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Travelog for: Odi

Oosterhout, Netherlands - 12th June 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Yesterday, my mommy decided I 'm old enough to go travel a little more! Jippie!!

I'm Odi, I love food, postcards, driving Garfield insane and travelling.
I'm very fond of long roadtrips! I don't like to fly! When I was a little Odi, I travelled with my mommy from St. Petersburg to Nepal over land by train and jeep) and I loved it! I didn't have a blog at that time, as I was too little  :(
Now, I would like to make more long journeys! However, my mommy is too sick to take me around the world, so I would love to travell with others  B)

I like sitting in the car and just drive somewhere. I also like the train a lot!!

Who want's to be my host?


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Oosterhout, Netherlands - 12th June 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Today my mommy had her last day of work before the holiday!! Jippiee now we can finally go and travel!!

We went to my grandparents for dinner! At home, I only eat veggie's but with my grandparents we had hamburgers for dinner!!

I can't wait to start travelling because our house is full of travel stuff and pictures and postcards of nice places, but I'm soo anxious to see the world for myself!

I also said goodbye to my friend Garfield. He will stay at home as he is too lazy to travel.


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Home, Netherlands - 13th June 2009

By: Bloemmie29


I'm soooo excited!! Mommy and me packed the suitcase and my mommy is sooo nervous that she makes me nervous aswell..

My mommy loves Turkey and she once worked there for a summer. Now we are going back for a holiday!! 9 aunties will be there aswell and mommy and me will go together with Cyn1987 and her Cutie

We are sooo excited! I keep texting with Cutie to see if his mommy is just as nervous as my mommy.... but they have already left for the airport!!

Grandpa and grandma will pick us up in 30 minutes!!

I can't wait to be there!! See you  B)


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Turgutreis, Turkey - 16th June 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Hello from Turkey

It,s sooo hot ın here. but we love ıt.  B)

We spent our tıme by the pool. drınkıng cocktaıls and swımmıng.. Unfortunatly we are too busy too upload the pıctures at thıs moment but we wıll show you all about ıt when we have more tıme... now dınner ıs waıtıng for us!

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Turgutreis, Turkey - 24th June 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Hello again

Me and my mommy are back home but because we were too busy with relaxing and enjoying the holiday, we didn't feel the need to go to an internetcafe and update....

Very sorry for that, but we were in a full relaxing mode  B)

But we can tell you now  :D

We flew to Bodrum airport on 13 June. We had a late flight and after our transfer bus broke down, we finally arrived at the hotel at 2 am.  :o

There was not much to do then just go to bed and sleep. Because the next morning, we wanted to wake up early and see the hotel and the little village.

Everyday, we had a nice breackfast with ocean view, went to the pool, enjoyed the sun and the pool and just relax. We read a lot of books but were swimming also a lot.

After swimming, my mommy rolled me in my towel and put suncream all over me because she didn't want me to get a sunburn.

At night, my mommy left me in the room when she went out at night so I had some nice and quiet nights.

The cleaning ladies really made the bed in a creative way. The bed was made with flowers and I was enjoying it a lot!

I've spent a lot of time with Cutie and her mommy and their friends. we didn't really travel that much as we have been to Turkey already many times, but we really had a wonderfull holiday


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Oosterhout, Netherlands - 1st August 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Hi everybody,

What have you been up to? We have not been up to much. My mommy has been working and relaxing and I have been relaxing at the house.

Me and my mommy have been packing our bags tonight because in a few hours we will leave for our roadtrip to Budapest.

Last year, mommy got a new collegue at work, she is from Hungary. Mariann worked with my mommy for a year but now the year is over and she has decided to leave Holland and go back home.

Mommy has told me all about the great lunches she and Mariann have been having over the past year. They also went to Luxembourg and the Efteling together and some shopping trips.

When Mariann told my mommy, she was not going to Paris with my mommy, but instead would go home, my mommy said immediatly: okey, then we go to Budapest!

As Mariann has to not only move her stuff back to her hometown, but also bring back her Hungarian car, back to Hungary, we will all go on a big roadtrip to Budapest!

We will leave early morning, grandad will drop us off at Marianna place and hopefully after we've packed the car, we will have a nice roadtrip to Budapest. It's approximatly 1300 km and it will take it round 13 hours to get there. We will drive throught Germany and Austria and then to Hungary.

I'm looking very much forward to it, as me and my mommy love roadtrips, but I also packed some tissue's because I'm sure my mommy will cry when we will say goodbye to Mariann on wednesday. We will fly home in the morning, so we will have 2 days in Budapest and surrounding. But.. let's not think of saying goodbye to our friend, let's think about the nice roadtrip ahead of us!!

