to see the planes.



Look – there is our plane coming.


I had a place at the window – it was a wonderful view!


I had a delicious dinner – fresh fish with rice and vegetables.


It went dark outside – the sky was so beautiful!


I can tell you that we had a safe landing and stay in a nice hotel. But I won't tell you now, where I am.


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Umm Qeis, Jordan - 17th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

on this photo you can see, where I spend this holiday – in Jordan.


We started in Amman and went through the city. They write with nice letters here.


We went to Umm Qeis, to the Ruins of the old town Gadara. First we saw the Amphitheatre.


Here we were:



I had a great view from my place.


Then we went to another place – there was a Basilica in the past.


From this place I could see Israel and Syria. I saw the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.  Really interesting.


On the tour to the next place I saw a supermarket – I love the letters here!


The next historical place was called Pella.



This was a marble column – I loved the color.


We drove to a very interesting place – called the Dead Sea.  It is 422 m below the sea level – this was strange.

The humans behaved really strange there – they put something black on their skins, waited ten minutes, and then went into the water. I didn't understand it.


After the long time inside the bus I decided to take a rest and I enjoyed the sun on the beach.



Later we had a picnic with delicious Hamburgers on the beach.



What a great first day in Jordan.


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Amman, Jordan - 18th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Today was a great day for Jordan. Not only that I visited the country, but it was raining.


They don't have many rain here, so we were happy for the Jordan People and decided to visit a Museum of Archeology.

Here you can see some intersting things.




This was the view from the entrance of the Museum – the Temple of Hercules behind me.



We went to the big Amphittheater of Amman – I love these old buildings.


Next to it was another nice museum. We saw there, how the people in Jordan lived in the past.



We went through Amman and the souk. Here I was in front of a Mosque.


They sold delicious fruits and vegetables in the Souk.


We went to another great place – called Jerash. It is a very big old city – wonderful. We walked around there for 2 hours.

First a Gate...


...the big oval place..


...the Nympheum...


...more buildings...


...a pig in the stone...


and the oval place from a hill.


A really great place to visit – and the rain stopped, when we were there.

Back home in the hotel we all drank soft drinks. We were not able to read, what it was, but it was jummy.


After it I shared my sweets with the others – funny pig-sweets.


Another really great day here. It is so nice to be a ToyVoyager!!!


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Madaba, Jordan - 19th January 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

today we left Amman and drove south. First we visited the Mount Nebo, a mountain where – according to the Bible, the prophet Moses is believed to have died. We had a great view from the top.



There was a beautiful mosaic – normally in a church – but now in a tent.


Look – what a big stone – in memorial of Moses.


After having a great time on the hill – with really beautiful views, we drove to Madaba. The city is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, expecially a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land.

We went into the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint Georg, where the famous mosaic is.



Then we drove through a gorgeous landscape.


We stopped to look into the Wadi Mujib.



One hour later we came to Kerak, known for its famous Crusader Castle.


We visited it – it was wonderful – I would love to be a knight, I think.





In the evening we sat outside the room in the hotel and talked a lot. This time we ate the Snickers from Landroval.




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