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Meet a real Zebra...Mom? xD

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wanna see 1 of the seven wonders of the world

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Travelog for: ~Emma~

Bremen, Germany - 10th June 2009

By: Sami

Hello i'm Emma

im new here and at the moment in Bremen my homeplace. But i want to see the world  B) Can you help me? I'm very excited to see your place :)

My Mum made today some pictures from me, my first photo session  :cyclops:

from the top...uuah my hair is cool

hihi....aaah dont tickle me.... hihi

and the front... :p

My Mum is very interested in ships so we read a little bit in the book, maybe i see some on my voyage...

Mum you need a better camera your phonecamera is bad -.-

I will go now in my box its late and the day was full with new things...good night


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Bremen, Germany - 11th June 2009

By: Sami

Hello Emma here :)

Today i was at work with my mum. She works in a shipping company.
The first what i did was to look all the ship models..wow
Specially i like the old ones :D


At my tour in the house i found a pirate , cool  B)

My mum get as gift a little flower from a co-worker, sweet...and she smells not, maybe we must wait of blossoms!!! How the flower looks when i come back in few years? My mum sayd that she doesnt have a green thumb oh :(

All people in the agency are going to lunch...and i take a nap

Later i tryed to help my mum with her work

Oh who are you? Can i eat you?

Anyway i must work...ah the grey something sneaks me  :mad:

At the end i didnt know the exit so i pushed every button in the elevator..muahaha it wasnt me  :rolleyes:


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Bremen, Germany - 17th June 2009

By: Sami

Oooh im soo nervous, today will my travel begin.

I hope next time when i see the light im in Australia  :D


Goodbye Mum

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Sydney, Australia - 5th July 2009

By: becka_kate

I arrived a few days ago but my host has been busy and has just now gotten the chance to help me log in. She doesn't know if she'll have much time to show me around in the next week, but the week after is holiday time(!) and then we'll be off to see the most easterly point in Australia! And, hopefully to enjoy some slightly warmer weather in Byron Bay!
Will write more as soon as I can!

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Byron Bay, Australia - 14th July 2009

By: becka_kate

Before I start, I have to apologise that Emma is not in the pics. I kept having to zoom in and the ones I did get of her she's just a blob in the corner! Hope you'll forgive me! Bec

Hi Everyone!
We're just back from Byron Bay on the New South Wales far north coast. Byron Bay is a great holiday location. We escaped cold and cloudy weather conditions here in Sydney and headed for sunshine and warmth (well, not that much warmer, but it was nice to see the sun!)


On Tuesday we headed out on a walk to see the Cape Byron Lighthouse, which is on Australia's most easterly point. The information we got from the motel said that the walk was a two hour round trip. Well, they lied! We were gone for closer to 5 hours, but got to see some great scenery as the area is (of course) coastal, but with beautiful rain forest type bush land as well.


When we finally reached the top of the cape and the lighthouse we were just in time to join a tour to the top and got to see the light and the weight that used to be used to run it up close. The old-time lighthouse keepers must have been fit and strong to hoist the weight all the way to the top!


These are the old Lighthouse Keeper's cottages. Now they are an information centre/museum and holiday accommodation. What a view! But it must have been isolated in the old days. Yet, the lighthouse at Byron Bay was a sought after post seeing as it was so close to a town - the children of the keeper could go to a school and there was a social life to be had.


On our second day my host went out whale watching, but I wasn't allowed to come out of fear that I would go overboard as it was a fast travelling boat. So sad  :(
Instead I stayed at the hotel soaking up the sun on our balcony and caught up on some sleep and trashy magazine reading.

On our final day we spent some time people watching at the beach, in particular the group of crazies learning how to surf. The weather may be warmish here, but its still winter!!


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Enmore, Australia - 7th August 2009

By: becka_kate

Tonight I got to see an Australian rock legend, Jimmy Barnes, live in concert! The show was at the Enmore Theatre which is one of Sydney's oldest operating entertainment venues.


It was very exciting. He has been performing for over 30 years and is the voice behind two of Australia's unofficial anthems, Khe Sanh (from his days with a band called Cold Chisel) and Working Class Man. Both songs had the whole audience on their feet shouting out all the words, despite the best efforts of the bouncers to keep everyone seated. We've added YouTube links in case you want to listen too!)


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Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia - 24th August 2009

By: becka_kate

Am just back from a weekend away in one of Australia's most famous wine growing areas - the Hunter Valley. It was an amazing weekend, particularly weather wise. With a little over a week to the end of winter, would you believe the temperatures reached the mid to high 20's (celcius!!)

We started our trip away after work on Friday. Luckily everyone going was a teacher, so we could make an early start! Getting out of Sydney was a nightmare, but my host tells me the roads are always super busy heading north on a Friday afternoon/evening.

Saturday morning we started our travels to wineries and cheese shops, tasting yummy foods and even better wines.

This is where we had breakfast. Huge meal and gorgeous scenery. What more could a zebra want?



Mmmm - cheese!

Isn't the scenery just perfect? A nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city!


Yet another winery! The hills behind me are the home of another local industry - coal.

Having hunter/gathered enough supplies from the wineries, bakeries, cheese shops and chocolate shop we headed back to our peaceful cottage in the woods for a late lunch. Are you jealous?

Soon I was feeling very full and sleepy, so decided to have a little nap and recharge my batteries for later.

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Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia - 24th August 2009

By: becka_kate

Day Two of our weekend away and more places to visit!
We checked out a couple more wineries and ended up in this fantastic restaurant called Leaves and Fishes for lunch. I can highly recommend this place!!


YUM! Real fish and chips with salt & vinegar!!

All too soon it was time to head back home and face reality again. Boo!  :(

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Sydney Harbour, Australia - 25th August 2009

By: becka_kate

Tonight I got to accompany my host to the Sydney Opera House where I got to watch the 'Our School Spectacular'. This is a showcase of music and dance by school students in Sydney's inner south-west. My host's school choir form a part of the combined primary schools choir (over 600 children!) which is one of the reasons we were going in to watch. The other reason is that my host was looking forward to being in the audience rather than on stage after 5 years of teaching choir at her school and the stress of getting them ready to be on stage!
It was a pretty amazing night!

To get to the Opera House we had to walk around Circular Quay and the edge of Sydney Harbour. I tried my hardest to get a good shot of the Harbour Bridge, but at night that can be a bit tricky! You'll just have to take my word that I got to see all the main Sydney sights on my way, despite the strong wintery winds.

The show was held in the Concert Hall, which is the largest of the venues in the Opera House. It also contains the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ, the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world, with over 10,000 pipes. You can just see it at the top of this picture. Bec told me that one year they used the organ in the Choir's opening number and that it was just amazing to hear. The cost of using it was also amazing! $2000  to tune it pre-performance and $2000 to tune it post-performance. Needless to say they haven't used it again!

Following the performance we walked back to the Circular Quay station, which has the best of views from its harbourside platform (luckily the one you go to catch a train on the East Hills line & back to my host's home!)
Here is the Opera House from the station. My host tells me that the view used to be much better before they built "the Toaster" - a large apartment block on Bennelong point which blocks out a lot of the view.

And Circular Quay itself with the Harbour Bridge...

Just days after this photo was taken, the Manly Ferry (a larger version of the one in this photo) almost collided with the seawall near the Opera House when the clutch failed! Scary huh?

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