I'm really excited although I'm also a little bit sad... ThomasHH was supposed to join us on our travel, but unfortunatly, he has not arrived in time from New Zealand. I do hope he will come to us eventually, but for now, it's just me and my mommy and her friend Mariann....

I hope I can sleep tonight, as I'm very excited!!


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Europe, Netherlands- Germany- Austria- Hungary - 2nd August 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Sunday 2 August 2009

At 4.40 am our alarm went off and my mommy packed the last stuff and granddaddie picked us up and brought us to Eindhoven, to Marianns place.

She had already packed the car with all her stuff, as she was moving back to Hungary after a year, and there was almost no room for us to fit in. But, at 7 am we left Eindhoven and headed east towards Venlo and Koln.

We were not the only ones travelling east! Campers, Caravans and Minivans, packed with suitcases, bikes and families were on their way to Austria, Italy and beyond. This caused for some delay due to trafficjams all the way to Muenchen.

But after that, it was just me, my mommy and her friend Mariann and the radio. We passed the river Donau a few times and also pasted Regensburg, Linz and Vienna.

Finally we had the last exit towards Budapest and we arrived there at 10.00 pm. After 1 year in Holland, Mariann was back home and we unpacked the car and after a cool drink, we crashed down for some much needed sleep.


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Budapest, Hungary - 3rd August 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Monday 3 August 2009

Wow.. what a long and exhausting day we had! It was so hot, 37 degrees and we walked around all over town.. Well.. my mommy walked and carried me around, eihter in her backpack or on her arm...

But wow, what an amazing and nice city is Budapest! We saw sooo many nice things! First we went up on the hill to the Mattias Church and Fishermens Bastion, later we went to the castle with the nice view on the river Donau and the Pest site of Budapst.

We had to hurry a little bit, because we had to be at the parlement for a tour at 2 o'clock. And can you see? I'm the 199.797th visitor this year!

I loved the gold, the marble, the thick red carpet and the glassstained windows of the gothic parlement. You can also see me with the crown jewels!

We also really went inside the Parlement room, where all the ministers debate and make important decisions... Can you see me sitting at the parlement benches? I joined the Hungarian parlement for a few moments! I'm such an important Odi  :)

After that, we walked back, had icecoffee in the shade and just relaxed! I wanted the ice coffee so badly, I got whipped cream all over my face.. owh owh  :p

Later that day, we also went on a River Donau cruise and could see all the nice sights from the water. I absolutly loved the Parlement inside, but the outside was even more gorgeous!

Later that night, we wanted to go into this club, but because I was there, we were not allowed to enter, so we went to green garden, where a band was playing and we spent the night drinking and watching the Hungarian kids dance. My mommies feet were to sore to dance so we just kicked back and relaxed a little bit.

Luckily for us, just when we got home at Mariann's place, a but thunder storm struck Budapest and it cooled down the city a little bit, so we could have a good night sleep...


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Szentendre, Hungary - 4th August 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Today, we decided to take it easy. Not only did we see soo much yesterday in Budapest, but also the weather was a little bit unpredictable.

Mariann's sister, Eniko joined us and the four of us went to the little touristical village Szentendre- St. Andrews.

It's placed at the river Donau and is famous for the handmade embroidery, eggs and other herends. We just enjoyed the view, had a few ice coffees in the shade, first at the italian restaurant, later at the greek restaurant and just relaxed.

Can you see how big that icecoffee is??? wow!!

I also loved the river Donay, as it really have some nice cool air coming from the water and the little ships passed every now and then.

In the afternoon, we went back to Budapest and went up on the hill and had a wonderfull view over whole Budapest. It was so nice and green up there. I really felt like we were outside, but it was still part of the Hungarian capital Budapest.

After a nice dinner, we went down the hill and back into the city as Mariann wanted to show us the Hero's square. But suddenly, my mommie got all exicted as we saw a nice castle at the park. It was a replica of the Transsylvanian castles in Transsylvania and my mommy and me were very much impressed... wow  :o

After this, we went back to the river side and walked around in the center. I was sooo tiered, I decided to stay in my mommie's backpack. I was already asleep before my mommy and Mariann got back home again...


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Budapest, Hungary - 5th August 2009

By: Bloemmie29

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Today, we got up really early again, as me and my mommy had to go home. Mariann brought us to the airport and as expected, it was very difficult to say goodbye.

Mariann's will start a new part of her life in Budapest again and me and my mommy returned home. As my mommie had tears in her eyes, she couldn't make any pictures, but I guess that's for the best as nobody want's to see us cry...  :(

The flight was perfect and at 12 o'clock, I was back in Eindhoven again. Mommies daddie was waiting for us and he dropped us off at our place. I went to bed and slept a few hours, as my mommy returned to work for a few hours.

The trip was great. I saw already so much of Europe and visited a lovely city: Budapest.

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