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Travelog for: Ling Ling

Hessen near Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 22nd June 2009

By: Misha

Hello everybody :)
My Name is Ling Ling and I live together with my Mommy at home in Germany, Hessen near Frankfurt.
I'm just in the garden and sun myself, because this is just beautiful weather. And on the picture you can see me. with this beautiful tree, but unfortunately, he has no nuts. Haha :D
my mama told me just that I should pack my things because I can go on tour. wow this day could not be better.  :D
But where is it now they know themselves yet. well then I am just surprised  :rolleyes:
But when it comes to my nose would go, I would most like to see Japan ;)
so enough of me, I want to get away from here. I want the whole world to see!
:p :D

Regards Ling Ling ♥

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Near Frankfurt am Main at Home, Germany - 22nd June 2009

By: Misha

Hello everyone,
Now it's time. I am going to travel!  :D
it goes to Austria. oh man I'm so excited that you can no longer describe.
And I'm so excited,too about my new host.  in order to bribe, I have to be chocolate. Harr  :p :D
So I pack my things and let's go to Austria!  :p ;)

See you,

Ling Ling

Ling Ling 001.jpg
Ling Ling 002.jpg
Ling Ling 003.jpg
Ling Ling 004.jpg

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Graz, Austria - 30th June 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I arrived here in Graz yesterday evening, but I was so tired from my journey!
Today I met some other TVs: Mr S, Sambu und Xiao xiong.

We had a nice get together on the balcony but unfortunately we had to cut it short as it started to rain again!
My host mom told me that it's been raining for quite a long time now, there are even floodings and high water in some places here in Austria. Luckily not in my new home-area!

Because of the weather we weren't able to do some exploring outside, so we decided to look at the newspaper if there was something interesting on tv.

Bye for now!

ankunft lingling.JPG
balkon alle.JPG
alle zeitung.JPG

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Graz, Austria - 3rd July 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We TVs helped our host mom to tend her garden on the balcony. As you can see on the pictures there are many flowers and vegetables growing there. Just a few more days and we can harvest our first homegrown vegetables!
I can't wait to try how the tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant will taste! Maybe we'll cook something with them? You'll see!

Take care,

Ling Ling

ling blumen.JPG
ling tom.JPG
ling zucchini.JPG
ling zucchini2.JPG

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Graz, Austria - 6th July 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I told you that we were going to cook something... but it had nothing to do with vegetables! We got a huge basket of apricots and so we decided on making jam!

You can see me as I stir the jam while it cooked! But we had to be careful because jam is really hot while cooking!
Now we have 9 jars full of delicious jam!

Later that day we decided on having home made burgers with french fries. That was really good too!

Look, how huge the burger was!

Unfortunately the weathers is quite unstable and its raining almost every day, so we can't go on sightseeing. Keep your fingers crossed that the sun will come up soon again!

Bye Bye!

ling burger.JPG

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Graz, Austria - 8th July 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We had so much fun today! My host mom received a lot of presents from her mom who has been to South Africa. There everyone is happy to have the Soccer World Championship there next year.

We decided to try soccer ourselves and play with the official merchandise!

alle fuss 2.JPG
ling fuss.JPG
ling fuss 2.JPG

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Graz, Austria - 13th July 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Yesterday was my last day here and so we decided to just relax in front of the TV and watch Formula 1. We also had some chocolate - toyvoyager size of course!

Today all the other TVs came together to say farewell!

I'm on my way now!


abschied lingling.JPG

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Reina Sofia airport, Tenerife, Spain - 27th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife


I arrived to Tenerife today and we're already heading towards England.

Here's a photo we took on the plane


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Stoke-on-Trent, Spain - 29th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife

We got welcomed by the typical English summer weather...rain... So we haven't been able to do much apart from driving around. So here are a couple of photos around Stoke-on-Trent where my host's boyfriend's originally from.


Here's me and Max another Toy Voyager Katja is hosting.



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Alton Towers, England - 4th August 2009

By: katjaintenerife

It's been raining every day...today we tried our luck with weather and went to an amusement park called Alton Towers. We did get some dry moments too eventhough it was raining most of the time.

We also went to see some friends last night so this photo is on our way back from Telford to Stoke on Trent just before going to Alton Towers

This is just by the entrance to the park

We had Dave's nephews with us so we went to the kiddies' area. They had some animal rides there


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Crewe, England - 7th August 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Today we went to a town called Crewe because Dave is a fan of Crewe Alexandra and wanted to buy the new football top.

This is the Crewe Alexandra football stadium

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Market Drayton, England - 7th August 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Later today we went to a place called Market Drayton to meet some friends as this is our last night in England.

This is on our way to Market Drayton

This is the pub we went to

Well tomorrow we're heading back to Tenerife. I'm sure we'll get some better weather over there :)

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Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain - 12th August 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Today my host has been working so I got to see where she works before I go home tomorrow. Unfortunately I haven't seen much else here in Tenerife because my host has been busy with doctor's appointments and tired after the flight back home and work the next day.

This is me, Max and Synapse (whom we picked up from the post office on Monday morning) in the reception on Katja's desk

This is us again just outside her work, she works in a small clinic that is mainly for tourists.

Us sitting on a bench

We all had to have a bit of a check up. And we're all really healthy :)

Us on the doctor's desk

We had to have an ecg done too!

So tomorrow I will start my journey back home. I hope to arrive soon :)

Ling Ling

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